Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 6

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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Memphis was named Head of Household (HOH). He subsequently nominated Nicole A. and David as the nominees for the block this week. David because he “hasn’t proved himself” and Nicole A. because she blatantly went against his instructions to play the Safety Suite competition. For a more in-depth explanation of what transpired in the last episode, look at our recap for Episode 5!

Dani expresses dislike of Memphis’s behavior at the nomination ceremony, saying his belittling houseguests’ habit isn’t the way she likes to play the game.

Nicole and David are very upset about being put on the block. Tyler tries to cheer David up in the storage room, saying that they would get back at Memphis in the Veto competition. David feels like a line has been drawn in the sand. He will never work with Memphis after this. Tyler commits to trying to save David.

Nicole A. and Janelle chat about Nicole’s nomination. Nicole sheds some tears. Janelle wants to try and save Nicole because she sees her as a number for herself and Kaysar. They discuss trying to implement a backdoor.

Janelle and Kaysar visit Memphis in the HOH room, plying him for information. It’s obvious they aren’t comfortable with him but talk anyway. Memphis explains why he put the nominees up, saying that Nicole A. blatantly went against his wishes by not playing the Safety Suite, and David hasn’t “proved himself” and isn’t an all-star. He doesn’t care which nominee goes home one way or another. Kaysar and Janelle try to convince him Nicole A. isn’t going after him next week and try to set up a backdoor by replacing Nicole A. with Nicole F.. Then Janelle and Kaysar let it slip that they know about Tyler, Cody, Nicole F., and Dani are working together. What they don’t know is that Memphis is part of that alliance as well. Memphis doesn’t commit to anything.

Nicole A. and David discuss being on the block together after being on the same season. They can’t believe they are in the same positions on the bottom tier, like in BB21. They truly hate playing against one another because they have a bond from being in the house together. David comforts Nicole A. as she sheds tears about having to compete against one of her friends and allies.

Enzo, Kevin, and Nicole F. discuss children. Enzo talks about the differences playing the game in the past and now and how being a dad has really changed his perspective on life. Nicole F. thinks that Victor would be a wonderful dad, joining that “he already wears dad jeans.” Nicole discusses her and Victor’s future marriage and plans for kids. Kevin talks about his plans for children. He and his partner want to do in vitro – which is very expensive. Kevin feels that hearing about his fellow houseguests talk about starting families reminded him of his purpose of being in the BB house. He wants to win the money to alleviate the financial difficulties that come with adoption or in vitro.

Memphis and Cody have a little powwow. Memphis feels that Kaysar and Janelle are desperate and grasping at straws. He secretly tells Cody about them discovering 2/3rds of their alliance. Cody is worried about their union getting exposed and wants to take out Janelle and Kaysar. Memphis is more concerned with paying both sides at the moment. Despite Cody being told to keep the information to himself, Cody tells Dani, Tyler, and Nicole F. about what’s going on to protect himself.

It’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto (POV) competition. HOH and the two nominees automatically play and pick via a random draw for the other three players. Memphis draws Ian, Nicole A. draws Tyler, and David pulls Nicole F.’s name out of the box.

On TV, the words “BB All Star Wars” pop up on the screen. Ian is about to receive his punishment since Christmas picked him as her plus one for the Safety Suite. Ian is to audition for the lead role as “Dirk Spacejammer,” performing four major scenes from the film in full wardrobe. Complete with a headpiece and flowing green and zebra robe, Ian performs his first scene and receives a critique from the director who makes him repeat the performance until he’s satisfied. The houseguests cheer him on, but alas – he must keep going. The houseguests disperse.

The montage of Ian’s punishment continues, complete with him repeatedly performing with scene partners, sometimes playing all the roles himself. Ian has to wake up houseguests multiple times in the night to perform, disturbing his fellow houseguests. It’s safe to say that everyone is fed up.

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Memphis tells Nicole F., Dani, and Tyler that Janelle is talking about their alliance and that Nicole F. is going up as a backdoor. Nicole F. thinks that it’s personal, as her season-long obsession/vendetta with Janelle due to rumors about how she got on the show this season has influenced her view of her and their interactions.

The three try and get Memphis to come up with a plan, but Memphis says that there’s no real action to be taken. This immediately puts Tyler on red alert, reinforcing his drive to win the veto, get David off the block, and force Memphis to reveal his true hand. He’s obviously not working in the best interests of The Commission.

Enzo wakes everyone up to play the veto at midnight. The houseguests enter the backyard to see it all lit up. Enzo moderates, explaining the rules of “All-Starry Night.” Houseguests will stand in the center of their star platform to balance a sphere on a disk. If you drop your sphere, you’re eliminated. The last competitor standing wins the POV.

The horn blares, and the competition starts. Memphis is determined to win the veto, so he doesn’t have to succumb to pressure from both sides of the house to backdoor someone from the other side. David wants to win to prove himself. Nicole gets nervous and drops her ball, eliminating herself from the competition. Tyler is playing to keep David in. Nicole is playing to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar. The competitors are struggling a little bit. Nicole F. is the next to drop her ball, eliminating her from the competition.

Ian is the next to drop his ball, eliminating himself from the competition. He’s upset about losing, but not worried since he’s already safe for the week thanks to Christmas. David, Tyler, and Memphis are the only competitors left. David tries to throw Memphis off his game by screaming, hoping to startle him into dropping his ball, it doesn’t work.

The time is approaching 30 minutes. The competitors are visibly struggling. David peeps at Memphis for a second to see how he’s doing and unknowingly tilts his board. By the time he refocuses, his ball is too close to the edge of his board to save. David drops his ball and is subsequently eliminated. Tyler and Memphis are the only ones left. Both men’s arms are shaking. Tyler’s grip gives out. Memphis wins the POV. Memphis brags about his win. Nobody else seems to be too happy.

Kevin tries to comfort Nicole A., who isn’t having it. She’s embarrassed and angry that she didn’t last longer, shedding some more tears. In a DR session, she comments that she’s gotten off the block against the odds before, so she’s going to work that same magic again.

Nicole F. talks with Christmas about thinking that she’s the target for the backdoor. She suspects him of playing both sides (which is true) and fears that he’ll work with Kaysar and Janelle to take her out. Christmas tells her not to worry.

Dani and Memphis chat. Memphis tells her everyone needs to calm down. Dani tries to convince him to keep The Commission safe and backdoor Janelle or Kaysar because they’ll come after them next week. Memphis argues that if it fails, it’ll tank his game.

Memphis complains to Cody about Dani trying to get him to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar. Cody subtly tries to prod him in the same direction. He argues that next week is really unpredictable and that they could go down if they don’t. Memphis doesn’t want to, but he’s starting to get a lot of pressure from The Committee as a whole.

Memphis calls everyone in for the veto meeting. Memphis begins to speak but is interrupted by Ian being called to perform a scene. Ian dons his costume and does his duty. Everyone giggles and applauds before it’s back to business. Memphis decides not to use the POV, citing that he’s sticking to his guns and not succumbing to pressure. His alliance members and the people on the block don’t look too happy with that decision. Everyone complains about him in the DR sessions. Memphis’ standing after this week may not be too secure. Nicole A. says that if her connections don’t save her, she’s going to blow up the alliance.

Who will stay and who will go. David or Nicole A.? Find out on Thursday at 8/7 p.m. CT!

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