Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 8


Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Memphis won the Power of Veto (POV) competition and declined to use his power, keeping Nicole A. and David on the block. Nicole and David, both from BB21, hated being block buddies, feeling that they had a solid alliance and friendship. In the Veto competition, Tyler and David came close to victory but were ultimately defeated by Memphis who decided to keep nominations (noms) the same. At the eviction ceremony, we saw Nicole A. go home in a vote of 10-2. In the HOH competition, Tyler slid his mugs to victory, winning the power for the week. With Kaysar and Janelle spreading rumors about his alliance, will they be going up on the block? If you need to catch up on last week’s episode, make sure to check out our recap of episode 7!

Everyone filters back in from the HOH competition. In a Diary Room (DR) session, Tyler states that he’s going after Janelle and Kaysar because they’re threatening his alliance. Janelle and Kaysar know that they’re in hot water. Janelle resolves to try and work some BB magic while Kaysar refuses to grovel to anyone. David is ecstatic that he made it another week.

Cody and Dani chat about how glad they are Tyler won HOH. We get a flashback to Day 14 in which another alliance is solidified in opposition to Janelle and Kaysar rallying numbers. “The Slick Six” consists of Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, and Dani. There have been so many alliances this season and it’s only week 3.

David chats with Da’Vonne about the HOH comp. All of them are confident they’re safe and comfortable with him.

Tyler calls everyone to the living room. It’s time for the Have-Nots to hand off their title to someone else for the week. David wants to choose Memphis badly but decides not to in order to show the house that he’s compassionate and can play the long game. Enzo volunteers and David gratefully hands the title off to him. Kaysar is up next and asks for volunteers from the remaining pool of people who haven’t been Have-Nots yet. Cody volunteers. It’s Christmas’ turn to pick someone and she gleefully nominates Bayleigh, who is also from the pool of people who haven’t had the punishment. Last up is Nicole F. (who shall henceforth be referred to as just Nicole since Nicole A. was evicted) who decides to nominate Janelle, citing that she’s picking “someone who hasn’t done it before and likes to talk about me.” The eyes of the houseguests widen and scoffs are heard as the palpable tension emerges as a result of the drama.

Now any old-school BB fan knows that Janelle simply doesn’t play that; in a DR session, Janelle states that Nicole “plays a snake game. She likes to play victim, she likes to backstab and lie and then cry about it. Like that is her M.O. She doesn’t like confrontation but guess what? I do.”

Janelle then walks back into the room on Nicole claiming that “it just kind of came out; I didn’t mean to say it” and Kevin laughing about it. Janelle confronts Nicole, telling her to “just stop” as she tries to be cute about what had transpired. In another DR cut, Janelle says that she’s tired of Nicole’s nasally voice, even going so far as to mock her through impression, and that it’s very hard to live with. Janelle goes to check out her new room and Nicole states that things are going to be very awkward now.

Janelle and Kaysar discuss how it’s going to be a hard week and that they always seem to be targeted for the block. They joke that they’re just very cool. They talk about how they can rely on Memphis and that if he can win the Safety Suite, he can take one of them off the block, freeing one of them to play for the Power of Veto (POV). In a DR session, Kaysar does note that Memphis’ gameplay has been rather erratic and that the plan could easily go wrong.

Janelle tells Memphis that the three of them need to be solid because the other side of the house has the numbers (still not aware that Memphis is involved with The Committee). Memphis tells Janelle and Kaysar that he’ll use the Safety Suite on one of them if he wins but turns around and tells the DR cameras that he’s going to throw the competition because he doesn’t want to have to put himself in a bad spot with The Committee. Janelle goes on to tell him the Safety Suite/Veto plan. Janelle doesn’t believe that Memphis is being genuine, reading his inflection and body language to mean that he’s lying – which he is.

Enzo speaks about the BB bidet, explaining the mechanics and citing that he feels like one needs to be French and speak with an accent to use a bidet. Cody says that the bidet is the most bougie thing he’s experienced in life. Cody walks into the bidet and loudly exclaims that there’s toilet water on the floor, door, and toilet seat, which Enzo admits was a result of him getting up before it was finished doing its thing because the water was too hot and surprised him. Cody and Enzo engage in a comical argument about wiping down the bidet while Tyler witnesses the whole thing from the shower, laughing. Cody jokes that living with Enzo is like living with a child.

Kaysar and Janelle talk about how they never would have imagined themselves back in the BB house playing with each other once again at 40 and being married with kids. Kaysar talks about how their unlikely friendship started over a chess game 15 years ago; they connected after that and just understood each other. Cue the Janelle and Kaysar montage. Janelle talks about how they picked up where they left off last time in the BB house. Cue more of the montage.

Tyler tells Cody and Christmas point-blank that Kaysar and Janelle are going up on the block. Tyler doesn’t know how to play it off with them when he does put them up and debates the merits of playing dumb versus telling them that he knows they’ve been spreading that he’s working with the majority of The Committee.

Tyler tells Dani that they need to work closely with Cody because of the “double-dipping” they’re doing with the Slick Six. We flashback to Dani finding Janelle, Kaysar, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh talking game and solidifying numbers, something that Dani reports to Tyler, Enzo, and Cody. Dani tells Tyler about this, putting Da’Vonne on Tyler’s radar.

The final Safety Suite comp opens with an hour to decide to swipe the card. Dani, Memphis, Nicole, and Enzo are the only ones left with eligibility. Dani tries to convince Dani to save her – telling her it’s only for the punishment, which she’s never had before. Da’Vonne tells Enzo to convince Memphis to pick her for the punishment. Enzo sees this as an opportunity to bring her back into their ranks after the talk that Dani overheard.

Nicole swipes her card to play with around 45 minutes left on the clock to dissuade the notion that she and Tyler are working together. Dani tells Tyler about Da’Vonne wanting to get picked as the plus one for safety, edging him towards the idea that Da’Vonne doesn’t trust him even though Dani believes that she truly just wants a punishment costume.

With about 23 minutes left on the clock, Memphis swipes his card. Memphis fully intends to throw the competition but is worried about not making it obvious. Enzo tells Tyler about wanting to save Da’Vonne, further enhancing the idea that Da’Vonne is “sketched out” by Tyler’s HOH even though they’re in an alliance. Enzo and Dani swipe with less than a minute on the clock.

It’s time for the Safety Suite competition. This week’s competition will consist of houseguests stealing back safety from the safety vault. The room is lit up by lasers. Competitors must cross the room full to retrieve the Safety Sphere from the vault without tripping one of the lasers; if they do, the alarm will sound and the competitors will have to run and push a button to turn it off, starting the course over. Once they’ve procured the Safety Sphere without triggering a laser, they must hit the button and lock in their time. Whoever is the fastest wins.

Nicole is the first one up. The horn blares and she’s off. She makes it to the vault without a problem but sets off the alarm trying to bring the ball back over to the other side. This happens multiple times. Nicole states that she’d be a bad criminal and that the lasers are more sensitive than she is. After narrating her journey over, she finally hits the button, locking in her time.

Memphis is next. As a reminder, he doesn’t want to win this competition. He grabs the ball without a problem and makes it halfway back before sitting down to kill some time.

Enzo is up next and he’s going for the win. His strategy is to “morph his body like a contortionist.” The Meow-Meow seems to make it through with minimal problems, making many jokes in his DR narration session.

Last but not least, Dani makes a bid for the Safety Suite. She plans to use the plus one to make a new alliance with someone she’s not super close with to grab more numbers. Her strategy is to go slow and steady, making as few mistakes as possible to avoid resetting the game. She thinks that she has a chance to win.

We cut back to Memphis who gets up and slowly ambles over to the button, saying that if Enzo can’t beat that time, he doesn’t know how to help him.

It’s time to unveil the results. Nicole finishes with a time of… 15:36. Next up is Memphis who comes in with a time of 14:33 which puts him in the first place (much to his chagrin if the look on his face was anything to go by). Enzo gets an astonishing 4:41, catapulting him into the lead. It all comes down to Dani’s time; either Enzo or Dani will receive safety. Dani clocks in with 6:04 meaning that Enzo wins! Enzo chooses Christmas as his plus one, citing that she has a good spirit and cooks well. As Bay points out in congratulations, this is Christmas’ second consecutive week of safety. Da’Vonne does not look pleased. Christmas is overjoyed, which is on par with her ebullient nature. In the DR, Christmas quips that Enzo is on the nice list for saving her this week.

In the DR, Da’Vonne theorizes that Enzo is trying to pull Christmas in as an ally in a sub-alliance (if only she knew how many of those there were) and that she’ll be keeping an eye on that development. Enzo confirms this theory in his DR session, stating that he doesn’t really talk game with Christmas and used the Safety Suite as a chance to build his numbers. Is this the beginning of all the sub-alliances being discovered (reminder, Christmas is part of The Committee)? We’ll have to wait and see. This concludes the Safety Suite comps for the season.

Janelle knows that Memphis threw the comp and isn’t happy even though she expected it. She now knows that Memphis doesn’t really have her and Kaysar’s backs. Tyler comments that Da looked upset after Enzo picked Christmas as his plus one, something that further feeds into the assumption that she doesn’t trust him.

Christmas thanks Enzo for picking her for safety and Tyler confirms with Enzo that it was a good play once she leaves. Tyler tells Enzo not to tell Bay and Da that he is starting to have doubts about them. Enzo and him talk about them needing to chill with the paranoia. Tyler says that if Da keeps talking and trying to blow the alliance up, then action will have to be taken.

Tyler enters the HOH room and Kaysar is waiting “like a guilty puppy who just chewed up the couch” (Tyler’s words, not mine). Tyler jokingly welcomes him to the hot seat, ready to hear his pitch. In the DR, Kaysar sardonically states that there’s a better chance of the pandemic being solved than him not going up on the block, but if he decided to be a good sport about it, things could possibly work out in his favor.

Kaysar tells Tyler that he respects him and knows that his name is being thrown around right now – which Tyler is not shy to confirm at all, citing that his name has been in Kaysar and Janelle’s mouths. Kaysar admits that he knows Tyler’s side of the house was thinking about putting them up the past two weeks. Tyler says that he and Kaysar were “tight from the beginning” and then alliances started being formed and lines drawn; he’s hurt that Kaysar was talking about him, saying that while his alliance was targeting them, Tyler himself wasn’t specifically.

Kaysar tells Tyler that he just didn’t want to get double-crossed and be left feeling stupid but never meant to hurt his feelings. Tyler understands – that’s the game after all. He just doesn’t think that his name had to be thrown out the way it had been. In the DR, Tyler says that he and Kaysar actually get along pretty well and that if he doesn’t go home, he can see them working together. He also recognizes how big of a threat Kaysar is in the game. Kaysar tells Tyler that he understands if their trust is broken and doesn’t want to make promises he can’t fulfill just because Tyler is in power, which Tyler understands and respects. They agree that it’s a long game and Tyler states that nothing is set in stone for sure just yet.

Janelle is next to make a pitch. Janelle tells Tyler that she doesn’t really know if she’s a target or not but that she’s glad they have a chance to talk. Tyler reminds her of their agreement early on to protect each other because they’re both big targets in the game and then goes on to talk about how he’s heard how Kaysar and Janelle were throwing around his name. Janelle says that she was throwing around Nicole’s name and that if she had won HOH, Tyler would’ve been safe, which Tyler believes.

Janelle pitches that she could be a buffer and serve as another comp beast to align with as a free agent in the house. Tyler tells her that he’s sort of backed into a wall because everyone is telling him to put her and Kaysar up. He tells her that if she stays, he definitely wants to work with her. Janelle just doesn’t want to be backdoored and asks for a chance to save herself if he can swing it, promising that if she gets off the block, Tyler will be the first one she goes to. They part amicably.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Tyler turns the first key and Kaysar’s face appears. Kaysar jokingly exclaims “what?!?” then grins and says, “I’m just kidding” as no one reacts. Janelle chuckles. Tyler turns the second key and who else’s face turns up but the BB queen herself? Janelle quips, “it’s a really nice picture” to Kaysar, who thanks her. In his nomination speech, Tyler cites Kaysar and Janelle’s attempts to get Kevin and David out in previous weeks as his reasons for putting the pair up. He also mentions them talking about him in the house. With that being said, he tells them he has tremendous respect for both of them and can’t wait to battle for the veto.

In the DR, Kaysar acerbically states that part of him is flattered by all the attention the other houseguests give him and Janelle every time they set foot in the house. He takes comfort in the fact that they’re ready for the veto and that “they can’t take everyone out at once.”

Will Janelle or Kaysar get off the block by winning to Power of Veto? Find out Wednesday on Big Brother!

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