Saturday, April 1, 2023

Count Down ‘Supernatural’s Top 13 Freaky Moments With Kathryn Newton!

MOVIESCount Down 'Supernatural's Top 13 Freaky Moments With Kathryn Newton!

Over the years, Supernatural has made us both laugh and cry (mostly cry). However, no matter how much emotion is infused into the Winchesters’ journey, the show has never forgotten its roots, gracing the crowd with some truly freaky moments (I’m looking at you “The Benders”). From cannibalistic country folk to creepy changeling children, Sam and Dean have experienced a plethora of spine-tinglingly freaky moments in their 15-year run.

In honor of the show’s finale, which will air on November 19, and the movie Freaky that will be in theaters on November 13, Kathryn Newton (who has featured in both productions) will be counting down Supernatural‘s top 13 freaky moments.

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Too hard to keep up with all the new Supernatural content being promoted by The CW? Worry not, for we will be compiling all of the moments in one convenient article for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for more updates on all things Supernatural and check out our recap of the last episode if you missed it!

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