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‘The Boys’ Season 2 News: Billy Butcher Short Film and More!

PRIME VIDEOTHE BOYS'The Boys' Season 2 News: Billy Butcher Short Film and More!

In a recent interview with Collider, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed some exciting things that fans can look forward to in the upcoming second season of the hit Amazon Prime Video series.

What is arguably the most exciting point concerns Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher — the man, the myth, the Aloha shirt. Butcher went MIA from the Boys during the season 1 finale, and he apparently won’t be regrouping with them until the second episode of season 2. According to Kripke, a short film entitled Butcher will be released after season 2 begins to air, which will cover what exactly Butcher got up to during the couple of weeks that he was gone.

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to this news, viewers can look forward to seeing the effects of the bigger budget that Amazon provided the series with for this season, along with an extra month of shooting time. Whereas season 1 was already a masterpiece, we can only imagine how much more diabolical season 2 will be with these added bells and whistles. (And Amazon, you’re not fooling anyone, we totally know that some of that extra budget was solely to add to Butcher’s shirt collection … right?)

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And in true Eric Kripke fashion, we may very well see yet another alum of one of his past projects come to join The Boys universe — Supernatural‘s John Winchester himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Nothing is set in stone yet due to Morgan’s role in The Walking Dead, and this wouldn’t happen until season 3, but both parties are very interested and Kripke already has a role in mind for him.

Stream season 2 of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video starting September 4. The first three episodes will be released on the premiere date, and the remaining five will drop weekly on Fridays through October 9. If you missed out last week and you’re looking for some laughs in the meantime, check out the season 1 blooper reel!

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