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Watch All of ‘Supernatural’s Top 13 Freaky Moments With Kathryn Newton!

MOVIESWatch All of 'Supernatural's Top 13 Freaky Moments With Kathryn Newton!

We keep our promises.

As previously reported, in honor of Supernatural‘s finale (which will air on November 19) and the movie Freaky that hit theaters on November 13, Kathryn Newton (who has featured in both productions) counted down Supernatural‘s top 13 freaky moments. Being the awesome Nerds that we are, we’ve compiled a list of all 13 moments in one spot for your convenient viewing pleasure! Check out the countdown step-by-step below!

#13 – The moment that started it all, 1×01 “Pilot”

#12 – I’m Batman, 3×03 “Bad Day at Black Rock”

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#11 – Drac Attack, 4×05 “Monster Movie”

#10 – Oh Gary, 5×12 “Swap Meat”

#9 – Scaredy Cat, 4×06 “Yellow Fever”

#8 – Going Once…Going Twice… , 13×11 “Breakdown”

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#7 – You Were Framed, 11×07 “Plush”

#6 – Girl Meets Grigori, 10×20 “Angel Heart”

#5 – Cat and Mouse, 10×03 “Soul Survivor”

#4 – …Who?, 12×13 “Regarding Dean”

#3 – Welcome to the End, 14×20 “Moriah”

#2 – Hey! You…You! , 9×15 “Dog Dean Afternoon”

#1 – So Very Meta, 6×15 “The French Mistake”

Kathryn Newton’s newest film, Freaky, is out now, and Supernatural‘s final episode and one-hour tribute debut on Thursday, November 19. If you’re not caught up, check out our recap of the penultimate episode of the series. Make sure to tune in to see Supernatural close out its amazing 15-year run this Thursday, as well as one of our favorite wayward sisters take on the silver screen.

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