‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Jungle Boy, Cody Rhodes, Ruby Soho, and More in Action

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The final Saturday night edition of AEW Dynamite before heading back to Wednesday nights is here! Keep reading for our full recap of this week’s show.

Bryan Danielson vs. Dustin Rhodes

They lock up, Dustin shoulder tackles Bryan. Bryan gets Dustin down to the mat into a submission hold before putting him into a bow and arrow stretch. Dustin sends Bryan a right-handed uppercut before Bryan knocks him to the outside to hit a tope suicida. Dustin gets up and delivers a senton to Bryan rolling him into the ring for a two count. Bryan circles Dustin getting in a few hits; Dustin lands a German suplex on Bryan and several chops to his chest once he gets back on his feet. They exchange blows, as Bryan gets Dustin into a cross-arm breaker submission. Dustin fights his way back to his feet, suplexing Bryan off of the top rope. Both men are down on the mat, Bryan is first to his feet. Bryan gets whipped into the corner flipping to land on his feet as Dustin power slams Bryan going for the pin but not achieving a win. Bryan gets Dustin into the corner, his sweet spot, landing chops and kicks to Dustin’s chest. Bryan puts a LeBell lock on Dustin who is able to break the hold by getting his foot to the bottom rope. As Bryan runs to the Corner, Dustin fakes him out and delivers a pile driver. It’s still not enough to put Bryan away. Bryan puts the guillotine on Dustin who quickly fades and loses consciousness.

Elite Promo

Kenny cuts a promo on Hangman, tells him he’s cosplaying as a cowboy; he knows his insecurities and if people knew who he really was they wouldn’t be chanting “cowboy sh*t” they’d be calling him what he really is, “coward sh*t.”

Sting gives an update on Darby

As Sting goes to give an update on Darby MJF makes his presence known. He calls Sting Darby’s “emo daddy” and says Sting doesn’t want to tell the truth, that Darby isn’t coming back. The crowd tells him to shut up. he gives an unwarranted comment about Lex Luger, Sting punches him stopping him in his tracks. MJF’s henchmen take out Sting in the middle of the ring. MJF sits in a chair in the middle of the ring and speaks directly to Darby asking him if he’s broken him mentally yet. Says he’ll always be second best to MJF.

Penelope Ford vs. Ruby Soho

Penelope takes a cheap shot at Ruby throwing her jacket at her and getting the upper hand. Ruby delivers a series of uppercuts before Irish whips her into the ropes. Penelope stomps at Ruby in the corner, goes for the high boot but Ruby counters, smacking her across the back and kicking her in her midsection. Ruby gets a two-count on Penelope. The two fight on the apron of the ring as Bunny comes out as a distraction allowing Penelope to throw Ruby into the ring post. Ruby lands a backdrop suplex on Penelope as the exchange chops in the center of the ring. Ruby catches Penelope’s leg and lands a knee on her jaw. Penelope bridges but Ruby catches her. Penelope counters, landing a cutter and going for the pin. Ruby stays in it. Penelope catches ruby with a back heel kick bringing her up to her shoulders and slamming her to the mat. Bunny hands Penelope the brass knuckles but referee Rick Knox is able to get ahold of them. Ruby rolls up Penelope and gets the win, advancing to the next round of the TBS Women’s Championship Tournament.

After the match, Red Velvet comes to Ruby’s aid as Penelope and Bunny retreat.

Anthony Greene vs. Bobby Fish

Bobby lands multiple strikes on Greene. Greene goes to the top rope and takes out Bobby who kicks out of the cover. Bobby hits the dragon screw and sends Greene into the ropes with a suplex. Bobby hits a knockout kick to Green and gains pinfall, winning. The match is over but Bobby hits Greene with a cheap shot and assaults him inside the ring. CM Punk comes to the aid of Greene, effectively setting up a match between Fish and Punk.

Lio and Dante Promo

Lio says he wants to take Dante to the highest of heights by mentoring him. Lio says Sydal hasn’t proved himself as the best in the world. Lio believes Dante is the best in the world. Lio got the two of them a tag team match between the Sydal brothers to prove that they can beat them and that they’re better on next week’s Rampage.

Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer

Eddie interrupts Archer’s entrance by running up on him and attacking him before the bell even rings. Eddie fights back momentarily as they finally get in the ring starting the match. Archer lands deafening chops to Eddie’s chest and sets him up for the Blackout. Eddie is able to counter, hitting the ropes as Archer follows him and hits him in the back of the head.

Eddie tries his best to fight out of the corner once again but Archer is one step ahead. Archer puts his fingers in Eddie’s eyes as Archer drags Eddie to set him up for a moonsault that Eddie moves out of the way of. Archer under rotated the move. Eddie rolls him up and gains the win, advancing in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

Jungle Boy vs. Brandon Cutler

Jungle boy makes quick work sending cutler over the top rope and to the floor before hitting a tope suicida. Cutler attempts a Panama sunrise, Jungle Boy counters and Cutler smacks him. It only angers Jungle Boy who smacks him back and gets him into a submission on the mat. Jungle Boy picks up the win.

Jungle Boy hops on the mic. He says the match was a nice warm-up but he’s ready to go again. He wants another member of The Elite. They don’t answer so he puts him in the snare trap again. Adam Cole comes out to interrupt him and says he’ll fight him right now. Jungle Boy knocks Cole off the top rope as The Young Bucks sneak into the ring and super-kick him. At the top of the ramp, they hit the BTE Trigger and Cole hits him in the back of the head with the Last Shot. They do their signature kiss pose, further humiliating him, and they aren’t done … Matt, Nick, and Adam send Jungle Boy through a table off the stage.

Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black

They quickly lock up in the ring and Cody tries to put him in a figure four leg lock, Malakai counters, they exchange side headlock takeovers. Malakai sweeps Cody off his feet and puts him in the kneebar. Cody is able to counter and block the waist lock from Malakai. Bouncing off the ropes he lands a power slam on Malakai and attempts the figure four again but Malakai is able to gouge at his eyes to stop him. Malakai grabs a steel chair and puts it in the ring, Cody quickly grabs it and attempts to use it but Malakai rolls out of the ring. Malakai sets up a table on the outside. Cody catches his leg and lands a hit across the side of Malakai’s head sending them both through the table with the Cross Rhodes.

Arn gets inside the ring as everyone calls for the “Glock”. Andrade makes his way out to the ring and signals a gun motion. Pac comes out and the two of them fight their way back into the tunnel. Malakai hits a moonsault off the ropes but Cody is quick to hit him with a Cross Rhodes again. Malakai kicks out. Malakai hits Cody across the chest with a hard kick and hits him with a diving foot stomp into a rising knee strike into a German suplex. Cody kicks out. After hitting a tope suicida Cody hits Malakai with a Cody Cutter into another Cross Rhodes and a Tiger Driver ’98. Cody picks up the win.

Stay tuned for more AEW coverage!

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