‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: The Elite, Ethan Page, Hikaru Shida, and More in Action

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It’s Wednesday night, you know what that means! A new episode of AEW Dynamite has aired on TNT. Continue reading for our recap of the show and all the action!

CM Punk vs. Bobby Fish

Bobby slows down the start of the match by showing off. Once he’s back in the ring the two lock up. Punk hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes and gets a one count; Punk backs up Bobby into the corner. Bobby fights out and performs a snapmare takedown to switch momentum. The two exchange knee strikes to the ribs. Punk slams Fish back to back to back, going for the cover. Punk sets up Fish for the GTS but Fish is able to counter. Punk throws Fish over the top rope and hits a tope suicida to the outside, slamming Fish into the barricade. Punk gets back on the apron and Fish kicks Punk’s leg from out from under him going for a two-count cover. Fish continues working Punks leg. They exchange strikes but Fish is able to neutralize Punk yet again.

On the top rope, Punk is able to counter Fish and get him down to the mat, causing a separation. Punk hits a one-legged Elbow Drop. Both men are down for the count. Punk is the first to his feet but not for long. Punk Discus kick and neck breaker knee strike short arm close line, gets a two count. Punk calls for the GTS but Fish catches him last second. He hits a sliding clothesline before Punk gets him into a jackknife cover. Punk goes for the GTS again and hits it. He gets a three-count over Fish who kicks out after the bell rings.

MJF vs. Bryce Donovan

MJF offers his hand but kicks Donovan in the stomach. Swinging Donovan into the corner, MJF hits the Heatseeker and wins the match. In classic MJF fashion, he gives the people of Boston a promo. He claims he’d rather shove his junk in a blender than be anywhere near the women of Boston (as if they want him.) he then goes on to talk about Darby. He claims that even though Darby says MJF can’t break him mentally, he isn’t showing up to work. MJF says Kenny, Hangman, whoever — is looking at the past, present, and future in MJF as he will be the next champion.

Sting’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. MJF laughs in the ring, clearly playing a joke on the crowd. The lights go out and a video plays of Darby throwing “MJF” through a table with a graphic that says “Now time to break you physically.” When the lights turn back on, Sting is in the ring and beats down MJF’s henchmen. MJF runs for it but behind him, Darby appears. MJF runs for it as Darby pulls out his thumb-tacked skateboard to hit Wardlow across the back. Darby calls out MJF for a match at Full Gear.

Sammy Guevara vs. Ethan Page for TNT Title

Sammy runs to the ring not waiting for the bell to ring. He sends Page to the outside of the ring and over the timekeepers’ table. Sammy throws Page into the barricades and drags Page into the ring. Once the bell rings, Sammy runs to the corner at Page but Page gets his knee up stopping him in his tracks. Sammy and Page exchange hits and smacks. Sammy kicks Page in the head and heads for the top rope but Page catches him. They fight for dominance but ultimately Page sends Sammy’s back into the turnbuckle. In the center of the ring Sammy tries to fight back and out of the Ego’s Edge, which he does, enzuigiri. On the top rope, Sammy springboards into a cutter. Sammy hits the Spanish Fly but Ethan kicks out of the two count. Sammy calls for a shooting star press to Ethan on the outside and lands it. Ethan slams Sammy to the mat and gets a two count. Sammy catches Ethan before he can make it to the top rope. Sammy attempts offense but Ethan throws him off. Ethan goes for the Avalanche Ego’s Edge but Sammy counters with a hurricanrana and bridges Ethan into a cover to pick up the win.

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida

The two women perform quick mat work with each other. Shida backs Deeb into the corner to kick her in the gut. Deeb counters but her head collides with the floor. Hikaru drags Deeb back into the ring to win the fair way. Deeb works Shida’s knee that she slammed off the ring post. She continues her assault by backing Shida into the corner and kicking her. Shida attempts to fight out but Deeb is quick to counter. The two exchange punches and elbows. Shida hits the hammer throw on Deeb who lands in the corner and she gives her a heavy elbow. Shida hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two-count cover. Deeb escapes from Shida’s shoulders and counters the straight jacket German suplex. Shida hits it anyway and plants her once again, for a two count. Shida hits a knee strike on the back of Deeb’s head but is still not able to put Deeb away.

Shida sends Deeb to the outside of the ring as she grabs a steel chair. Deeb kicks the chair out of the way and Shida performs a chase and lands a missile dropkick to Deeb. Deeb continues working Shida’s leg as she puts a figure four leg hold onto it. Shida counters the figure four in the ring with an inside cradle hold. Deeb puts Shida in a half crab; Shida grabs for the ropes, Deeb drags her to the center of the ring. Putting the hold back on her, Shida is able to make it to the rope this time. Deeb attempts to use the plaque as a weapon. As referee Aubrey Edwards is distracted, Deeb plucks Shida’s eyes but Shida counters the cover and is able to pick up a win.

Jon Moxley vs. Dark Order’s 10

Moxley quickly hits 10 with a release German suplex and stomps 10 in the corner. He attempts to do another suplex but 10 fights out. Moxley sends 10 outside of the ring and face-first into the steel steps. He rips 10’s mask off his face and bites him. 10 nearly doesn’t make it back to the ring but does, coming back in with a busted head. With a bit of offense, 10 hits Moxley with a pump kick but he’s caught with a clothesline, and Moxley lands a number of hits. Moxley hits him with a paradigm shift and advances to the semi-final round in the World Title Eliminator Tournament.

The Elite vs. Dark Order

Cole and Silvers square off in the ring. Cole gets Silvers in the corner with a few kicks but as he’s showboating, Silvers gives him a few kicks of his own. Silvers calls for “BUDGE” and tags in Evil Uno. Adam tags in Kenny; Uno attempts to splash Kenny but he lands on the proton pack on the Ghostbusters costume. Kenny tags Matt who is sent down to the mat by Uno where he pretends to “ride” on Matt’s back. Cabana (dressed as Cutler) hits Matt in the face with the cold spray as they show off in the ring. Matt, Nick, and Kenny are in the ring attempting to take down Stu Grayson who takes them down instead. He tags in Cabana who serves a moonsault press to the Bucks. Cole saves the match as Nick superkicks Cabana in the face. Silvers tags in and takes out The Elite with a release German suplex to Nick. He turns his back on them just as the Bucks set up for a double superkick. Omega moves in with a snapdragon suplex as Cole sets Silvers up for the Bucks to perform another double superkick.

The ring is filled with both teams but The Elite is able to get the upper hand with a quadruple set of low blows. They grab their proton packs from their Ghostbusters costumes and sandwich Dark Order with them. To add insult to injury, they powerbomb Cabana off of the proton packs. Someone dressed as a horse enters the ring and The Elite hand a BTE Trigger to him. It’s revealed to be Cutler. While they’re distracted, Stay Puft gets in the ring, taking the top of the head off to reveal the anxious millennial cowboy himself, Hangman Adam Page. He goes after Matt Jackson and then lands a dead eye on Kenny. Silvers hands a spin doctor to Matt. Dark Order picks up the win.

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