Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 7

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Recently on ‘Big Brother’ (BB)… Wednesday’s Power of Veto (POV) competition was an intense one! It was a tough competition and a tight race, but ultimately Memphis earned this week’s POV. Memphis chose not to use Veto’s Power on anyone this week, leaving the nominations as they are. Today, we find out whether David or Nicole A. will be eliminated from the Big Brother house and who this week’s Head of Household (HOH) will be.

We open up today’s episode with a little commentary from Julie quickly recapping this past week, and the continuation of the end of the Power of Veto ceremony. We hear from everyone in Memphis’ alliance that they are very unhappy that he did not put up Janelle this week, as he had the perfect opportunity. They feel like he’s only making moves for himself.

Da’Vonne and Nicole A. talk about her being nominated. Da’Vonne tells Nicole A. that she isn’t friends with David, but she’s only wanting him to stay in the game because there has never been an African American winner of Big Brother. Nicole A. tries her best to talk to Da’Vonne but cannot get through to her. Janelle and Kaysar know there’s a large alliance against them both, so the only way they can win and survive another week is to create an alliance of their own. Kaysar comes up with the idea of Janelle, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and himself and pitches it to Da’Vonne, who tells us in the diary room she is very skeptical.

Da’Vonne talks to David, and it is very evident he does not trust her. Da’Vonne is not happy with how David is playing the game. Bayleigh tries to tell David he shouldn’t be pushing Da’Vonne’s buttons but knows she can’t do much. Da’Vonne really wants to keep him in the game morally but says he contributes to nothing.

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After the commercial break, we cut to Janelle, Kaysar, and Nicole A. in the yard by the hammocks. Kaysar said he needs to convince Ian, Da’Vonne, Kevin, and Bayleigh to keep Nicole A. to force a tiebreaker and hope Memphis keeps Nicole A. and sends home David. Nicole A. feels that aligning with Janelle will have her in a bad position since the house wants her out. Cody also says he feels like Nicole A. may not be a bad person to keep in the house. Janelle keeps trying to talk to her, but Nicole A. constantly just walks away. Janelle and Kaysar are upset Nicole A. is mad at them because she’s on the block when they tried everything they could to keep her off.

After the commercial break, we cut to the houseguests to cast their votes to evict. Today is also Dani’s birthday! First, we hear David’s plea to stay, where he thanks everyone for everyone keeping him as they did, but he would love to play still. After David, we hear from Nicole A., who tells everyone to vote for their individual games and not alliances. If her staying would better their game, vote for her, if not just don’t. She also directs her attention to Memphis, and tells him thank you for targeting her. First up is Tyler, who votes to evict Nicole A. Next is Enzo, who votes for David. After we hear from Christmas, who also votes to evict Nicole A., the vote stands as one vote for David and two for Nicole A. before the show cuts to a short break.

After the commercial break, we get back to the live voting for this week’s eviction. Next up to vote for eviction is Kevin, who votes to evict David. Next, we see Janelle, who votes to evict Nicole A. Da’Vonne is up next she votes to evict Nicole A. After Da’Vonne, is Kaysar, who votes to evict Nicole A. also. Bayleigh is up next to vote. She votes to evict Nicole A. Next up is Cody, who votes for Nicole A. also. With seven votes so far, Nicole A. will be removed tonight, but there are still more votes! Ian is next who also votes for Nicole A. After Ian is Nicole F., who also votes to evict Nicole A. Dani is up next who votes to evict Nicole A.

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Julie reveals by a vote of 10-2, Nicole A. is ejected from the Big Brother house. Everyone gives their hugs and goodbyes to Nicole A. as she leaves the house with her mask on, and sits across from Julie to discuss everything that happened. Julie reminds everyone Nicole A. was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest last season. Julie questions why Nicole A. wouldn’t trust Janelle. Nicole A. now admits she was wrong. Julie shows Nicole A. the large alliance that was made in the house. The goodbye videos for Nicole A. play and, Nicole A. begins to get a little emotional. She begins to feel very bad because Janelle and Kaysar were on her side. After the commercial break, we will start this week’s HOH competition!

This competition is called Mugshots. It is played one at a time. They have slide mugs on shuffleboard like table and try to get the highest score. The highest score will win the Head Of Household.

Cody’s first mug was a one, the second mug was a three, and the last mug fell off for zero points for a total of four. Next is Enzo, his first mug is a three, his second mug is a two, and his last mug is another three for a total of eight putting him in the lead. Next is David. His first mug is two, his second mug was one, and his third mug was three for a total of six. Next is Christmas who’s first mug has a three, second has a two, and third was a three for a total of eight, but not faster than Enzo! Next is Da’Vonne who’s first mug got a two, second mug got landed on two, and third landed on three for a total of seven. Next is Kevin, who’s first mug was a miss and a zero, the second was a two, and third was a five for a total of seven.

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Next is Ian who’s first is a three, second is a four, and third is a three for a total of 10 putting him in the lead! Next is Nicole F. who’s first is a four, second is a two, and third is a three for a total of nine. Next is Dani. Her first mug is a four, second mug is a miss, and the third score is a miss as well for a total of four. Tyler is next, his first mug is five, his second mug is four, and the third mug is three for a total of 12! Bayleigh is next, her first mug is a four, her second is a miss, and her third is a three with a total of seven. Now it is Janelle’s turn. Her first mug is a four, and her second mug is a four, her third mug is a three, leaving her with a total of 11. Kaysar is last, his first mug is a miss, his second mug is a five, and his third mug is a miss for a total of five. Tyler is this week’s Head of Household!

Tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. EST to find out who will participate in the Safety Suite competition and who Tyler will put up for eviction this week!

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