‘The Beauty Trials’ Review: ‘The Hunger Games’ Meets ‘The Selection’ in New Belles Novel

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Best-selling author Dhonielle Clayton takes readers back to her lush fantasy world within A Belles Novel series in this all-new story featuring a brand new main character and even more dangerous and high-stakes drama than previous books. Edel, who aspires to be more than a Belle one day, agrees to enter the Beauty trials when the new Queen Charlotte calls for them. The trails will reveal who is truly meant to be the next queen of Orleans and hopefully bring peace among its people.

Clayton once again does a fantastic job with her descriptive language and ability to build a dark and dramatic atmosphere when compared to her previous works in this series. Lovers of those books will certainly feel a sense of nostalgia returning to the world but with fresh characters and a new main character to take readers on this new journey.

Edel’s prospective throughout the book provides a fresh protagonist for readers to root for while still providing the familiarity of the Belles’ world that readers of books one and two already love. The Beauty Trials provides an intriguingly dark and terrifying obstacle for Edel as she makes her way through it. Every choice and sacrifice she is forced to make is felt by the reader and her love for her sisters is felt throughout the book. Edel is a protagonist full of heart and passion that drives her forward on this dangerous journey. Clayton perfectly navigates this new perspective within the world while also bringing the dark and dangerous aspects to the forefront of the novel. This is not a book for the light-hearted, fairytale lovers but will speak to those who love a dark and twisting story full of danger.

Overall, this is a stunning series filled unique magic and world-building, romance, and danger. This along with Clayton’s excellent writing will see readers devouring The Beauty Trials as quickly as they can. The Beauty Trials is available online and in your local bookstore now!

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