5 Tropes We Didn’t See on ‘Supernatural’


Supernatural is the show that has it all: monsters, classic cars, magic, good versus evil, time travel, alternate universes, body switching, non-permanent death, breaking the fourth wall…I could go on and on about all the things we have seen over 15 seasons and 327 episodes. But now, with the show officially over (I’m still processing it too, everyone *weeps quietly over the keyboard*), we can now focus on some the tropes we didn’t see in the show, which is a much, much smaller list.

1. Space

Image Courtesy The CW.

Adding space travel and aliens into a non-sci-fi show is one of the most common, and sometimes desperate, ways to bring something new into the story. That being said, with the myriad of other common and often overused tropes that Supernatural smashed out of the park, I would have loved to see Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack struggle to fight demons or witches or even aliens in zero gravity. It could’ve been a dream sequence or hallucination! Hey –  it’s not jumping the shark if you never come back down.

2. Makeover

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Granted, men had the overwhelming majority of screen time on Supernatural. But what better way to break out of the stereotypical “makeover” trope than having a member or two or even all of Team Free Will 2.0 get their hair done, a mani/pedi, spa treatments, the works. Would they be undercover? Or would they just be taking a well deserved break? We may never know.

3. Clip Show

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Over 300 episodes, and we didn’t get a filler week with the boys reminiscing the entire time with flashbacks to some of the show’s most memorable moments. To tie it in a little better than just throwing in a random filler episode, they could’ve gotten that beach vacation Dean always wanted. Spending the entire time talking about their crazy adventures and drinking beer under some palm trees, relaxing in some hammocks…it’s what Team Free Will 2.0 deserved.

4. Hindered by Natural Disasters

Image Courtesy The CW.

Somehow, over 15 years, Sam and Dean were never really hindered by the weather, even during the (first) apocalypse. They’ve dodged tornadoes, forest fires, earthquakes (that were not supernatural being related), hurricanes, blizzards, you name it. They never had to find a boat to get an ingredient for a spell because the entire area was flooded after a hurricane. They never had to figure out how to drive through an ice storm to save someone from being eaten by the monster of the week. Not once did they have to worry about a tornado barreling towards them as they dug up a grave to salt and burn the bones. Sam and Dean may not have always had the best of luck in their lives, but they sure had it with the weather.

5. Dean Locking Himself out of the Impala

Image Courtesy The CW.

Baby has been stolen a handful of times, but not once did Dean ever lock himself out of his beloved car. Imagine: he’s in a hurry. He runs to the Impala, goes to grab his keys, and they’re not there. Maybe he’s lost them, or maybe they’re sitting in the ignition. He tries to open the door, and it’s locked. Imagine the internal struggle Dean has to face on whether or not to smash the window and possibly have to hot-wire Baby. It would have been cruel…but also entertaining.

Honorable mention: Musical

Image Courtesy The CW.

Now, obviously Supernatural checked off the musical trope in season 10 to celebrate the 200th episode, not to mention Rob Benedict’s performance in “Don’t Call Me Shurley.” However, we did not get to see an entire episode with the main characters singing (most) every line instead of just saying them. Would it have been a nightmare to film? Probably. Would it have been amazing? Absolutely.

What tropes would you have liked to see on Supernatural? Let us know in the comments!

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