‘The Boys’: Check Out ‘BUTCHER: A Short Film’ Now!

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The second season of Amazon Prime Video’s explosively diabolical television series The Boys premiered last week. Three episodes in, and our ragtag group of wayward vigilantes has reconvened (albeit some thrown punches and bitter arguments) and is off on their latest mission. Butcher remains focused on finding his way back to wherever his not-so-dead wife’s mysterious house is located, which has ruffled some feathers amongst the group due to the fact that the ticket to Becca’s address is turning in Kimiko’s newly-found Supe brother.

So how exactly did Butcher go from waking up disoriented in a restaurant parking lot, to finding his way to the underground hideout to finally reconvene with the Boys? Amazon Prime has just released the Billy Butcher short film that was teased a few months ago, which briefly explores this missing period of time.

Check it out below.

Clocking in at just over five minutes of runtime, BUTCHER: A Short Film opens with what we’ve already seen — Butcher waking up the parking lot of a Tony Cicero’s. After stumbling into the restaurant to jot down to the details that he could remember about Becca’s house, he took off once a news segment began to play on the TV announcing that he was currently wanted for the murder of Madelyn Stillwell.

Some time clearly passed after leaving the restaurant, because the next scene takes place at night, as Butcher is attempting to hot wire a car while police sirens draw closer. He shows up on the doorstep of someone’s house, who appears to be a man that he knew during his time as a member of the British special forces. He asks if he’ll put feelers out to the old intel boys to help find Becca.

Butcher goes to wash up (so that’s where that terrible track suit came from), and when he emerges his friend pulls a gun on him, informing him that the police are on their way. He’s clearly been watching the news and only trusts Butcher as far as he can throw him based on his past experience working with him, because he accuses him of murdering Stillwell. The two wind up in a scuffle over the gun, which ends with Butcher killing him, pouring gasoline over him, and lighting a match.

As Butcher angrily drives off into the night once more, his phone lights up with a call from Frenchie. Diabolical.

Episode 4 of season 2 of The Boys premieres on Amazon Prime Video Friday, September 11. Check out our recaps of episodes 1, 2, and 3, along with our spoiler-free review of the first three episodes. Make sure to tune in to the epic weekly after-show as well – Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys!

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