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Review: Bernie and Jarvis Face Another Big Adventure in ‘The Mouse Watch: Underwater’

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Disney and author J.J. Gilbert deliver another action-packed, heart pounding adventure for Mouse Watch Agents Bernie Skampersky and Jarvis Slinktail in the new Mouse Watch series book Mouse Watch: Underwater. Fresh off their successful mission in book one, the Level One agents continue their training in the Mouse Watch when a serious mission calls all Level Two and above agents away. Left behind, Bernie and Jarvis think they are in for a boring task of cleaning up an old Mouse Watch WWII era ship. However, when the old equipment receives a radio transmission detailing the location of the Milk Saucer, an energy source that could save or destroy the world, it’s up to Bernie and Jarvis to retrieve the lost artifact before their enemy, the R.A.T.S.

Along the way, Bernie and Jarvis both face their biggest fears and remind us of the power of friendship as they rely on each other for backup in the field and moral support on their dangerous mission. Gilbert infuses this new adventure with all the charm a classic Disney tale is known for and plenty of jaw dropping twists and turns will have readers on the edge of their seats. Throughout their mission, we meet a variety of other colorful small creature characters written with such vibrancy they seem to scamper right off the page. From the jolly Captain to the terrifying villain, every new character hints at complex backstories that’ll keep you hoping to learn more about them. Gilbert also introduces fantastical new high tech gear as the agents face an underwater terrain requiring extra special equipment. It’s the kind of gear we wish we had in real life!

As with book one, the engaging and fast paced story makes it hard to put the book down. Bernie and Jarvis are confronted with difficulties on their route to retrieve the Milk Saucer but their faith in the Mouse Watch and more importantly in each other never waivers. Even as Jarvis struggles with a fear of water, Bernie is there to lend her support, offering mind puzzles and distractions to help him feel comfortable. When a surprising twist means Bernie will face her own worst nightmares, Jarvis reminds her that she’s small but mighty, and can take on this mission in spite of those fears.

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The Mouse Watch: Underwater is available now at your local bookstores and online, so grab a copy, your favorite cheese snack, and settle in for the wild adventure!

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