‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Lee Moriarty, Cody Rhodes, TBS Women’s Quarterfinal, and More

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AEW Dynamite

Another week, another new episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT! This week Hangman Page takes over commentary, Lee Moriarty faces off against CM Punk, Kris Statlander and Ruby Soho battle in the TBS Women’s Championship quarterfinals, and more.

Alan Angels versus Bryan Danielson

Danielson quickly tries to end the match, but Alan gets himself to the ropes to break his hold. Alan turns things around by laying a heavy-hitting chop to Danielson’s chest followed up by several right hands. Danielson takes control back of the match, landing a European Uppercut to Angels. Danielson counters Angels with a Butterfly Suplex into the Juji Gatame. Angels creates separation with a dropkick to Danielson and a Tope Suicida through the middle ropes to the outside. Angels then follows it up with a Spanish Fly. He goes for a moonsault press but Danielson moves out of the way. With a Busaiku Knee to Angels, Danielson toys with him by kicking him in the head multiple times. Angels finally taps when the Kneebar is applied. Danielson keeps the hold on after the match is over and stares down Hangman Page.

CM Punk versus Lee Moriarty

Punk takes Lee down to the mat as they grapple in the ring. Lee hits him with the crucifix, but Punk taps out. Punk takes control over the match as Lee shows his fighting spirit, kicking out of multiple moves. With elbows to Punk’s head, Lee gets to his feet and hits a crossbody. Lee lands a series of strikes to Punk, going for a suplex. Punk reverses it and lands a crossbody of his own. Lee transitions the cover into a cross face. Punk is fading quickly as Lee tries to keep Punk’s legs away from the rope. The two exchange quick roll-ups, both getting near falls. Amid Lee’s control, in full shades of Punk, he puts the Pepsi Twist on him. Lee hits a running boot to Punk as a last-ditch effort. However, Punk makes him go to sleep.

It’s Adam Cole, Bay Bay

Cole is set for commentary, but first makes his presence known by doing his complete entrance to the ring. Once inside, he bows and does his signature coined “Adam Cole, Bay Bay!” before heading to the commentary desk. Orange Cassidy makes his way out, and he finally gets to do his pocket spot to hit his damaging kicks to Cole’s shins. The Bucks sneak out and give OC a taste of his own medicine with kicks of their own before Cole gets a cheap shot in so the Bucks can Superkick OC.

Wardlow versus AC Adams

Wardlow clotheslines Adams and drops him with multiple power bombs to pick up a quick win. Post-match, Shawn spears uses his crutch to beat down on Adams while Wardlow watches on.

Penta and PAC Promo

Penta says he would have loved to beat FTR twice in one night, but with Rey’s injury, he’s got the best ally in PAC to help fight.

Sting and Darby Allin versus The Gunn Club

Darby and Colten start in the ring. Colten blocks Darby’s arm drag but Darby is quick to follow up with another. Colten tags in Billy, who stares down Sting. Darby tags him in as they exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Sting lands a Manhattan Drop on Billy Gunn. Sting attempts the Stinger Splash, and Billy reverses out of it. Billy wisely rolls out of the ring only to send Colten in.

Darby’s back in the ring attempting a Coffin Splash which Billy blocks off the blind tag. Billy isolates Darby in the corner as Colten whips him into the turnbuckle. Darby fights out of Colten’s hold, desperately needing to tag Sting. Colten stays on him though as he and Billy exchange tagging in and out. Darby gets in a quick sunset flip, able to tag in Sting who makes quick work of taking down both Colten and Billy. With a Spine Buster into the Scorpion Death Lock on Colten, Billy attempts to help his son, to no avail. Austin takes out Sting, and Darby makes sure it doesn’t happen again. Billy hits a Famouser on Sting. Colten covers for a two count. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Lock again on Colten to pick up the win.

Jericho 2Point … Oh, No

In a backstage segment, Jericho clarifies he was there to take out 2Point0 last week, not to help Eddie. Just then, 2Point0 and Daniel Garcia run up on Jericho and beat him down with a steel chair, taking him out of action for Rampage.

Lio Rush Stands Up to Team Taz

Rush calls out Taz, says he’s a commentator. He should know all about Rush and how the odds have been stacked against Rush his entire life. Taz says Dante is part of team Taz; they stole him from Rush. Rush says everyone knows he’s a fighter, so he won’t be going down without a fight even if he was a one percent chance. Taz says he might as well retire as Ricky Starks and Dante laugh in Rush’s face.

Kris Statlander versus Ruby Soho in TBS Women’s Championship Quarterfinal

Statlander is quick to the punch, putting Ruby into a side headlock takedown. Ruby fights to her feet and attempts a backslide. Statlander blocks it, turning it into another side headlock. Ruby rolls up Statlander who rolls out. Kris does her signature “boop” gesture as Ruby shakes her head. After, Statlander attempts a quick roll-up.

Ruby goes for the monkey flip but Statlander counters with a handstand to get out of it. Kris and Ruby give it all they have, as Ruby lands a senton right on top of Kris. Ruby attempts a back suplex, but Kris fights out of it and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, Ruby kicks out. She tries to transition out of the Spider Crab from Kris, but ends up planted in the center of the ring. Ruby gains momentum with a thrust kick and a Poison Rana. Ruby reverses the Big Bang Theory into a quick roll-up for the win, advancing to the semi-final round versus Nyla Rose.

Cody Rhodes versus Andrade El Idolo in a Street Fight

Andrade doesn’t even wait for Cody to make it to the ring or take off his jacket. They throw drinks at each other, making their way through the crowd. Cody moonsaults off the barricade onto Andrade. Andrade uses Jose’s laptop to smash onto Cody, doing the same with a steel chair. On the outside of the ring, the two exchange blows. Andrade drags Cody to the center of the ring once again using the chair as leverage to moonsault off the top rope. Cody gets his knees up to block the landing, creating an opening. Cody grabs a sledgehammer and kendo stick, tossing both to the side. He grabs the golden shovel, but Andrade Escalera and splashes to Cody on the outside.

Back in the ring, Andrade knees Cody in the face with the help of a steel chair. He grabs a table from under the ring, leaning it onto the corner of the ring. Andrade hip tosses Cody into the table, and he’s not done. He grabs another table as the two men fight for control and Cody finds himself on top. Cody fakes it out, attempting a suplex. Brandi appears with lighter fluid, lighting the table on fire. Cody superplexes Andrade into the fire, covering him, and picking up the win.

AEW Dynamite airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on TNT.

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