Wednesday, October 27, 2021

‘Prodigal Son’ Procures HCA TV Award Nomination in Catherine Zeta-Jones

The inaugural Hollywood Critics Association (HCA) TV Awards are rapidly approaching, and the official list of nominees has finally been revealed. The legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones has procured a nomination for her work as Dr. Vivian Capshaw on season 2 of Prodigal Son.

Prodigal Son follows profiler Malcolm Bright and the team he consults with at the NYPD’s Major Crimes unit. How Bright is so good at his job? He’s learned to think like serial killers — because his father, whom he still has a tenuous relationship with, is one. Zeta-Jones plays Dr. Vivian Capshaw in the second season of the series, a doctor at Claremont Psychiatric facility where Malcolm’s father, Dr. Martin Whitly (A.K.A. The Surgeon) resides.

Starring Tom Payne, Michael Sheen, Lou Diamond Phillips, Keiko Agena, Bellamy Young, Aurora Perrineau, Halston Sage, Frank Harts, and more, Prodigal Son was recently canceled by FOX after its second season. Fans, however, continue to put up a valiant fight to save the show. More information about efforts to save Prodigal Son as well as all of our other coverage for the show can be found here.

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The HCA TV Awards will take place on August 22. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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