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A Very Merry Chris-mas Evans Gift Guide for the Cevansnation Member in Your Life

CELEBRITIESA Very Merry Chris-mas Evans Gift Guide for the Cevansnation Member in...

Chris Evans, amiright? He’s America’s Sweetheart (did you expect me to say something else?) and you’re bound to know someone who agrees with that. He took the world by storm as Captain America Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Whether it’s his unfathomable good looks, his remarkable acting chops, or his irresistible dog content, there’s a lot to love about Cevans (pronounced See-Vans, I don’t make the rules).

Have a member of Cevansnation your shopping for? See some of our recommendations below!

Art Prints Worthy of Your Wall

Two of our favorite artists for prints are James Hance and Robert Bruno. They each have a few different pieces to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of them, and you’ll be supporting independent artists!

How to be Captain America 101: Replica Items

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Want a Captain America shield? Maybe Cap’s iconic compass with your own North Star in the cover? Look no further than Shield Labs‘ replica items. They have numerous variations of the shield, including shattered and Black Panther scratched, along with the classic vibranium red, white, and blue.

The Cable Knit Sweater a lá Ransom Drysdale

Image courtesy of L.L. Bean

While this may not be the exact model worn in the film, as a native New Englander (like the man himself) I’m obligated to recommend the L.L. Bean version. Any white cable knit will do. And while you’re at it, grab the SteelBook copy of Knives Out to go with it.

Marvel-ous Tees and Sweatshirts

This tee and sweatshirt from Hot Topic are perfect for any Steve Rogers and Chris Evans fan. There are tons of other options to choose from as well!

I Can Wear These Socks All Day

Redbubble, a host of independent artists, has everyone’s favorite holiday gift … socks. What Chris Evans fan doesn’t want his mug on some socks? None of them. Here are two of the many great options available.

Eat Shtickers

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Speaking of RedBubble, stickers are a great little stocking stuffer sure to bring joy to anyone receiving them, and RedBubble has a plethora of options to choose from. Did you know every RedBubble purchase funds an independent artist? It’s like a gift for two people with every purchase.

Avengers Assemble for Dog Rescues


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Chris Evans’ BFF is his rescue dog, Dodger, so what’s a better way to honor this dynamic duo than donating to your local dog shelter to make sure any pups not lucky enough to have a home for the holidays can get a little something, too. Dedicate it in honor of Dodger, Chris, and your recipient, and it’s sure to be well received. Add this, or any, photo from Chris’ Instagram account into the card for added effect.

There you have it, a small sampling of gifts to get that diehard Evans fan a little something special for Chris-mas!

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