Interview: Karen Fukuhara and Tomer Capon Talk With Us About ‘The Boys’ Season 2! [SDCC EXCLUSIVE]

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With the imminent approach of The Boys Season Two approaching faster than a speeding A-Train, we had the chance to have a chat with Karen Fukuhara (The Female) and Tomer Capon (Frenchie). We spoke about the importance of keeping The Female fully human and how far Frenchie would go for her. Read the interview below and listen to the audio here!


Nerds and Beyond: So first, for Karen, Kamiko (the Female) is alienated in so many ways: she’s the only supe and the only female on the boys side. She was trafficked to America, kidnapped, she can’t speak. She’s literally only known as the female for a while. And I was wondering what you do to keep her grounded and to keep her humanity intact? And, for Tomer, if for some reason Kamiko were to leave the boys, would Frenchie go with her?

Karen Fukuhara: Yeah, I think at the beginning of filming season one, Eric and I spoke about what we wanted to do with The Female. I didn’t know that she would be getting a name and in the comics she’s less human. And in our show Eric outwardly said, “I don’t want to go exactly the way the comics went.” We needed her to be more, with her own motives, her own person, with a personality and human, like you said.

And so I always keep that in mind, but I think whenever I’m doing any of the scenes, I never really think about how I can make her more human? Because she has such a like… her entire storyline is about survival. And that is something that everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to live their own life, whether it’s life or death or just, you know, in general. So, yeah, I think it’s important for people to see her human side, but I’d never really thought about how to make her human because it was already in the script.

Tomer Capon: Oui, the answer is oui. He will go with her wherever she wants.

Karen Fukuhara: Oui oui!

Tomer Capon: Through fire and flames, mon ami.

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(Interview has been edited for clarity.)

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