So About That Ending: Breaking Down the ‘Love, Victor’ Season 2 Finale and What It Means Moving Forward


Love, Victor season 2 released just over a week ago, and I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t stopped thinking about that season finale. Not only did it leave us with a major cliffhanger, but it also set up quite a bit. Read on as we unpack the pivotal moments of the episode and how they set up a third season.

Spoilers aplenty beyond this point.

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

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This season, we were finally introduced to Felix’s mother Dawn — beautifully portrayed by Betsy Brandt – who struggles with bipolar disorder. Throughout the season, we saw some of the highs and lows that Dawn experienced, leading to a heart-wrenching sixth episode in which she was hospitalized. In the season finale, she was newly released from the hospital and seemed better than she has in a long time, which both she and Felix acknowledged. Despite this, it’s not something she can simply get over. Season 2 did an excellent job portraying how it affects her and Felix. Her renewed determination to continue pushing through allows for a more nuanced exploration moving forward, highlighting that although she does seem to be doing better, that doesn’t mean it will just disappear.

The Brooks Family

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Throughout the show, we’ve had the chance to gain insight on Mia’s personal life, specifically her relationship with her father Harold and the effect her mother leaving them as had. During the wedding, Harold dropped some pretty hefty news that he decided to take the Stanford job, even though he told Mia he wouldn’t. This won’t be something Mia moves past quickly or easily. As such, his decision will more than likely hurt his increasingly rocky relationship with Mia.

Meanwhile, Mia is on her way to see her mother with Andrew in tow. Up until now (and even still) Mia has only mentioned her mother, with a very brief glance via a photo in season 1. It’s hard to predict how Mia will react when she sees her mother again after so long, but there’s no doubt the initial confrontation will be a difficult one if Mia decides to fully go through with it. If she does, maybe she will finally find some peace and begin to heal. We just want our girl to be happy.

Lucy, Lake, and A Whole Lotta Vibes

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Is another LGBTQ+ character gearing up to be confirmed? I think yes, and it’s going to be Lucy. Throughout the season finale, Lucy and Lake have a few brief but significant interactions. The first is when Lucy initially dumps some champagne into Lake’s lemonade. What a great friend! In their next interaction, Lake asks for liquid courage, to which Lucy responds by giving Lake a very obvious once-over and saying, “That jumpsuit is all the courage you need.” Still, this officially confirms nothing. But their final interaction of the episode is where the set up really happens. As Lucy is packing up catering supplies, Lake tells her that things with Felix didn’t go great, and Lucy says she never pictured Lake with him; she pictured Lake with “someone completely different,” again not hiding checking out Lake as she asks to hang out after her shift.

This would be an excellent avenue to explore moving forward. Though only a recurring character this season, Lucy (and Ava Capri’s portrayal of her) is a delightful addition to this show, and I know we haven’t seen the last of her. After Lake’s smiley response, a third season could see Lucy exploring those possible feelings and also learn more about her identity. Meanwhile, it also sets up great potential for a new relationship (either platonic or romantic) for both Lake and Lucy. While it’s not as obvious with Lake, I think she’ll also have the chance to explore some new things of her own. Perhaps Lucy is her French toast?

The Mentee, Mentored

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For me, one of the most memorable parts of the episode was Victor and Simon’s phone conversation, as Victor realizes he doesn’t need Simon’s guidance anymore. Now that he’s out, he knows his main support system is still there for him. Victor’s arc so far has been wonderful to watch, but this was truly a moment of tremendous growth. Victor isn’t afraid anymore, and he knows now that he has the skills, the confidence, and the courage to go into the next chapter of his life. In another season, Victor will absolutely flourish. Of course, he’ll have his ups and downs, but now he is equipped to navigate being gay without constant advice, fall back into rhythm with Isabel, and discover more of what makes him happy.

I Choose You

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Ah, love was swirling in the air this episode as two couples chose their people: Isabel and Armando, and Felix and Pilar. (Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Victor.) First up is Isabel and Armando. This season saw them living in the aftermath of the separation. Despite sleeping together once, Armando seemed to move on more quickly than Isabel when he began seeing Shelby. Up through the early part of the season finale, Armando seemed pretty happy being with Shelby. This changes when he goes to have dinner at her place, and Isabel calls him. If their conversation revealed anything, it’s that Armando will always have a place in his brain for Isabel’s small habits. By the end of the episode, he shows up at her door, and they kiss. While I think there’s still a bigger conversation to be had in another season, this indicates that Armando has made his choice. Will they still have their struggles? Yes. But this time, they know they want to be together through it all.

One pair I’ve been dying to see more of since their friend hang in season 1 is Felix and Pilar, and this season ended with a totally endearing scene where Felix chooses to be with Pilar. This season, Pilar’s crush came to the forefront, but more than that, we got to see the growth of their friendship. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved Felix and Lake together. But Felix and Pilar have such a charming and playful chemistry it’s difficult not to root for them. In another season, they would get the chance to navigate being best friends while also finding their groove as a couple. Pilar would also have the chance to show-off her softer side peeking out beneath her moody teen vibe. It will also be interesting to see how their dynamic with Victor changes, though I can’t imagine it’d be terribly drastic. An adjustment, yes, but Felix fits right in with the Salazars, and now more than ever.

Knock-knock-knockin’ on WHOSE DOOR?!

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Now to the question I know we all have: WHO DID VICTOR RUN TO? First, I have to commend this show for somehow managing to avoid any truly major giveaways, because while I know with a rewatch or two we could probably figure it out, the beauty of this cliffhanger is that there is no quick and easy answer – but we have some thoughts.

After Rahim’s confession to Victor, and the way Felix’s decision was set up, Victor’s choice almost (almost) seems like it would be heading in a similar direction. And while there’s no concrete answer yet, Rahim doesn’t fit neatly as an option for one major reason: he and Victor haven’t had the same development that Victor and Benji have. Rahim does understand part of Victor in a way Benji just can’t as easily. However, it makes better sense that Victor and Rahim will develop a solid friendship before jumping into something that didn’t have the same steady growth as Victor and Benji. Regardless, both Victor and Rahim will still have to reckon with the confession.

That being said, and despite the massive ambiguity, it just has to be Benji. He was Victor’s gaywakening. And yes, these two could probably learn how to communicate a little more effectively, but after his chat with Isabel, Benji was ready to keep working on their relationship. Victor has also shown (and Isabel confirms) how willing he is to accept Benji in all his flaws and all his wonderful qualities. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t still want to talk to and be in a relationship with Benji, especially considering the distress going on a break created for him. Moving on, Victor and Benji will have a lot to work out. Benji will have to rebuild his trust in Victor, and both will need to work through the additional friction created by Rahim. Victor and Benji have been through a lot, but there’s so much more of their story to tell. We’re not giving up on Venji yet.

Love, Victor season 2 is streaming now on Hulu. Find our season 2 recaps, review, and other coverage on the show here.

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