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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Wednesday was full of both public and private campaigning. The Power of Veto (POV) competition took place as houseguests rode their “Peelaton” machines and tried to stack the most farmers’ market produce figurines in the fastest times without letting their clocks run down. Enzo came out victorious and secured safety for himself this week; he also chose not to use the veto, so both Kevin and Keesha remained on the block for eviction. If you missed Wednesday’s episode, check out our recap of Episode 3 to catch up!

It’s day 8 in the BB house and Julie Chen Moonves reminds us that today is the live eviction. Both Kevin and Keesha are fighting for their Big Brother lives as the nominees on the block for the first week, and the vote will determine who is the first all-star evicted.

Enzo chooses to stay on Cody’s good side by not using the POV even though he thinks there are bigger targets in the house. Kevin is disappointed, as he picked Enzo as houseguests choice to compete in the veto competition, but hopes that his relationships he’s built while campaigning will save him.

Christmas remarks that the house needs to come to a conclusion about who to evict, as everyone is skirting around the issue. Janelle wants to keep Keesha but realizes that her old-school tactics will put a target on her back if she is too vocal in her campaigning. She subsequently decides to let Keesha handle it.

Cody and Memphis – who both stuck to duos in their original season and came in second place –  strike a final two deal and dub their new duo “The Committee.” This is the third final two deal Cody has struck, with Nicole F. being the first and Enzo being the second.

Bayleigh and Tyler have a chat to make sure they’re on the same page after their drama (AKA screaming match) in their season. Tyler apologizes for being rude in their season and Baylee agrees that gunning for each other would make no sense. They agree that since the house already believes they don’t like each other, they should use that to their advantage and work together.

Kevin and Nicole A. strike up a final two deal while laying in the hammock outside. Nicole dishes in a diary room that she really wants Kevin to stay this week because she can picture taking him to the end, as they both are “the unicorns” – that is to say the quirky and unique offbeats.

The Commission decides to make a lower-tier of four to bring into a six person alliance as a countermeasure to protect themselves. Memphis suggests Tyler, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole F. and Cody agrees. Cody is happy to let Memphis approach people in case it ends up backfiring later and he can use him as a shield. Each member can hold their own socially which will, in theory, eliminate the need to meet in big groups, which is very conspicuous. Memphis starts approaching people individually and everybody agrees.

Janelle talks to Keesha about strategy to stay. Keesha needs seven votes to stay and currently has the support of Kaysar and Janelle.

Da’Vonne talks about making an alliance of four comprised of Da’Vonne, Enzo, Bayleigh, and Cody. Cody agrees, trying to build his numbers. Da’Vonne feels like Cody and Enzo can be good shields for her and Bayleigh who have a final two deal.

The house tries to sell Cody on who to keep. Christmas wants to keep Keesha instead of Kevin, because she believes that Keesha is less of a threat. Da’Vonne thinks that Kevin will be an ally if they save him from the block. Memphis wants to keep Keesha. Nicole F. thinks that Kevin will honor his word about keeping them safe in the future but sees the merit in keeping Keesha as well because she’s not a threat. Cody believes he has the numbers to sway the house either way but just needs to figure out who would be the best to keep for his game.

Julie cuts to the vote and eviction. Keesha gives her final plea to try and sway the houseguests in her favor. Staving off emotion, she starts off by saying how great it’s been to be in the house with them. She understands that everyone needs to do what’s best for their game but lets the houseguests know that she feels some certain energy from some houseguests and wishes most of them well in the future. Kevin shouts out his love for his partner Alphonso at the beginning of his block speech. He then speaks about how he came into the house feeling small compared to the rest of the BB legends and how he decided to get to know everyone, subsequently forming connections. He states that by keeping him, those connections will grow and they can “shine bright together.”

The vote to evict begins. David receives a round of applause as he walks into the DR to cast his first-ever eviction vote – a hazard of his previous season. David casts his vote to evict Keesha.

Nicole A. is next, voting to send Keesha home.

Ian also casts his vote to evict Keesha making the vote 3-0 Keesha to Kevin.

Nicole F. casts her vote for Keesha followed by Tyler, who also votes to send Keesha home.

Christmas tallies another vote for Keesha.

Kaysar, who was previously campaigning to evict Keesha, puts the final nail in her coffin as he votes to send her home; the vote is officially 7-0.

Bayleigh casts her vote to send Keesha home followed by Da’Vonne who votes the same way.

Janelle, another person who was publicly rooting for Keesha, is forced to turn against her to go with the house, casting her vote to evict Keesha.

Enzo votes to evict Keesha.

Dani goes with the house and casts her vote to send Keesha home.

Memphis, who shared a season with Keesha on BB10, votes to send her home, making the vote a unanimous 13-0 decision to evict Keesha.

Julie announces the decision to the room and Keesha exits the BB22 house after a round of hugs and goodbyes. Socially distanced, Julie reminds Keesha of her previous success 12 years ago as America’s favorite houseguest and tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad about the way the vote turned out. Keesha clarifies her remarks about wishing most of the houseguests well, saying that Enzo and Cody were avoiding her all day after saying they were going to get back to her about the votes.

Julie plays the goodbye messages. First up, Janelle talks about how she enjoyed being in the house with Keesha and will miss her but that they just didn’t have the votes to keep her. She plans on seeing her as soon as she gets out of the BB house. Memphis jokes that at least this time Keesha went out with a lot less tears and remarks that it was great to see her. He also hopes to reconnect after he leaves the house. Kevin announces that he’s sad to see her go (but happy his game didn’t end) and hopes to see Keesha soon. Da’Vonne apologizes that things didn’t work out but hopes that they can still be good friends on the outside. Julie says that it was a pleasure to have her back on the show.

Cody’s reign comes to an end as the second HOH competition commences. The competition, called “Big Brother Watch Party,” goes like this: Julie shows the competitors two videos from a family of BB fans at a watch party. Questions will be asked about what was seen in the video. If you answer the question right, you stay in the game. Get it wrong and you’re eliminated. The process will repeat. The houseguest still standing after 7 rounds wins.

In the first round, a video simulating a zoom call between four characters (Billy, Uncle Vito, Granny, and Linda) is shown.

Question 1: Julie asks, “True or False: When Granny first appeared, she was directly above Uncle Vito.” The answer is true. Kaysar and David are eliminated.

Question 2: “True or False: Billy was the first person to speak.” The answer is false; Linda was the first character to speak. Enzo and Dani are eliminated.

Question 3: “True or False: Uncle Vito had a beach background photo before he had a White House background photo.” The answer is true. Nicole F. and Christmas are eliminated.

In the second video, Linda, Billy, Uncle Vito, and Granny make a reappearance, acting out a different scene.

Question 4: “True or False: The post behind Billy read ‘Hot Buns Tour’.” The answer is true. Kevin is eliminated.

Question 5: “True or False: When Uncle Vito was recording himself singing ‘Sexy Uncle Vito,’ the phone was in his left hand.” The answer is false. Ian and Janelle are eliminated.

Question 6: “True or False: There was a flower vase on the toilet behind Granny.” The answer is true. Memphis is the only one to select true, making him the new HOH. Nicole A., Tyler, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne are all eliminated. This is Memphis’ first HOH in his BB career.

The houseguests gather in the living room. Memphis attributes his win to memory games in quarantine with his son River. He looks forward to letters from his son and pictures of his family in his HOH room. Kevin is happy he survived the vote and thanks the houseguests for keeping him. Janelle reflects on her punishment; she says she’s ready to get out of her star costume.

Who will Memphis put up for eviction during his HOH? Tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. ET /7 p.m. C to find out. This week’s safety suite competition will be bartender themed. Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET /7 p.m. C will be the veto competition, and next Thursday (also at the same time) will be the second eviction of this season of Big Brother All-Stars.

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