‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 12 “We’re All Mad Here”

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In this week’s Batwoman, the team scrambles to get the joy buzzer back from Marquis. Alice, meanwhile, is also on a mission to get rid of her hallucinations once and for all. Read on to find out what happens in “We’re All Mad Here.”

Alice Out of Wonderland

batwoman season 3 episode 12
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The episode begins as Alice fights her way into Wayne for the joy buzzer. She finds and uses it, waking up in Mary’s clinic where she says she feels like Beth again. Soon, she’s at a psych hearing where the evidence leads to all charges against her being dropped. After, Alice finds Ryan and tries to return the joy buzzer, but Ryan doesn’t want it. Next, Alice heads to the cemetery where Ocean shows up. He tells her that she doesn’t deserve a happy ending, and Alice relives his death. As she cries, she wakes up in her train car, realizing none of that happened.

Alice ransacks Mary’s clinic looking for anti-psychotics. Mary arrives, confused that Alice is still in town. Alice tells her that she just needs enough meds to tide her over until she can get the joy buzzer. Mary stops her, saying that Ryan needs it for her brother. Alice uses the same logic; Mary needs it for her sister. At this, Mary unleashes her hurt and anger at what Alice has done, saying Alice isn’t her sister.

Finding Jada

Sophie wakes up to an empty bed and is soon surprised by Jada. Sophie knows Jada is there to talk about Marquis and the two begin to argue. Ryan arrives with information about Marquis’ schedule, which has a suspiciously clear day. Ryan gets into his email and sees one to Barbara Kean. Sophie learns Barbara is Jim Gordon’s ex-wife. The information prompts Jada to leave, though she doesn’t say why. Sophie follows moments later. Outside, Jada speaks on the phone to someone when Sophie pops up. She knows that Barbara is part of the Black Glove Society, and that Jada still is too. A car comes to pick up Jada, and then… another car comes to pick up Jada. Sophie realizes Jada’s been kidnapped.

Luke, Ryan, and Sophie learn the car that took Jada is registered to Wayne (aka Marquis). Luke also notes Sophie wearing the same clothes, but Ryan covers up the reason. Batwoman and Sophie go find the car. During the drive, they begin to argue about why Ryan didn’t tell Luke the truth. Before it gets too heated, Luke’s comms come through and tell them where to find the car.

The BGS (Kind of?) Returns

batwoman season 3 episode 12
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Alice goes to steal the joy buzzer from Kiki. However, Mouse appears and taunts Alice before she reaches Kiki. When he’s gone, Alice threatens Kiki. Before Kiki can retaliate, Marquis shoots and kills her, taking the joy buzzer for himself. He wants to know why Alice wants it. When she tells him and tries to take it, he doses her with a potent laughing gas.

A bit later, she wakes up somewhere else and sees Marquis talking to a small group of members from the Black Glove Society, including Jada, about its formation. Oh, and they’re all bound and gagged. Marquis brings out a display with different items (read: weapons) and a wheel with corresponding drawings. He spins the wheel and grabs the first item: a multi-cylinder gas tank meant for Barbara Kean. It includes chemicals she used on her son. Meanwhile, Mouse appears again. He tells Alice she doesn’t deserve the joy buzzer and reminds her about his death before she yells at him to go away. Then, she hears a gun shot.

Joy Buzzer Hot Potato

batwoman season 3 episode 12
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Marquis takes out another BGS member. Now, it’s Jada’s turn. He plans to freeze her after using the joy buzzer on her. Before he can, Alice knocks it away and attempts to use it. But Marquis grabs it again, saying Alice can rule Gotham with him. She disagrees, as she believes they’re completely different. So, Marquis tells her about his encounter with the Joker, flashbacks included. He relays how the Joker drove away with the bus, but a slow-driving car was in the way. In response, the Joker ran it off the road. Alice realizes this was bus that killed her mother. Marquis tries to zap Jada again. Alice stops him by saying she knows a way to make the Joker wish he were Marquis.

Batwoman arrives and frees Jada. Outside, Sophie finds Alice. They fight and Alice manages to get Sophie’s gun. Once more, Alice tries to use the joy buzzer. This time Batwing uses a batarang to knock it away. He gets the buzzer, and Sophie handcuffs Alice, who begs not to go back to Arkham. Inside, Marquis and Batwoman fight. Batwoman says she doesn’t want to hurt him, but he thinks she does and is hiding behind the suit. She removes her mask. The two argue about their childhoods as Ryan explains she was jealous of him and the opportunities he had. Still, he decides to shoot her (thank goodness for that bat suit) and knocks her down with the freeze canister. As he starts to use it, Jada shoots it out of his hands.

The Bat Cave’s New Management

batwoman season 3 episode 12
Dean Buscher/The CW

Ryan lets Jada know the joy buzzer is safe when Sophie joins Ryan. Sophie shares that she hasn’t been in an out relationship with another woman. She’s worried that now that she wants to be, Ryan doesn’t want the same. Ryan explains that she does; it was her own stuff holding her back. She teases Sophie about meeting her mom. Sophie begins to spiral, so Ryan kisses her. Luke and Mary arrive and tell them that Marquis is in the wind. Ryan wants 24 hours to find him before involving the police. Then, Mary notes Sophie’s clothes, putting two and two together. Ryan and Sophie confirm they are together, and Mary is over the moon with joy.

Alice is back in Arkham, but she hallucinates Mouse and Ocean as her orderlies. She swats them away and realizes she was swatting at Mary. Mary thanks Alice for what she did: claiming full responsibility for the hunter’s death. Alice apologizes, and Mary says it’s okay, but Alice apologizes again, more urgently this time. Mary asks what Alice did. As the episode ends, we see exactly what: Marquis has full access to the bat cave.

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