Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 3

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Image courtesy of CBS.
Image courtesy CBS.

Previously on Big Brother (BB)… This past Sunday was a wild one! Head of Household (HOH) Cody had originally nominated Kaysar and Janelle for eviction but BB wouldn’t be BB without a twist! In the Safety Suite competition, Kaysar pulled through with a win and pulled himself and Janelle off the block, forcing Cody to nominate two more people for eviction. Now, with Keesha and Kevin up for eviction, the only thing that can save them is the Power of Veto (POV)! If you missed Sunday’s episode, check out our recap of Episode 2 to catch up!

As the episode begins, we see the immediate aftermath of the second nomination ceremony. The trust in the house is nearly eradicated with everyone. Kevin is very disappointed in being nominated, and he attempts to talk to Cody about his nomination. Cody explains he would love to be closer with him, but it was a difficult decision. Janelle and Kaysar conspire together and decide to try to lay low, despite her big sparkly star suit. Keesha also goes to Cody to talk about the nominations. Cody also explains to Keesha that she isn’t exactly his target, he just hasn’t talked to her much in the house and decided on her. He then goes to the diary room to say he would “rather Keesha go home.”

Kaysar, Da’Vonne, and Nicole get into a deep talk about how society is today. Kaysar gets very emotional talking about it. He talks of his 4-year-old boy and how he doesn’t want him to grow up in such a cruel world.

Tyler talks about how he has been approached by pretty much everyone about an alliance. He basically has accepted a small alliance with nearly everyone. He knows this will come back to bite him in a few weeks.

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Cody and Enzo are pretty solid on making an alliance. They go into the HOH room and talk who should be going home. They both decided that Kevin should stay. Cody proclaims he is still loyal to Nicole, but he likes that Enzo is from Jersey like him. Cody also knows his strategy of a final two early in the season nearly won him the game.

Next, it cuts to Ian, the Nicoles, and Kevin in the lounge room. Ian talks about how fans and people in the house would complain about him swinging on the hammock. He explains he is on the Autism Spectrum and it really helps to calm him down. Ian also explains how people online noticed he was autistic before he ever said anything. Kevin tells him it’s an inspiration. Nicole elaborates how he is breaking the idea that autism can prevent you from doing great things, and it’s amazing that he’s open and talking about it publicly.

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Kevin talks about how he feels alone right now but needs to keep moving forward to save himself. He decides to talk to other houseguests about saving him and he gets David to say he’ll at least consider trying to get the veto for Kevin. Enzo says he doesn’t want to make any promises. Kevin then tries to talk to Ian who basically tells him the same thing.

It’s finally time to pick nominees for the POV competition! As eviction nominees, Keesha and Kevin are the first two. Next is Tyler. Kevin pulls a name next and pulls a houseguest choice. He asks Enzo and he’s happy to try. Enzo even says he’s going to try to win for him. Keesha pulls next and ends up choosing Ian. With all competitors chosen, the show cuts to a small break before the fun starts.

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After the break, it’s the first Veto competition! This competition is called the “Peelaton.” You have to rock the large “Peelaton” banana to gain more time. The goal is to stack the most produce in the basket in the least amount of time.

The buzzer starts and the competitors get to rocking their bananas. The fellow houseguests are laughing hysterically at their methods of rocking. Cody gets his time first and begins, followed closely by Tyler. Tyler gets four fruits stacked and returns for more time. As he runs back, the other three competitors gain their time. All seem to be struggling pretty hard with stacking. They keep getting a good stack and then knocking them over as they run back. Enzo is getting a super impressive stack going and it falls just as he turns around. Kevin is catching up and has 16 produce items stacked before it falls.

With 10 minutes remaining, nobody is having any luck. Cody forgets about the clock and gets eliminated. Ian times out as well and is eliminated. Enzo has 18 pieces and decides to clock in. Tyler gets super close and accidentally knocks his over with five minutes remaining. Kevin has 19 and is trying to push ahead as much as possible. He forgets about the clock as well and is eliminated at the last second. Ten seconds left and both Keesha and Tyler’s stacks fall and they are eliminated. Enzo wins the first Power of Veto competition, since he’s the only one to buzz in.

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Ian and Nicole F. talk about how they both miss their significant others. Ian says he trusts Nicole the most in the house because they’re both winners and have been friends for five years. They tell each other nobody has mentioned either to them. They decide to make a final two with the “Million Club” alliance.

Kevin tries to talk to Enzo about his POV win and how he’s going to use it. Enzo says he will talk to Cody and see what he wants to do. Kevin knows he won’t do anything without Cody’s blessing, so he goes to Cody. Cody knows if Kevin comes off the block he has to nominate another person. Kevin tries to bribe Cody with safety and using what he can to keep him safe, and it seems to be working.

Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are talking in the lounge room. Bayleigh talks about how she was a big fan of Da’Vonne and she’s super happy they’re working together. They call their alliance Black Girl Magic and are very confident they’re gonna run the house.

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Enzo catches Nicole F. and Ian talking game in the bathroom. They know they’ve been caught. Enzo immediately goes to Cody and tells him there may be an alliance. Cody begins to consider having Enzo use the POV on Kevin to put Ian on the block to “make some waves” in the house.

The camera reflects off the Power of Veto as Enzo calls everyone in for the veto meeting. Enzo decides not to use the POV due to it being so early in the game. Kevin looks very betrayed, but he knows he was nice to Cody and Enzo, and hopefully they will turn the tides towards Keesha.

Da’Vonne knows there’s about to be a big storm, because this is Big Brother Allstars and nothing in this game stays calm for long!

Tune in TONIGHT, August 13, at 8 p.m. EST to see whether it will be Keesha or Kevin eliminated from the Big Brother house first!

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