Recap: Beware the Woods in ‘Prodigal Son’ Season 2 Finale “The Last Weekend”


Well, Prodigies, the final episode of Prodigal Son has arrived, and this week, Martin and Malcolm team up to solve their own case. Meanwhile, the rest of Malcolm’s team searches for him and Martin, and Jessica and Capshaw go head-to-head. Read on to find out what happened in “The Last Weekend.”

The episode begins as Malcolm regains consciousness to find himself tied up in a motel room. He flashes back to the events of the previous episode while he gets his bearings. Meanwhile, Jessica flashes back to her call with Capshaw, anxiously staring at the phone. Ainsley joins her and reveals that a yet-to-be-reported news report will cite Malcolm as Martin’s accomplice. At the precinct, Capshaw tells Ruiz that Martin and Malcolm are working together.

Martin enters the motel room and pulls out a straight razor. Malcolm gets nervous, but Martin is only planning to free Malcolm. The two talk, and Martin leads Malcolm to realizing Capshaw will play the victim. Malcolm wants to call Gil and turn Martin in, but Martin doesn’t think that will help. Instead, he wants to make a plan and frees Malcolm as a sign of trust.

The two sit outside of the motel, which is revealed to be in Vermont. Martin wants to prove that he’s a changed man, showing Malcolm a flyer for a missing woman named Jeannie Larkin. If they find her, they can prove Martin changed and Malcolm is innocent. Malcolm realizes Martin thinks it’s a serial killer dubbed the Woodsman, who, according to Martin, is in town. A motel employee hands Martin a fax (the Woodsman’s letters) he was waiting for (thanks to Ainsley), and begs Malcolm to give him a chance.

The two head to a nearby diner where Martin chows down on pancakes as Malcolm pours through the Woodsman’s letters. He figures out how Martin knew the Woodsman is in town and begins building a profile. Soon, Malcolm eyes a phone on the wall, contemplating calling Gil. Martin makes a remark that leads Malcolm to notice the wording the Woodsman uses, indicating he may be a cop. Malcolm decides he’ll go talk to the local police while Martin waits at the motel.

Ruiz wants to put out a BOLO for Malcolm and Martin, but Gil thinks it’s a bad idea. Their best shot at finding Martin is through Malcolm, and he’ll stake his career on it. Ruiz agrees but says that any more bodies are on Gil’s hands.

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Malcolm talks with Sheriff Cooley at the station, asking about Jeannie and mentioning the Woodsman. She tells Malcolm that everything is blamed on the Woodsman. She summons Deputy Crutchfield, the station’s resident Woodsman expert. Malcolm learns that Crutchfield has been on three Woodsman crime scenes, setting off alarms for Malcolm.

Malcolm, Cooley, Crutchfield, and a couple of other officers look over the previous Woodsman crime scenes. Malcolm notices that a scarred hand in one of the photos is Crutchfield’s, meaning he was at four crime scenes, not three. Cooley is surprised by this information, but before Malcolm can pursue it, Martin, claiming to be his lieutenant, calls the precinct to talk to Malcolm. Martin tells him they’re on the news, and the report of Malcolm being an accomplice has broken. Malcolm quickly turns the station TV off. He says he has to stay, though, and as Crutchfield eyes Malcolm, Martin realizes that Malcolm may have found the Woodsman.

Dani is in the conference room when JT comes in and tells her that they have a lead: Ainsley went to Claremont. Cue Ainsley entering, stating she thinks she knows where Malcolm and Martin are. She holds up a file and asks if they’ve ever heard of the Woodsman.

Malcolm meets back up with Martin, who’s ready to flee town. Malcolm wants to stay and find Jeannie, wanting to know what happened to the Martin who changed, about to call Gil. Martin stops him and says he just wants to be Malcolm’s father. Malcolm responds by saying he can do that by helping. He continues by confirming he thinks the Woodsman is Crutchfield and will probably go visit Jeannie, leading Martin to become giddy over a stakeout.

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Jessica and Capshaw talk at Jessica’s, who’s doing her best to empathize with Capshaw. Capshaw says that Malcolm isn’t who Jessica thinks she is, but Jessica defends Malcolm and will prove it. She leaves to go get dessert, and Capshaw spikes her drink.

During the stakeout, Malcolm gets lost in his thoughts. Martin breaks him out of it by mentioning he has to use the bathroom, so Malcolm hands him an empty bottle. Martin refuses and goes outside. A few moments later, Malcolm hears a dull thudding noise and gets out of the truck to investigate. He notices Martin lying on the ground, and Crutchfield is holding a gun in Malcolm’s face. Crutchfield brings them back to the station and puts them in a holding cell. Malcolm is confused at the turn of events, while Martin says that Crutchfield isn’t the Woodsman. Malcolm responds by saying that Crutchfield would’ve called this in, which means the real Woodsman knows where they are.

Jessica pours more drinks for her and Capshaw, feeling whatever was in her drink. She asks how Capshaw got so close to Martin. As they talk, Jessica drops one of the glasses. Capshaw takes the opportunity to go lock the door. Meanwhile, Gil is talking in Jessica’s ear, saying he and the team will move in once Capshaw confesses. Eventually, Jessica reveals she was faking. Capshaw grabs and lunges towards Jessica with a fire poke, and Gil is ready to move in, eventually apprehending Capshaw.

Crutchfield goes to check on Malcolm and Martin. Malcolm tells him that the Woodsman is someone in the station, and Crutchfield gets a knowing look on his face. Malcolm says that Crutchfield knows who it is, but before it’s confirmed, someone stabs Crutchfield from behind. Later, Malcolm and Martin find themselves tied up in a small cabin, courtesy of the Woodsman.

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JT, Ainsley, and Dani arrive at the sheriff’s station in Vermont looking for Martin. One officer (Brooks) brings up Malcolm and him asking about the Woodsman. Cooley enters, and Brooks asks about Crutchfield. Cooley says he’s probably fine, deflecting. Dani tells Cooley why they’re there, and Cooley tells them they should probably check the pub. They notice something is off. After Cooley and Brooks walk away, JT finds a bloody towel in the trash. Cooley returns and holds a gun to him. JT tries to talk her down, and Dani sneaks up behind her and knocks her out.

When the Woodsman enters, Malcolm asks him something that reveals the Woodsman is Cooley’s husband, Don. Martin attempts to make witty banter and earns a punch to the face, and Don decides he’s going to start with Martin. Malcolm notices a piece of a screw on the floor that belongs to the rig Martin is tied to, subtly indicating this to Martin. Malcolm begins taunting Don to distract from Martin freeing himself. Don lunges at Malcolm, who kicks him just before Martin fully knocks him out. Martin picks up a knife but assures Malcolm he won’t do anything.

JT, Dani, and Ainsley question Cooley about the Woodsman. Dani has figured out it’s Don, but Cooley doesn’t confirm. Ainsley takes over, explaining how she’s learned she’s like both of her parents. Cooley’s daughters won’t get that chance, but if Cooley tells them where Don is, she can at least redeem herself.

Malcolm tries to come up with a game plan, saying they need to find a way to make Don think they’ll hurt him, but Martin says it won’t work; Don will see right through them. But Malcolm is desperate to find Jeannie and gives Martin a pass to hurt this one man. Martin says no, though, and Malcolm begs, saying he’s asking as Martin’s son, and Martin agrees. Malcolm steps outside, where he can hear Don screaming. Martin emerges, telling Malcolm that the plan worked, and Don is still alive. Martin tosses Malcolm a key and says that Jeannie is close by. They head into the woods to find her, and Martin finds a door leading to a tiny underground box where Jeannie is being held. They help her out, and Martin sits with her. Malcolm calls 911, making Martin nervous. On the call, Malcolm says he found Jeannie, the Woodsman … and Martin Whitly. He turns his back for a second as he gives their location, and when he turns back around, Martin has run off.

Back at the precinct, Gil and Jessica observe Capshaw. Gil says she got a lawyer, but they have info on her to put her away. He tells Jessica she did a good job, and she responds that she couldn’t have done it without his help. Edrisa shows up with Capshaw’s file and shares that she’s responsible for at least 11 deaths across eight hospitals.

JT, Ainsley, and their backup find Jeannie. They ask her where Martin is, and she tells them that Martin ran off and Malcolm followed.

Malcolm catches up with Martin, who’s fuming over Malcolm not believing that he changed. And still, Malcolm is skeptical. He explains to Martin that this world wasn’t meant for him. Martin approaches Malcolm, his entire demeanor changed. He tells Malcolm that he was a good father, but Malcolm wasn’t a good son. Malcolm realizes that Martin intends to kill him as he pulls out a knife. Martin lunges, but Malcolm grabs the knife and turns it, plunging the blade into Martin, who, despite the circumstances, is feeling vindicated.

“I was right. We are the same.”

Martin Whitly

Malcolm is absolutely shocked. As Martin falls to the ground, Dani finds them, also taken aback. She asks Malcolm what he did, but Malcolm can only look at her, at a loss for words.

Malcolm Danger Count: 4

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