As ‘Supernatural’ Ends, Relive Some of the Best Character Beginnings on the Series


Over Supernatural‘s historic 15-season run, many characters have come and gone. Some are fan-favorites while others are just there for a small arc. No matter how long they’re on the show for, some characters have made an entrance that makes them memorable, no matter how good or bad they are.

The best entrances happen in a short scene, usually either in the beginning or end of the season. That one scene can set the tone for the character the remainder of their appearance on Supernatural and usually for the best ones, they’re memorable. From Cas’ explosive entrance in the season 4 premiere to Death’s chilling opening in season 5 to an archangel finally taking reigns of a certain Winchester. These character intros solidified the beginning of what would be some of the most significant character arcs in Supernatural history and notorious storylines over the seasons.

Castiel: “Lazarus Rising” (Season 4, Episode 1)

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Perhaps the most memorable entrance of any character on Supernatural, the season 4 premiere “Lazarus Rising” introduced Castiel, who now is an integral member of Team Free Will and an honorary Winchester. Desperate to find out who saved him from Hell, Dean summons the angel, writing sigils in an abandoned building, with the help of Bobby. Lights are electrified and someone walks through as Dean and Bobby try to shoot at him but it’s no use. Castiel shows his wings and it’s the first time we really are introduced to an angel. When Dean asks Castiel who he is, his first response turns into one of the most iconic lines of the entire show: “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” It took a while for Cas to get on the Winchesters’ good side and for him to trust them, but that entrance was the beginning of a friendship that changed both Dean and Cas for the better and was the start of Team Free Will.

Death: “Two Minutes to Midnight” (Season 5, Episode 21)

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Arguably one of the best entrances would be Death 1.0. Season 5’s penultimate episode begins with a chilling rendition of “O Death” while the grim reaper himself walks through the streets of Chicago as the winds are blowing and people start collapsing. In a slow-motion montage, Death steps out of his car and when he bumps into someone, the guy tells him to watch where he’s walking. That in turn makes Death kill him and the guy collapses on the sidewalk. “My name is Death and the end is near.” It’s a very short entrance but it shows how powerful he is. Death would soon became sort of an ally to the Winchesters throughout the next few seasons before ultimately getting killed by Dean in the season 10 finale. Even so, the short scene that introduced us to the original Death remains one of the most iconic scenes in Supernatural‘s 15-season run.

Billie: “Form and Void” (Season 11, Episode 2)

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Before she was Death 2.0, she was Billie the Reaper. Just like with the original Death’s entrance, “O Death” is used once again, however, this time sang by Lisa Berry herself while walking down the now-abandoned hospital as Sam is struggling to stay alive because of the infection in the second episode of season 11. As Sam is trying to do research, he hears something in the distance and gets his gun out to be prepared. A faint singing can be heard, a shadow looms over dead bodies as the singing continues and Sam wanders the halls trying to find the mysterious person. He finally finds Billie kneeling beside a body and she knows exactly who he is. Billie expresses how Sam and Dean dying and coming back over and over again needs to stop. “What lives, dies.” It’s where the “What’s dead should stay dead” saying comes into play. Billie will turn into an enemy over the next couple of seasons up until Cas kills her in season 12, but when she returns as Death 2.0 in season 13, she turns into an even bigger enemy. However, she’s always been a threat to the Winchesters but a powerful ally at the same time.

Charlie: “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” (Season 7, Episode 20)

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Fan-favorite character Charlie made her big entrance in season 7 as a hacker/employee at Roman Enterprises that was used by Dick Roman. Riding up to the building and starting her day getting past security, she makes her way to the elevator where she then dances along to “Walking on Sunshine.” It’s this moment that fans fell in love with Charlie without even knowing who she was, what her deal was, and how or if she was going to be a future ally to the Winchesters. Over the next few seasons, Charlie quickly became a favorite and an LGBTQ+ icon, as well as a hunter-in-training before her sudden and tragic death in season 10. She made a surprise return in season 13 from the Apocalypse World but it was like nothing had changed. Charlie, whether the original or AW version, made her mark on Supernatural and in Sam and Dean’s lives.

Jack: “All Along the Watchtower” (Season 12, Episode 23)

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Nephilim Jack made a short but impactful entrance at the very end of the season 12 finale. Sam finds Jack in the corner of his room after following glowing footprints. Jack’s eyes glow a bright yellow and the first thing out of his mouth is “Father?” Jack’s introduction had been building throughout the second half of season 12 and although his introduction wasn’t much, it still foreshadowed just how powerful Jack would become and it was just the beginning of his time with Team Free Will. Jack soon became like family to the Winchesters and Cas and although at times it felt like he was playing for the wrong side, it was clear that he was always on the side of good. It also would soon become clear just how strong he was when he would be the one to stop Chuck at the end of season 15 and become the all powerful “God” Himself.

Michael!Dean: “Let the Good Times Roll” (Season 13, Episode 23)

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Dean’s decision to say yes to Michael in the season 13 finale was something that fans had been dreading for nearly a decade. Towards the end of the finale, Lucifer had taken Jack’s grace and the two of them, along with Sam who tried to stop them, are transported to a church. Desperate to save his brother and Jack, Dean says yes to Michael on the one condition that he’s in charge and once all is said and done, he leaves. Lucifer has Jack and Sam literally battle to the death and just before Jack has the chance to sacrifice himself, the lights flicker and are electrified, and Dean, as Michael, makes his angelic entrance, wings shown and eyes glowing. Although it’s two characters fans are already familiar with, together they are more powerful and terrifying. It’s the double-cross that fans weren’t expecting after Sam and Jack are saved and Michael fully takes over Dean. It’s the beginning of a tumultuous and emotional storyline that seems like was seasons in the making.

Amara: “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire” (Season 11, Episode 1)

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When the Darkness took over in the season 10 finale after Dean killed Death and was finally free of the Mark of Cain, it was a question of what, and who, would be the next Big Bad for the Winchesters. As Sam and Dean try to leave in Baby, Darkness hits them and the brothers are separated. Dean is soon in the dark clouds and after looking all around him for any sign of anything, he sees Amara. He tries to ask her what’s going on but all she does is turn around and look at him. He tries to get more information from her, telling her what happened and she ends up saving him. He sees the Mark on her and Amara tells him they’re bound and always will be. It’s the beginning of a powerful arc throughout the season, making Amara one of the most powerful beings the Winchesters ever faced, and making fans even root for her in season 15 to take down her own brother.

Lucifer: “Lucifer Rising” (Season 4, Episode 22)

Courtesy of The CW 

The Devil himself has made quite the impact on Supernatural over the last decade. The season four finale first introduced fans to Satan when Sam accidentally set him free after breaking the final seal, despite Dean’s efforts to stop him. The floor opens up beneath Sam and Dean, along with it a blinding white light. Dean tries to tell Sam they have to go but all Sam can blurt out is that “He’s coming.” Lucifer, the actual character, is a powerful one throughout the series, while also at times not so powerful. His various vessels, especially Sam and Castiel, prove wasn’t playing around but even the Devil is taken down a few times.

What were some of your favorite character introductions? Let us know in the comments!

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