Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Adverse’ Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Mickey Rourke, and More Coming to On Demand, Digital, and DVD!

MOVIES'Adverse' Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Mickey Rourke, and More Coming to On...

“How far would you go to protect those you love?”

Back in September, it was previously announced by Deadline that Grindstone Entertainment Group had acquired the rights to the “neo-noir thriller” Adverse. Get ready to grab on to your seats, because we have some exciting news! Adverse is coming to on demand, digital, and DVD on March 9 and is being released in theaters on February 12 (thanks to Black Jellybean Productions).

Adverse stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Mickey Rourke, Sean Astin, Thomas Nicholas, and Penelope Ann Miller in an intense installment you’ll be craving to watch! Directed and written by Brian A. Metcalf, it is sure to excite and frighten you in ways you can’t imagine!

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Here is the official synopsis, courtesy of Lionsgate and Grindstone Entertainment Group:

“Thomas Nicholas (‘Red Band Society’) and Mickey Rourke (‘The Wrestler’) star in this gritty, intense urban thriller about one man’s quest for revenge. Struggling to make ends meet, rideshare driver Ethan (Nicholas) learns his sister Mia is deep in debt to a sleazy drug dealer. When Mia goes missing, Ethan discovers that crime boss Kaden (Rourke) is behind the act, and to get close to him Ethan takes a job as Kaden’s driver. One by one Ethan hunts down members of Kaden’s crew to wreak bloody vengeance as he prepares to confront Kaden himself. The stellar cast also includes Lou Diamond Phillips, Sean Astin, and Penelope Ann Miller.”

Check out the trailer below!

Make sure to catch Adverse via on demand, digital, and DVD on March 9, as well as in theaters on February 12!

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