‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Parents Weekend”

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The Sex Lives of College Girls parents weekend

In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, it’s parents weekend at Essex! The roommates and their families head out to a very expensive, very awkward dinner and Bela tells the truth about her career path.

All the parents arrive at Essex. Leighton’s dad is insistent on taking the “perfect family photo” because he’s had dreams about being an Essex family since Leighton was young. Whitney attends an event with Kimberly who is dressed in a Dashiki. Kimberly says she’s wearing it because she got an invite to the Black Affinity House so she wants to show respect.

Whitney waves her off to talk to her mom in private. She has something important to say but the Senator is busy, offering to fit her daughter into her schedule at a later time. Whitney tells her to forget it, she’ll see her at dinner.

The Sex Lives of College Girls parents weekend

Kimberly is stressed about affording the bill, even breaking out in hives over it. Leighton offers to pay for their share of the bill because her dad will never notice — until he does. Retrieving the credit cards for everyone to return them, he notices Leighton’s is in the bunch instead of Kimberly’s mom’s card. Leighton gets flustered trying to explain the situation; Kimberly says she asked her to pay. Kimberly’s mom is visibly upset about the entire ordeal and gives Leighton the cash to cover their portion, despite Leighton’s protests.

Bela’s spent the weekend convincing her parents she’s a neuroscience major, even having them sit in on a class with her. They spot her professor at dinner and tell her to say hello. The problem? He’s not actually her professor. She does what she’s told and her dad follows behind, offering him a Subway card. The professor says there’s been a mistake. He prides himself on knowing his students … and Bela isn’t one of them.

Bela must then admit that she is lying to her parents. She wants to write comedy. Her dad says they spend too much money for her to be “fooling around” at Essex. Her mom is much more forgiving and understanding about it, reassuring Bela he will come around and she will talk to him.

The Sex Lives of College Girls parents weekend

Once the dinner is over, Whitney and her mom are waiting outside for the car to pick them up. Whitney’s dad didn’t show up to dinner, and it upsets her mom that no matter how hard she tries, Whitney always hates her but loves her dad.

Kimberly stumbles upon the frat house to pay Nico a visit. They discuss dinner and how much it sucked. Nico admits for the record, he doesn’t view Kimberly as “poor.” Kimberly knows she is, but that’s okay. The two get impossibly closer until finally … they kiss. Kimberly asks if they should head to his room, Nico jokes about needing eight hours of sleep.

Leighton and Alicia are cuddled up in bed watching The Bachelor. Leighton says she thinks she likes Alicia more than anyone she knows. They fool around and, well, you know how the rest goes.

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