‘Batwoman’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 13 “We Having Fun Yet?”

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In the season 3 finale of Batwoman, the team – with Jada’s help – rush to stop Marquis’ deadly plan for Gotham city. Meanwhile, Alice’s desperation to gain the joy buzzer continues to build. Read on to find out what happens in the season 3 finale “We Having Fun Yet?”

The Start of Something Bad

The episode opens with Marquis at an abandoned amusement park. As a flashback of his encounter with the Joker plays, he finds a hidden room that the Joker told him about. Meanwhile, Sophie, Ryan, and Luke wonder what to do about Marquis. Ryan says she’ll be the one to shock him. Mary arrives and thinks it should be Alice instead, making a plea for Alice after visiting her in Arkham. A few moments later, everyone gets an alert for a citywide broadcast courtesy of Marquis. He tells everyone in Gotham to be outside in five hours when he reveals Batwoman’s identity.

Jada finds the group, sans Ryan, wanting to know what happened with Marquis. Luke tells her about the bat cave and without access, they can’t find Marquis. So, Jada makes a call to her team at Jeturian. They bring a slew of tech to The Hold Up, and Luke begins to do his thing.

Marquis’ Plan

batwoman season 3 finale
Colin Bentley/The CW

Ryan meets with Alice at Arkham, still set on not relinquishing the joy buzzer. Alice plays on Ryan’s fears to convince her otherwise. When Ryan stands to leave, Alice reveals information she has about what Marquis is planning. She tells Ryan that the Joker had a big plan that Marquis intends to see through. Ryan realizes it was never about her identity; Marquis just needed everyone outside.

At The Hold Up, Luke finds Marquis’ location but it’s pinging in multiple areas. They think he might be on the jet, but Luke says Marquis is moving too slow. He’s actually on the blimp, which now contains acid bombs. When Ryan returns, she tells the team as much and asks if Luke can gain control of the blimp and redirect it. While he does that, Ryan needs Sophie and Mary to get everyone to shelter without inciting panic. Sophie isn’t sure how, but Mary remembers that Marquis doesn’t have access to the room with the villain trophies. They can probably find something in there to use. But they don’t know how to get back into the bat cave. So, Ryan goes to Jada and asks for help. Jada is uncertain but thinks she can use Marquis killing his father to their advantage.

On the blimp, Marquis gets a call from his CFO saying he’s fired. He turns on the news and sees a report about his alleged patricide. He also learns that Ryan has been reappointed, and he’s not happy about it.

Blimps Are Da Bomb

batwoman season 3 finale
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Mary and Sophie get to the bat cave. Mary heads to the computers where Luke walks her through how to access the satellites and thus the air waves. Sophie heads to the trophy room and returns with the Penguin’s umbrella. While they work, Luke gains control of the blimp and sets new coordinates. The blimp jolts, and Marquis asks the pilot what happened. He doesn’t know, so Marquis shoots him and then the control panel. Luke loses access and tells Batwoman. So, Batwoman finds a way onto the blimp.

When she makes it, she asks if Sophie knows how to disarm a bomb. Through the bat suit’s tech, she shows Sophie who says there are too many trip wires to safely stop the timer, which is down to 15 minutes. Next, Batwoman heads to the controls. She asks Sophie about those next when Marquis appears. He taunts Batwoman before grabbing a parachute that Batwoman promptly takes away. The two fight and Marquis uses Ryan’s relationship with Jada against her. Batwoman manages to pin Marquis, repeatedly punching him while screaming for her brother back. When she stops, he feigns remorse and then pushes Batwoman through one of the blimp’s windows.

Alice to the Rescue

Batwoman uses her grapple to pull Marquis out of the blimp and deploy the chute. They land on a roof, knocked out. Batwoman wakes first, much to Sophie’s relief. Shortly after, Marquis wakes up. He lands a couple kicks that eventually cause him and Batwoman to fall off the roof. Batwoman grabs the ledge and refuses to let Marquis fall. Alice arrives, and we see a flashback of her and Ryan’s meeting. In it, Ryan thinks Alice can change without the buzzer and proceeds to place said buzzer on the table. Back in real time, Alice pulls Batwoman and Marquis to safety. Marquis tries to fight but Batwoman manages to zap him with the buzzer and he falls unconscious.

Batwing flies onto the blimp and sees the damage, unsure if he can rewire it. Mary makes a comment that prompts Batwing to realize he can dock the suit’s AI and use that. While he works, he tells Sophie to find him somewhere to go in the next two minutes and 15 seconds. By the time he connects the AI, only 20 seconds remain. Sophie manages to find a desolate area to crash. Before he does, Luke says thank you to the AI, to his dad. Then, the blimp explodes.

What’s Next?

batwoman season 3 finale
Colin Bentley/The CW

Batwing makes it safely off the blimp and helps a young boy find his mother. Meanwhile, Ryan and Jada bring Marquis to the clinic. Jada thanks Ryan and hopes that they can build a better future together. Marquis wakes up and seems to be feeling much less murdery. In her office, Mary finds a note from Alice, who’s going to a sanitorium Mary told her about to get the help she needs.

Back at Wayne, Sophie asks Ryan what’s next. Ryan is ready to reclaim the space, but Sophie means next for them and kisses her. Luke and Mary interrupt and Mary is ready to celebrate. Ryan still wants to keep working, saying they need to be prepared for anything. Which is great to know, because in the blimp wreckage, a reporter does a live broadcast (hazmat suit included). She spots something off camera that freaks her out, and it attacks her and the cameraperson. As the episode ends, we see what looks like a skeleton wearing tattered clothes walk off.

Stay tuned for Batwoman season 4 news. In the meantime, catch up now on cwtv.com and The CW app. Find the rest of our recaps and other coverage on the show here.

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