Monday, March 27, 2023

WATCH: Deleted Scene From ‘Supernatural’ Finale “Carry On” Released

THE CWSUPERNATURALWATCH: Deleted Scene From 'Supernatural' Finale "Carry On" Released

With the Supernatural box sets starting to roll out for the cast and crew (available May 25 for the rest of us plebians), deleted scenes from season 15 are starting to come to light. One such scene (that was made known in leaked scripts earlier this year) has resurfaced courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and it is truly a treat to behold.

In the deleted scene, the brothers are driving to what will be their final case — not that they know that just yet. In a simplistic two-minute video, fans get a glimpse of the Winchesters’ brotherly dynamic that so rarely came out to play in relaxed settings, with Sam and Dean bantering about the house car rules (“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole”) as well as the fate of their newly adopted pup, Miracle.

While Supernatural may have ended, the lessons and the family that this show endowed viewers with will never really be gone — especially with new content coming to light even now — and that’s just one of many reasons why we love it so much. Make sure to check out the deleted scene if you haven’t already here.

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