Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 5


Previously on Big Brother (BB)… A new Head Of Household (HOH) has been crowned! Following Keesha’s exit as the first to be eliminated this season, the HOH competition made Memphis our newest leader of the house leaving everyone to wonder what will happen next and who will be up for nomination.

The opening sequence picks up right after the end of the last episode. It is revealed that this is Memphis’ first HOH win! He tells us in the Diary Room that he doesn’t want anyone to know who he will be putting up this week and wants to make “everyone sweat.” David said he is very nervous because he doesn’t exactly vibe with Memphis. Janelle and Bayleigh say that they believe they are safe because they are on Memphis’ good side.

A new twist is revealed! As part of the new Big Brother season, the previous have-nots have to pick the next week’s have-nots. You can’t choose someone who has already been a have-not the previous week. Memphis chooses David because he has yet to be a have-not. Next up is Ian, and Nicole F. volunteers herself to be a have-not so Ian doesn’t have to stress out. Next up is Nicole A., she says she wants to pick someone who will be a good sport so she chooses Christmas. Lastly is Kevin, who chooses Kaysar because he was eliminated first in the last competition. David says he feels like he is going to be nominated tonight as well.

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Memphis and Cody both talk nominations in the HOH room. He’s not sure what move to make and mentions Nicole A. and David, or maybe Janelle and Kaysar again. He feels like he also has an opportunity to make a big move and put up someone like Ian, who he views as a major enemy since he beat Dan Ghiesling in his season, while Dan beat Memphis. Memphis wants everyone except him and Cody to play the safety suite so they could have control over the house.

Bayleigh talks to Da’Vonne, Kevin, and Dani about being dark skinned. She was in a predominately white community and felt like men would approach her because they had a fantasy. Da’Vonne begins to get emotional talking about this in the Diary Room. She says she allowed people to get in her head for a long time but she regrets nothing because she knows she is beautiful. They also talk how they are afraid to raise a Black child because of how the world is right now.

Memphis, Christmas, and Nicole F. talk who should be put up. Memphis reveals his plan to make everyone participate in the Safety Suite so everyone wont be able to participate next week. Nicole F. and Dani both do not agree with playing in the safety suite. Christmas agrees to play to cover their tracks. Nicole A. goes in to talk with Memphis. He tells her he doesn’t have anyone set in mind and to just play the safety suite. Next to walk in is Ian, and Memphis immediately flashes back to when Dan beat him and Ian beat Dan. He solidifies his plan in the Diary Room to put Ian up. He also tells Ian the same thing he told Nicole A.

Enzo, Cody, and David are talking in the living room and they are given an hour to decide if they want to play in the Safety Suite competition. Memphis now says he has an hour to convince as many people as possible to play. Dani and Nicole F. say they don’t want to take one for the team. Nicole A. knows it’s not a good idea to play but knows Memphis may hold it against her. Tyler also mentions that it’s only good for Memphis and basically gives him a free pass next week.

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David decides to play in the Safety Suite and is the first one to buzz in. Memphis goes around to Bayleigh and says the same thing he has told everyone. Bayleigh decides to debate playing the Safety Suite because Memphis is being so vague. Everyone is sketched out about participating in the Safety Suite. Janelle thinks there’s bigger targets than her in the house. Nobody is getting good vibes from Memphis. Cody swipes, followed by Ian and Kevin. Christmas follows shortly after and Da’Vonne and Bayleigh rush over at the last second to participate. Nicole A. wonders if she made the wrong decision.

After the commercial, Ian asks Christmas if she will consider saving him if she wins. He decides to make a small promise to her. Christmas does not want to save anyone in her alliance and really likes Ian.

It’s the Safety Suite competition! In this week’s competition, they will be serving drinks from the BB Bar. When the bell rings you have to deliver the corresponding drinks to the correct tables without knocking it over. But beware, the tables are a bit tipsy!

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David almost immediately gets the first table done properly. He struggles a bit with the other table but finishes without knocking anything over. Next is Cody who decides to use the heavy drinks to anchor. Next, we see Christmas who says she came to play. She starts with the harder table first and then moves to the easier and closer table. Next we see Da’Vonne and Bayleigh, who both know they absolutely need to win this. After this we see Kevin struggle and repeatedly drop the drinks. Bayleigh exclaims that this is a lot harder than she thought. Lastly, we see Ian who is hoping his past Physics teaching experience will help him. Da’Vonne decides to use her entire body. We see everyone buzz in and we will see who has done this the fastest. Everyone is feeling confident.

Da’Vonne is first with 8:41. Bayleigh is up next with a time of 2:48. Christmas is up next with a shocking 1:38, bringing her into the lead. Kevin is next and his time is 2:22. Ian is next with a time of 3:16, and Cody with a time of 2:44. Lastly is David, who knows if he doesn’t beat Christmas he will be on the block. He finishes in 2:53 and Christmas has won the Safety Suite and is safe for the week. Christmas chooses Ian, and Ian is also safe for the week. Ian is absolutely psyched. David is disappointed in himself.

Memphis is a bit salty Christmas picked Ian, because he wanted to “avenge” Dan. Christmas talks to Memphis about her decision. Christmas says she will be in Ian’s ear next week and it couldn’t be someone from the alliance. He tells her he has five to six people he wants to put up for nomination. Cody says he doesn’t understand why she chose Ian, and Memphis agrees saying that was his only real option. Memphis, as Nicole A. predicted, is mad at her for not using her Safety Suite. Cody and him agree Nicole A. would be a good target and to just pick someone else.

We return from the last commercial break for the nomination ceremony. Everyone gathers around the table and prepares for the impact. The first nomination is Nicole A. The second nomination is for David. He tells Nicole she was nominated because she did not participate in the Safety Suite. Memphis tells David he needs to prove himself. David is determined to win that veto to prove to Memphis he is not safe.

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Tune in Wednesday night a 8 p.m. EST to find out who will win the Power of Veto and if Memphis’ plan will work out.

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