‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “Freeze”

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This week on Batwoman, viewers finally meet Jada’s son Marquis. On the more villainous side of things, another trophy is on the loose, creating some icy problems for the Bat Team. Meanwhile, they all find themselves caught in tough situations. Read on to find out what happens in “Freeze.”

A Chill in the Air

Mr. Freeze’s cannister of liquid nitrogen causes chaos this week. The Bat Team track it to GCPD, where Batwoman finds someone beat her to it. The team learns that a woman named Dee stole it. Cut to Dee, who shows the cannister to another woman who’s sick (from what Luke initially presumes is MacGregor’s Syndrome). They both knew Victor Freeze, but how? While they talk, a group breaks in and takes them both.

Later, Batwoman heads to Dee’s house. She finds meds for Nora and figures the women live together. Luke leads her to Ace Chemicals, where Dee, Nora, and the group are. Viewers also learn Dee and Nora are sisters, and Nora was Victor’s wife. She was in a cryochamber for 20 years, and when she emerged, she was admitted to Arkham. Three years ago, she escaped. Now, time is catching up. Nora is rapidly aging, and Dee wants to slow it down.

At Ace, the woman in charge of the group tries to force Dee to tell her how the cryochamber works. Batwoman swoops in. She gets Nora out, but the woman manages to lock Batwoman in the cryochamber. The woman forces Dee to turn it on and freeze Batwoman to death. Her body temperature rapidly dropping, Batwoman signals Luke. She tells him he needs to suit up and find Dee. A little later, Batwoman is on the brink of severe hypothermia. Sophie talks to her from the bat cave, trying to keep her awake. As she does, she tells Batwoman it was upsetting that she turned straight to Luke and Mary to lament about Jada, especially after the work Sophie did to find her. Moments before passing out, Batwing arrives and frees Batwoman.

They chase down the group in the batmobile. When they reach the bridge, the woman blows it up. Batwoman backs up and then floors it. Just as she reaches the gap, Batwing flies up with the cannister and uses it to create a path for Batwoman. Finally, they catch up to the group. They free Dee, and the rest run away.

All in the Family

batwoman season 3 episode 3
Katie Yu/The CW

Ryan and Jada pick up their conversation from last week. Jada reveals she’s impressed by Ryan. Ryan broaches the abandonment, trying to speak from a place of understanding. For a moment, it almost works… until Jada shuts her down. She sternly reminds Ryan not to meddle in Jeturian affairs. While understandable, Jada’s protectiveness and distrust of Wayne Enterprises is fierce. Does she have a murky history with the Wayne Family?

Enter Marquis Jet, the Executive Vice President of Jeturian Industries, who seems oblivious to the fact that he’s standing in front of his sister. Later, he goes to see Ryan at Wayne Enterprises. Ryan is far from pleased to see him again. But Marquis is persistent. For one, he does know Ryan is his sister, revealing Jada had an affair that led to Ryan. He continues, proposing he and Ryan team up… behind Jada’s back. Ryan will consider.

After the cannister is safe and sound, Sophie heads to The Hold Up, where she spots Ryan. The two talk, and Ryan is more willing to open up about her feelings towards Jada this time. Sophie listens as Ryan tells her about Marquis and Jada. Sophie asks what Ryan wants – a mom, a present and loving one. That said, Ryan decides not to accept Marquis’ offer.

We Need to Talk About Alice

batwoman season 3 episode 3
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Alice is still Alice. But she’s not coping with the nanobites well, claiming it feels like bugs are crawling under her skin. Naturally, the rest of the team thinks she’s just being dramatic. However, there may be some validity to her claim this time around. Mary examines Alice at the clinic. Physically, everything is fine. She asks Alice about her hallucinations, who says it was just the one time. Regardless, now that Mary’s a doctor, if Alice needs help, she’ll get it. Instead, Alice tries to mess with Mary’s mind.

By the end of the episode, though, viewers see Alice wasn’t lying at all. She’s back in Arkham, still bothered by her arm, which has miniscule bugs crawling under her skin. Despite playing this off dramatically earlier, Alice is terrified and confused. Will she get the help she needs? Or will her hallucinations finally swallow her whole this time around?

The Aftermath

batwoman season 3 episode 3
Katie Yu/The CW

This week, one ship sails and the team dynamics shift. First up is Wildmoore (Sophie/Ryan). When Batwoman and Batwing chase down the cannister, Batwoman remarks on one of Sophie’s qualities; she’s clever. The two banter, and Luke picks up on it, outright asking if Batwoman is flirting with Sophie. (Yes, Luke, she very much is.) Sophie tries to keep them on track, but it’s clear she’s enjoying it. Whether Sophie and Ryan choose to fully acknowledge remains to be seen. But there’s no denying they have great chemistry.

Next up is Ryan, Luke, and Mary, who hit some bumps by the end of the episode. Luke and Ryan safely store the cannister. As they do, Mary walks in and reveals that the Batwing suit works because Luke disabled the failsafe – the failsafe that was kicking in because of Luke’s PTSD. Luke tries to play it off, and Ryan backs him up. He did save her life. But Mary is adamant that Luke’s decision puts him and the team at risk. Ryan checks in with him, and he claims he’s fine. So, Ryan tells Mary they keep searching for the trophies. Though he denies his PTSD, I think it’s safe to say Luke didn’t merely forget what he endured. The question is when will it come back to bite him? And how does Ryan siding with him affect the team moving forward?

Later, Mary brings meds and supplies to Nora, who’s at the park with Dee. She walks away, but she hears what Nora says to Dee. As she listens, a vine creeps up behind her. It wraps around her leg and drags her away. Can we expect Poison Ivy’s introduction soon?

Batwoman airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW, available the next day on The CW app and cwtv.com. Find our previous recaps and the rest of our coverage here.

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