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‘Walker’ Series: Fans Share Favorite Cordell Scenes

TELEVISION'Walker' Series: Fans Share Favorite Cordell Scenes

Welcome to our Walker series! We’ve partnered with our friends at Walker Wiki to bring you an interactive series leading up to the second season premiere of Walker, which airs on October 28.

We asked for input from fans of the show and had them answer questions. We had a great turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. In this part, we asked fans to share their favorite Cordell scenes.

Let’s go!

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Cris – “Well, this might be cheating, but any time he plays Duke.”

Merle – “All of ‘Duke’.”

Kirsten – “I think when he became Duke and did the thing he didn’t want to go back to. It was just watching him put his family first above all.”

Susan – “Changing into Duke. Wow.”

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Jani – “In ‘Duke’ when Walker changes clothes behind his truck. Jared is a work of art.”

Lindsay – “When he gave his badge [back] in order to get himself into a better headspace.”

Ali – “I really enjoyed the scene at the end of ‘Defend the Ranch’ where Cordell resigned. Jared Padalecki did a fantastic job of portraying his anger, anxiety, and sadness. His body language was making me uncomfortable (because I was empathizing).”

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Jenni – “When he shoots all those guys after they make him crash the truck.”

Hadia – “Any scene with him and Micki and him being a father is a favorite for me!”

Margaret – “Him riding a horse.”

Helen – “In ‘Mehar’s Jacket’ when he has a whole conversation with a horse then gets stuck trying to bring the Llama (Alpaca) up the gully.”

Korp – “Riding with the alpaca.”

Sam – “Him going out in the middle of the night to get the alpaca back.”

Nancy – “Ep 2 when Cordell rides in, saves the day and also passes his recertification which he had a hard time doing in [the] beginning of the episode.”

Gin – “All the scenes with Cordell as a huge fan of Minnie Jayne, cute and relatable fanboy.”

Im – “Fanboy scenes.”

Lauren – “One of my favorites is when he’s dancing with Stella at the Side Step. It’s such a sweet daddy-daughter moment.”

Sami – “The dinner toast.”

Anna – “The ‘fight’ between Cordell and Micki in ep 6 has to be one of my favorite moments of the show. They’re both calling out each other while expressing their own insecurities with their actions throughout the episode. A great acting moment from Jared.”

Nancy – “Where is the fire?”

ThomasRay – “Cordell vs Clint in ‘Defend the Ranch’.”

Mathilde – “His fight with Clint or when he confronts Stan in the last episode.”

Shannon – “When the ranch was attacked and Hoyt was murdered. The emotion was so raw and real, it made me feel for Cordell so much. Plus, he kicked Clint’s ass haha.”

Marie – “Morgue.The emotional scene was so heartbreaking.”

Eva – “Cordell eating tacos with Micki.”

Andrea – “The scene with his kids in the finale. It shows how far he has come.”

Jennifer – “Cordell at home in the finale with his kids. He’s found his way home after working through his grief and realizing he can do the most good by being with his kids.”

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