Recap: Jordan Deals With His Own Power Struggle in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 6 “Broken Trust”

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After nearly a two-month hiatus from The CW, Superman & Lois is officially back to air new episodes. Read on to find out what happens in this week’s episode “Broken Trust.”

Jordan is on the run from Tag who is kicking him around. Tag wants to know what Jordan did to him, what caused the explosion. Jordan calls for his dad and Tag races off with Superman hot on his tail. He off rails a train that Superman puts back on track but in doing so, he loses sight of Tag.

At the Kent farm Lois is tending to Jordan’s wounds as he talks about Tag. He tells Clark, Lois, and Jonathan what Tag wants to do with him and Clark and Lois have a private conversation. The D.o.D is on the hunt for Tag who had escaped. Lois has finally gained momentum to help break the case wide open, or so she’s investigating. 

Jordan suddenly gets a pain in his head and Clark asks how he feels about staying away from the game. Jonathan is on his brother’s side, because it’s against Metropolis, their old school, and one of the biggest games of the season.

Edge is at the mines with the workers as he has just given them their jobs back. He thanks Kyle for his help and asks Lana to be a leader. Lana is understandably shocked. Lois shows up and soon after, “Marcus” (Lex) makes an appearance and asks Lois if she’s found a way into the mines yet.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

At school, Jordan and Jon are talking about the football game when Sarah meets up with them and asks how he got his nasty bruise. Jon lies and tells her it was because they were running plays that morning to get ready for the big game. She tells them she’ll be there, and Jon teases Jordan about her being the reason he is so excited for the game. Suddenly, Jordan gets another shooting pain to his head and his glowing red eyes appear.

Jon rushes him to the bathroom and tries to get him to calm down and get control of his powers. Jordan lets him know that since Tag jumped him, he’s been having problems. Jon says they need to tell Dad, because if it’s related to his powers, taking him to the fortress may help.

Lois shows up at the Cushing’s home and talks to them about what she is investigating about Edge. Lois tells them Superman is involved, and Kyle says with no evidence he can’t trust her. He says putting jobs in place is better than nothing. Lana tells Lois she doesn’t know what it’s like to see Smallville dry up, and this is their chance to fix it. Lois once again warns her to be careful before leaving.

Clark takes the boys to his hidden spot in the barn to help Jordan control his powers and learn to protect himself from Tag. Everything he is teaching him is what Jon used to teach Clark how to control his own. Jordan struggles to punch, but after Clark helps him with proper technique, all three of them share a celebratory moment together.

“You’re stronger than you think you are.”

Clark Kent

Clark gets a phone call from Sam that Tag is in Metropolis. He tells Clark he has a plan to put him down, and Clark says he’s still a kid. Sam’s job is to incapacitate the threat.

Lana is searching for a babysitter because she and Kyle are going to dinner to celebrate her promotion. Sarah offers to watch her sister, and Lana asks her what happened to the game. Sarah says she works hard and deserves a night out, and that there will be other games for her to go to. Outside, Tag is creeping at them through the window.

At the football game, it’s a close call. Coach tells Jordan to go in, and immediately he’s antagonized by his old classmates. Jordan experiences yet another pain just as the quarterback goes down. Lois calls to check in and see how the boys are doing, and they both have worries about Jordan. Jon offers to sub for the quarterback position claiming he knows all the plays and their defense. They get a touchdown and Clark calls Jordan over telling him to reign it in or he’s done.

At the Kent residence, there’s a knock on the door that interrupts Lois’ phone call. She has her finger on the button ready to summon Superman as needed. She inquires who it is and Lex makes his presence known. He and Lois sneak into the mines.

At the Cushing’s, the girls are trying to find something to watch. Sarah sends Sophie upstairs and goes to grab the pizza but finds Tag at her front door. He asks for her help but she quickly shuts the door in his face. He slams it back open and she hits her head, knocking herself unconscious.

Back at the game, the Crows have won! In retaliation, the Metropolis boys have piled on top of Jordan, who is struggling to control his powers. Clark rushes over and tells him to let it out, using his hand to act as a barrier.

Lana and Kyle are back at home after their date. Lana talks about her new role but she isn’t sure about logistics. Kyle reassures her by saying they will do whatever they have to for their family. Kyle heads to Sarah’s room to check on Sarah but doesn’t find her in her room. He checks the security cameras to find out where she went.

Clark is in full dad mode, inquiring about Jordan’s episodes. Clark gets defensive because he was the last to know what happened, but Jordan wanted to prove to the kids at his old school who he was. He lashes out saying he’s not like his dad, he’s not Superman.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Suddenly Clark gets a call from Lana, who asks if Sarah was at the game. Upon checking the footage, Kyle finds out that Tag was at their home. Overhearing this, Clark leaves to go find him and, hopefully, Sarah.

Meanwhile, Sarah awakes from unconsciousness in Metropolis with Tag. He tells her everything about his powers. At the mines, Lois and Marcus have uncovered the X-Kryptonite. Leslie shows up and stops them in their tracks with her heat vision.

Jordan and Jonathan are trying to figure out where their dad went, but nothing comes up. Suddenly, there’s a loud bang on the door, and Jon opens it to find their teammates. They invite him out but they tell them they have to stay, coach’s orders.

In the mines, Lex and Lois are trying their best to fend off Leslie. He shoots her with a ray gun of sorts and knocks her out. Clark is over Metropolis trying to find Sarah and Tag. He does, as Tag shows her a video of the night of the party and Jordan shooting off his heat vision lasers.

The boys on the Metropolis team are once again antagonizing the group, and Jordan steps up. Clark is still trying to get Tag and Sarah out of there, just as the DoD shows up. They try to shoot Tag but Clark steps in the way, setting off his own lasers.

Jon is trying his best to deescalate the situation with Jordan and Cutter to no avail. Just as Jordan goes to swing a super punch, Jon intercepts, and it’s pretty clear Jordan has broken his hand.

Superman rips the kryptonite from his chest and sets it ablaze. He gets in the soldier’s face and tells them all to stand down. They do, and Sam wants to know why Clark had to put him in a bad position. Clark wants to know why he would go to extreme lengths which include using live rounds laced with Kryptonite. Just then, he hears Jon and Jordan calling for him.

Lois is on Lex’s case, knowing that he’s a fraud. He says he is trying to prevent something bad from happening just as she gets a call from Clark about Jon. She rushes off but says they’ll continue the conversation another time.

At home, Jordan tries to apologize for hurting his brother, but Jon doesn’t want to hear it. He goes off on him and says because of his arm, he will probably never get to play quarterback again. Jordan turns to his parents, but they tell him things are different and that his powers come with a responsibility. Clark tells him those angry feelings that made him want to use his powers — he has them too, he just knows how to control them.

Lois sends him to bed and she then tells Clark that she nearly died. She fills him in on Leslie, X-Kryptonite, and Marcus. Outside of the Kent’s home, Sarah and Jordan are talking and he asks if she’s okay. She says he was extremely focused on him, and talks about Tag’s theory about Jordan giving him his powers. Jordan tries to deflect, but Sarah says even if there was something, he would be able to tell her.

Lois is at the Cushing’s home having a conversation with Lana. She’s now beginning to see the problem with the mines and wants to help her find out the truth, but she doesn’t want Kyle to know.

Lois offers Jordan ice cream, and he says he doesn’t know what to do. He knows he has hurt Jon and Tag but he doesn’t want to lie. He realizes his powers drag him further and further away from everyone. He breaks down in her arms, having another episode and Clark rushes in, speeding him off to the Fortress.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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