‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Friendsgiving, MJF & CM Punk Face Off, and More

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AEW Dynamite

Another week, another episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT! On the Thanksgiving eve episode, MJF and CM Punk come face to face in a heated promo, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D hosts a friendsgiving celebration, Hangman Adam Page challenges Bryan Danielson, and more.

As CM Punk prepares for his match with QT Marshall, MJF interrupts by coming out to the ring. Addressing Punk as “Punky Brewster,” he says the pipe bomb is his best moment. However, every MJF moment is the best MJF moment. Unlike Punk, he’s not a one-trick pony. MJF turns his attention to verbally finishing him quicker than his UFC career. Punk says he’s disappointed in MJF but thanks him for introducing himself last week. The two get heated after Punk says he thought MJF stood for My Jealous Fan. Punk says he’s in his head because MJF probably has a poster of him in his room and goes on to call him a less famous Miz.

MJF claims nostalgia is a drug; Punk is nothing more than nostalgia. He says he was a fan. Why wouldn’t he have been? Nobody could touch Punk. He then reminds Punk he was the best. Ever since his return, he’s struggled to beat easy competition and to say anything of intrigue. MJF goes on to compare Punk to John Cena by coining a new name for him: PG Punk. He says he might as well be coming out and preaching about Hustle Loyalty and Respect. He can see him, he can see through him. MJF represents everything about the business Punk hates. He was always second best to the “you can’t see me” man and the King of Kings (Triple H). He may claim to be the best in the world, but MJF is better than him and he knows it.

Punk versus QT Marshall

Punk hits a quick shoulder takedown, proceeding to land four body slams in a row to QT. Pinning him in a lateral press, QT kicks out. QT gets the upper hand momentarily until Punk hits him with a back elbow followed by strikes to his head. Punk gets to his feet and fights out of QT’s hold. Creating separation, he back body drops and goes for a clothesline from the ring apron. QT levels punk by bouncing his face off of the ropes. He then goes for the Liger bomb. QT pushes Punk around so Punk shuts him up with a kick to his head. Punk calls for the GTS and hits it.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson) versus Gunn Club’s Billy and Colten

Before the match starts, the Gunn Club issues a blindsided attack to Bear Country. Once the bell rings, Boulder presses Billy and throws him down to the mat. With help from Colten and Austin, they send Boulder into the steel steps. Bronson gets thrown back into the ring. Austin assists Colten with the Colt-45 and they pick up the win.
Sting and Darby come out after the match to take them down, Austin getting the short end of the stick as Colten and Billy retreat.

Bobby Fish and Adam Cole Backstage Promo

Cole says the past few weeks have sucked. The Bucks still aren’t cleared to compete and they’ve been losing matches. Cole reminds Bobby that they’re more than just partners, they’re like family. The Best Friends interrupt because, well, that’s their gimmick. Cole says their name is just a name. They’ll prove why they are the real best friends.

Dante’s Decision

The official contract is drafted and offered. Dante checks it over. Lio Rush says anything that has to do with Dante has to do with Lio. Lio says this is business they don’t want to be part of but Dante stops him and signs the contract, taking one of Hook’s snacks.

Jamie Hayter versus Thunder Rosa

Jamie and Rosa lock up, Jamie sends Rosa to the outside of the ring and Rosa reverses Hayter into the barricade. Hayter gets Rosa back inside, throwing her around. Rosa gets her momentum back, dropkicking Hayter in her spine. Rosa sends Hayter into the barricade again, runs into the ring, drop-kicking Hayter again. Rosa tries to fly off the apron but Hayter catches her and body slams her right onto her spine. Hayter creates separation by body-slamming Rosa. Hayter powerbombs her, propping her onto the top rope. Rosa fights out of it with a shotgun dropkick. Rosa knees Hayter’s neck followed up with a dropkick. Rosa attempts a suplex, Hayter reverses it into a Backbreaker. Rosa gets back to her feet, they exchange elbow strikes. Rosa hits the Russian leg sweep into the Peruvian necktie. Hayter is tapping but Rebel and Britt distract. Rosa is able to keep focus to pin Hayter.

Friendsgiving with D.M.D.

Britt Baker, Rebel, and Tony Schiavone are at their friendsgiving table. Britt says it started off badly because Rosa pinned Jamie, advancing into the tournament. However, one thing is still very right: she’s still the champion. Tony says he’s thankful for his friends, but he has bad news. Riho will face Britt on Rampage in a Black Friday Deal match for a title opportunity.

Bryan Danielson versus Colt Cabana

Danielson tries to end the match quickly with a juji gatame but Cabana breaks the hold. Danielson flings Caban into the corner kicking and chopping him. He kicks Cabana in the back of the head. Cabana fights to his feet, but Danielson stays on him. As Danielson charges in for a dropkick, Cabana moves out of the way to create separation. With momentary momentum, Cabana lands a series of right hands to Danielson. Danielson takes control again with a waist lock into a release German suplex. Once again back on the kicks and chops, Danielson sets Cabana on the top rope. Cabana tries to take control, he does, knocking Danielson into the ring as he lands a moonsault. Danielson kicks out. Danielson softens Cabana up for the LeBell lock. Cabana taps out.

Hangman’s Ready for a Fight

Last week on Dynamite, Danielson claimed Page wasn’t ready for a fight in his street clothes. This time, Hangman came for a fight, title and all. Hangman offers the first shot and Danielson takes it. They exchange a flurry of punches. Hangman is sent to the outside and stops Danielson in his tracks with a high boot. Setting up for the Buckshot Lariat, Danielson makes a quick escape.

8 Man Tag Match with Andrade el Idolo, FTR, and Malakai Black versus Cody Rhodes and Death Triangle (PAC, Penta el Zero M, and Rey Fenix)

Rhodes and Harwood start, feeling each other out. Cody grabs Dax into a side headlock, shooting off the ropes into a drop-down and then a leapfrog. It’s Dax’s turn to tax control, mirroring that side headlock. Cody eventually makes the tag to PAC after blocking a slingshot suplex. PAC chops at Harwood who creates separation with a back suplex. Wheeler gets the tag, and PAC sends him flying with an arm drag. Wheeler attempts the getaway but is met with a big boot. PAC tags out to Penta for the assist. Penta, the freshest man in the ring, superkicks Wheeler before hitting with a Cero Miedo off of the ropes.

Wheeler tags out to Andrade and Fenix tags in and immediately hits Andrade with an enzuigiri and a springboard tijeras. Rhodes tags back in but finds himself in danger so he tags back out to Fenix. The men are fighting it out in the ring getting back under control during the commercial break. Eventually, PAC tags himself in hitting one move after the other — a missile dropkick, big boot, and a snap German suppler to Malakai Black. Rhodes accidentally superkicks PAC, taking him out. The match breaks down again as Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson face off once again in the ring. Off the distraction, Malakai shoots the mist into PAC’s face and Rhodes gets a big boot to the face. Andrade hits PAC with a hammerlock DDT and picks up the win.

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