‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Le Tuteur”

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In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Bela decides to put herself out there while Kimberly begins tutoring with Nico. Meanwhile, Leighton faces the music, and Whitney rekindles her flame with Dalton. Read on to find out what happens in “Le Tuteur.”

Drunk and Disorderly Consequences

sex lives of college girls episode 3

Leighton meets with President Lacey to discuss her punishment for her drunken incident. She tries to bribe him to no avail. Instead, he assigns her 100 hours of community service at the women’s center. Leighton reports there later, and the group introduces themselves. Alicia oversees all the volunteers and talks with Leighton some more. Leighton tries to tell her how it will go, but Alicia won’t have it. So, Leighton’s first assignment is the poetry night. Leighton tries one more time to bribe President Lacey. (Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work.)

At the poetry night, Leighton barely contains her laughter with each act. And she indulges in wine. One person begins performing a song, and Leighton has to leave. Alicia follows her outside and reprimands Leighton. She tells Leighton her hours won’t count. When they clean up, they seem to make some amends. Alicia knows people can be intolerable, but Leighton at least needs to mock them in private. She promises to try.

Eyes on the (Hot) Prizes

In the dorm, Bela scrolls through Tinder, swiping left on practically everyone. Whitney assesses her profile. She sees that Bela starts every message with requests for shirtless pics, leading to a discussion about abs. Leighton comes in and laments her community service. Then, she notices a putrid smell. They think it’s Bela’s fault. She claims it’s not.

A bit late, Kimberly and Bela walk together. They’re both excited about Kim’s upcoming tutoring session with Nico. Meanwhile, the head soccer coach tells the team they have a chance to make the tournament. Thanks to Whitney, of course. As she does, Dalton and Whitney exchange looks. Moments later, they’re hooking up in a closet. But Michelle, Dalton’s wife, calls. He barely covers himself (in more ways than one). Michelle says she’s waiting for him outside. Before he leaves, he tells Whitney he loves her. In the library, Bela introduces herself to a boy whose abs caught her eye.

Frude goes by their room. Someone complained about the fridge. Whitney is ready to toss it, but Kim proposes they clean it together. They can’t, though. Leighton has her poetry night, and Bela is planning to hook up with abs boy.

All About the Abs

sex lives of college girls episode 3

Bela sits in the dining hall with abs boy, who laughs at literally everything she says. When he gets up, Bela excitedly consults with Jocelyn. Soon, Bela is with abs boy in her room. But before they do the horizontal mambo, she admires his abs. While they’re doing it, Bela realizes something.

After, she tells Whitney and Kim abs boy only slept with her because he thinks she’s funny. They don’t see the problem, though. Still, they try to comfort her. By the end of their talk, they think Bela’s learned a valuable lesson. Bela agrees; all she needs to do is find a guy and fake a different personality. (Oh, so close yet so far.)

Parlez-Vous Français?

sex lives of college girls episode 3

Kim and Nico begin tutoring at Sips, and Kim is crushing hard. Nico tells her how he learned French (The Golden Girls, but in French). Kim relates with her own story (and a touch of an overshare. Lila texts her about Nico while moving a straw through a bagel hole. (Don’t worry. Nico can’t see her.) Nico pulls out a sheet he asks Kim to sign; he gets credit for tutoring her. She tries not to feel too bummed about it.

Later during her shift, Kim and Lila talk about Nico. He walks in, and Lila compliments his face before leaving the two alone. Nico invites Kim to watch The Golden Girls in French with him. So, she heads to his frat house that evening, armed with an on-theme sweater and a cheesecake. When she arrives, Nico’s not there. She calls him. He forgot but takes a rain check.

Back in the dorm, Kim cleans out the fridge with French GG for company until Bela returns. Kim asks about abs boy. Bela says she broke it off, but his abs were enticing, and they had sex again. Bela then asks about the smell. It was everything. The fridge was unplugged. Bela forgot she did that when she used Travis’ spray tan machine.

Break Up with Your Girlfriend Wife

Whitney and Dalton race each other, and after, Whitney asks about the credenza. Dalton pulls out his phone to show her. She notices how he has her name saved in his phone. Then she sees how he nicknamed Michelle. Whitney is upset she doesn’t have a cute nickname. She’s tired of sneaking around and wants to be able to go on a real date with him.

And so, Dalton obliges. He invites Whitney on a surprise date. He brings her to the woods, where he set up a small projector for a movie night. After the movie, his phone goes off. It’s Michelle. Dalton texts her back and shows Whitney the message; he wants to have a serious talk with Michelle. When he returns home, Michelle brings up the text. Rather than have that talk, he claims it was meant for someone else. Meanwhile, Whitney is walking on air. She thinks her relationship with Dalton will finally get to the next level.

The first five episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are streaming now on HBO Max. Episodes 6-8 release next Thursday, December 2. Keep up with our recaps and other coverage here.

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