‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 Begins Filming

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Love, Victor season 3 filming is finally underway! According to cast member Anthony Keyvan (Rahim) via Instagram stories, the Creekwood gang is back at it again. Steven Canals (Pose) also confirmed he will direct an episode of season 3.

Season 1 introduces viewers to Victor Salazar and his family. It follows Victor as he and his family relocate to Georgia from Texas. Throughout the season, Victor struggles to find his place at Creekwood High. At home, he deals with his parents’ rocky marriage. Meanwhile, Victor also begins to discover his sexuality, turning to Simon Spier (from Love, Simon) for guidance and support.

The second season picks up mere moments after the end of season 1. Victor just came out to his parents and Pilar. Additionally, Victor’s relationship with Benji is going pretty well, and his family seems to accept Victor. Isabel, however, struggles greatly, creating friction between her and Victor. Season 2 also introduces new characters like Rahim, Lucy, and Felix’s mother, Dawn. It sees new relationships form as old ones begin to falter.

As season 3 filming has only just begun, we still don’t know much about what to expect. Seeing as season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger with Victor making a decision, we can expect to find out what his choice was. Season 2 also opened a lot of other doors for several of the characters. Read more about what the season 2 finale means for season 3 here.

Love, Victor season 3 currently doesn’t have a projected release. Following the trend of the first two seasons, it’s likely we can anticipate a mid-June 2022 release date.

Find all of our Love, Victor coverage here. Stay tuned for more season 3 updates as they become available. Watch seasons 1 and 2 of Love, Victor now on Hulu.

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