Recap: Tensions Run High in ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 17: “Unity”

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Another week, another episode closer to the end of Supernatural. This week the Winchesters, Cas, and Jack continue to search for a way to kill Chuck, a few familiar faces return, and things get…just a little bit stressful. Read on for our recap of this week’s episode, “Unity.”

There are spoilers beyond this point. Read at your own risk!

The episode opens with Amara relaxing in Iceland, when she notices a strange meteor shower in the sky, realizing it means Chuck has returned. Meanwhile at the bunker, Cas and Sam talk on the phone, no luck finding leads on how to defeat Chuck. Dean walks in, and the tension between them is palpable as they begin to argue. They hear a noise coming from the kitchen, where they find Amara. She asks how they plan to cage Chuck, and they bring up the final ritual, asking what she can do to help.

Dean and Jack get ready to head to Santa Fe, sans Sam who still doesn’t agree with Dean’s approach. Dean, however, thinks it’s what they have to do. Sam brings up Jack being family, to which Dean responds that he isn’t (OUCH, Dean). Jack walks in and says he’s ready, and he and Dean leave. Cas walks in shortly after, saying he would do the same thing as Sam.

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Amara and Chuck reunite, talking about Chuck’s endgame. He says he needs her help; he can’t reset without her, but she vehemently declines. He then realizes the Winchesters are involved, but she isn’t on their side or Chuck’s side. She just wants to defend this world. As they walk, she reminisces about his creations, accusing him of wanting to destroy everything because of the Winchesters. He disagrees, instead citing he can’t stand being reminded of his failures. Amara transports them to Heaven, where Chuck can meet some of the angels, who are in absolute awe of him. She tells him she wanted him to feel their love and devotion. Chuck doesn’t buy it. She calls out his selfishness, saying that makes him the villain. Their final stop is the bunker. However, when Chuck tries to teleport himself out, he can’t.

Dean and Jack arrive at a store called Jim’s Gems, where they meet Adam – like, THE Adam – and an angel named Seraphina. Adam brings Jack to a back room, and on the way there, he learns that killing Chuck is Adam’s plan. Soon, Adam tests Jack to see if he can pick out the Spark of the Divine, which he does.

As Dean and Jack prepare to leave, Seraphina pulls out one of Adam’s ribs (how biblical), and Adam reveals that the rib will fuse Jack’s soul with his grace, turning him into a black hole that not even God can escape. On the ride home, Dean pulls over, bringing up what he said at the bunker again. He tells Jack that he’s never truly felt free since learning about Chuck, but Jack is giving Sam and Dean the chance for true freedom, and he thanks Jack. Moments later, Dean receives a message: “it’s time.” Jack holds the rib in his hand, absorbing its power.

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Sam becomes frustrated while researching. He tells Cas he wants to ask Billie what the plan is, which causes Cas to panic, as he thinks Sam is going to kill himself to talk to Billie. Sam remembers there is a key somewhere in the bunker that unlocks the door to her library. They find the key, Sam reading an inscription on the box it was in that reveals a door leading to Billie’s library. Sam heads in, finding dead bodies scattered and hearing the desperate pleas of someone else about to die. He follows the sound and finds The Empty (posing as Meg once again). Sam learns that The Empty is trying to summon Death, learning that she plans on becoming the new God and will send everyone back to where they belong – angels in Heaven, demons in Hell, etc. Sam notices God’s death book and bluffs his way into possessing it.

When he returns, Cas tells Sam it’s time, but Sam instead says they can’t go through with the plan. Meanwhile, Amara tries to get through to Chuck again, trying to convince him this isn’t how it has to end. Sam and Cas meet up with Dean and Jack, Sam frantically trying to make Dean understand that Billie is playing them, and Amara and Chuck can’t die, but Dean isn’t having it; he just wants Chuck to die. In his own desperation and determination, Dean pulls his gun on Sam. Amara also realizes that Chuck orchestrated everything happening (not cool, dude).

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As tension continues to build, Chuck tells Amara that the Winchesters don’t intend to cage them – they intend to kill them. Outside, Dean punches Sam, but Sam doesn’t stay down for long, now attempting to physically hold Dean back. Finally, he gets Dean to (kind of) listen, saying that everyone goes back to where they were if Billie takes over – Eileen, Alternate World Charlie (despite there being no more Alternate World), EVERYONE. His determination faltering, Dean says they have to do it, because they don’t have a choice. Sam responds, “you always have a choice.”

Dean admits he would trade everyone if it means they kill Chuck, which hurts Sam, who asks his brother, “would you trade me?” (Tissues, where are the TISSUES?) Sam begs Dean to trust him, reminding Dean that the one thing he could always count was Dean protecting him. They can find another way, because they always do. But the moment is shattered as Chuck, who has absorbed Amara, bursts through the door. He, in an absolutely terrifying manner (bravo, Rob Benedict), tells the Winchesters that he doesn’t care anymore, that he’s over them – over Sam and Dean, over Cas being the one version who refused to follow orders. As punishment, he tells the group they can watch Jack die. The episode ends as Jack looks like he is on the verge of literally exploding.

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