Lisa Berry Is Now on Cameo!

Courtesy of Lisa Berry via Twitter


Ever had a burning question for Death herself? Well now’s your chance to ask! Lisa Berry, known for her role on Supernatural as Death (aka Billie), is now on Cameo.

Lisa is offering personalized video messages to fans via the Cameo app or through Cameo’s online website. To book a Cameo from the scythe wielding former reaper, download the app and search for her profile, or visit Lisa’s page on the website here. When booking, you are able to include a short written request to Lisa, and Cameo suggests being as specific as possible. A personalized message from Lisa costs $35, and she does not currently offer a messaging/DM option.

Lisa is the latest cast member from Supernatural to join Cameo, joining other fan favorites such as Mark Sheppard, Katherine Ramdeen, Felicia Day, Richard Speight, Jr., and more. These special messages would make an amazing gift for anyone in the SPN Family!


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