Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Watch: Castiel Calls Upon Mister Rogers in New Deleted Scene From ‘Supernatural’ Season 15

THE CWSUPERNATURALWatch: Castiel Calls Upon Mister Rogers in New Deleted Scene From 'Supernatural'...

With the release of the complete box set of Supernatural right around the corner (May 25 to be exact), never before seen material from the show is starting to come to light in the form of deleted scenes and the blooper reel.

Yet another deleted has come to light courtesy of Variety, this time from episode 8, “Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven,” featuring Castiel. In this short clip, we see Castiel trying to convince the prophet Donatello to once again help the Winchesters and co. translate a tablet — this time to help stop Chuck himself. Donnie is (rightfully) reluctant, pointing out that last time he helped them Amara ate his soul and he went crazy.

To convince him, Cas gets a little underhanded, saying “you no longer feel its necessary to ask the question, ‘What would Mr. Rogers do?'” — a throwback to the scene where Donatello helps Jack figure out what to do in the event that he was in fact soulless (following the example of the best person you know). If you haven’t already, check out the clip here.

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As the release date for the box set approaches, there are likely to be more deleted scenes coming to light. As always, stay tuned for more updates. Additionally, you can access all of our Supernatural content here.

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