Adam Silvera Spotlight: Readers Talk Their Favorite Book and More

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In just one short (read: long) month, Adam Silvera will release his next book on January 14! The upcoming novel is titled Infinity Son and will be the first fantasy novel for Silvera. You can pre-order it from Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Amazon. Signed copies with the option to be personalized will be available through Book Soup.

In anticipation of the book’s release, Nerds and Beyond asked readers about their favorite Adam Silvera book, what they’re looking forward to reading in Infinity Son, and why they admire Silvera, among other questions. Read the answers below, and be sure to mark your calendars for Infinity Son‘s release.

What is your favorite Adam Silvera book? Why?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): History is All You Left Me — [It was] my first Adam Silvera book, so the “why” is a given.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): They Both Die at the End. Live your best life and know it is all worth it in the end!

Julia (@jahooliaa): More Happy Than Not. It was the first book of his that I read, and it’s the one I connect to most deeply.

Nicky (@_NicLk): History is All You Left Me. It’s my favorite because the story was not only touching and emotional, but it was told very well, like all of Adam’s other books.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): My favorite Adam Silvera book is definitely More Happy Than Not. I felt that Adam put so much of himself in that book, more specifically his pain. I have never felt so seen reading a book. The parallels in our experience was something I hadn’t been exposed to in literature until Adam. I think when I read the scene when they were playing skelzies in the park, I knew I would read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. HIS. BOOKS!

Alice (@sangstrooper): They Both Die at the End because it’s really well written. The story is super original, and it made me feel so many emotions.

Bastien: They Both Die at the End. Idk why, but I looove this book.

Which of his characters do you relate to the most?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): I liked Griffin. He messed up, he loved truly, he’s a geek. He felt like a real person.

Julia (@jahooliaa): Aaron Soto. He gets me.

Nicky (@_NicLk): I’d have to say Arthur. His awkwardness and being excited over the date with Ben is totally how I’d act.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): I think I related to specific experiences [rather] than to a specific character. Like having feelings for straight male friends, thinking I could forget about my attraction to men in throwing myself at women, the skelzies game…I guess now that I am listing things I might as well say Aaron.

Alice (@sangstrooper): Mateo.

Bastien: Arthur (not really a character of Adam Silvera) [from What If It’s Us], Mateo (TBDATE)

Cover Design by Liz Casal. Image Courtesy of Adam Silvera

What’s one of your favorite quotes from his books?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): “Time doesn’t heal all wounds. We both know that’s bullshit; it comes from people who have nothing comforting or original to say.” — History is All You Left Me

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): “Maybe it’s better to have gotten it right and been happy for one day instead of living a lifetime of wrongs.” — They Both Die at the End

Julia (@jahooliaa): “Sometimes pain is so unmanageable that the idea of spending another day with it seems impossible. Other times, pain acts as a compass to help you get through the messier tunnels of growing up. But the pain can only help you find happiness if you can remember it.” — More Happy Than Not

Nicky (@_NicLk): “I’m blown away by how happy you make me. Thank you for being there for me when I’m stupid enough to think I’d rather be alone.” — History is All You Left Me

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): Honestly, I love his titles. They encapsulate everything the stories are about.

Alice (@sangstrooper): “I kiss the guy who brought me back to life on the day we’re going to die.” — They Both Die at the End

In 5 words or less, how would you describe Adam’s books to someone who has never read them?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): Heartbreaking, sad, multidimensional characters, well-written

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): Heart-wrenchingly, earth-shatteringly necessary

Julia (@jahooliaa): Honest, heartbreaking, emotional, important

Nicky (@_NicLk): Touching, emotional, heartfelt, shocking

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): READ ADAM SILVERA! YOU MUST!

Alice (@sangstrooper): Sad, but you’ll love it.

Bastien: Sadness, beautiful, love, & awesome characters

Cover Design and Art by Liz Casal. Image Courtesy of Amazon

Which of his books would you recommend to someone who has never read them?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): History [is All You Left Me], but you need to know in advance it’ll be a damn hard read emotionally.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): I instantly recommend all of them. Anytime someone asks, I make sure to list every single one.

Julia (@jahooliaa): They Both Die at the End. It’s both uplifting and heartbreaking, and I think it’s a good introduction to his books.

Nicky (@_NicLk): The first one I’ve ever read by him, More Happy Than Not. That book, once you get deeper into it, left me on [the edge of] my seat.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): They Both Die at the End because it’s the easiest to digest. I think reading his books from his most recent and then going back will warm you up for the pain that is More Happy [Than Not]!

Alice (@sangstrooper): They Both Die at the End because it’s the least sad of the three books he wrote on his own.

Bastien: Wow, I don’t know. They are all fantastic.

What are you most looking forward to reading in Infinity Son?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): Just all of it. The characters, the world, the conflict.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): I am just so excited to see what Adam does with fantasy world building. They Both Die at the End was so well done for a fresh take on a dystopian, so I know he can do it, and I can’t wait to see the fruits of his effort.

Julia (@jahooliaa): I can’t wait to meet Emil and Brighton and see how he tackles the fantasy world! I’m excited he’s venturing into a new genre for this one.

Nicky (@_NicLk): Plot twists and Adam’s fantastic writing.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): I’m mostly excited about the exploration of phoenixes. They are only ever described a certain way in the literature I have read, so I’m curious about the different phoenix species.

Alice (@sangstrooper): EVERYTHING (LGBT+ representation in fantasy? Twins? W/w relationships? Amazing.)

Bastien: Another super interesting story with good characters.

Design by Erin Fitzsimmons, Art by Kevin Tong. Image Courtesy of Adam Silvera

Why do you like his books? What do they mean to you?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): They portray gays in a decent way, without those death clichés.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): They are full of heart and soul. Especially being from the LGBTQ+ community, they really mean the world to me. They are uplifting, even when the underlying theme is mortality.

Julia (@jahooliaa): They’re just so real. Yes, they can be DEVASTATING sometimes, but never in an unrealistic way. They’re incredibly validating, especially on bad days. They make me feel less alone in my feelings, because the characters in his books also experience similar ones.

Nicky (@_NicLk): I like his books because out of the LGBTQ novels I’ve read, his have kept me wanting more. They mean a lot. I get excited when he puts more out, because I love his writing.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): Because they are boundary breaking! They mean that other young queer boys of color can have access to literature they can see themselves in, way earlier than I did. That in itself is EPIC!

Alice (@sangstrooper): I love his books because they’re really well-written, and they make me feel a lot of emotions, and also because he always includes good LGBT+ characters, which is rare in literature.

Bastien: Good LGBT representation, interesting topics, good character development, sad but also beautiful and philosophically interesting.

If you had the opportunity to tell Adam something, what would you say?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): Never stop writing. It’s important that someone portrays us queer folks in an honest way.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): Please continue to write from your heart. That’s all that matters to me.

Julia (@jahooliaa): Thank you for everything you’ve given your readers. Thank you for giving a voice to those who can’t use theirs. Please don’t ever stop.

Nicky (@_NicLk): Your books are amazing, and you’ve inspired me to go back and work on my own stories I’ve been trying to work on.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): I want to talk about that couch picture you posted with your legs crossed. I have always crossed my legs in chairs and seeing you do it made me feel as seen as reading skelzies in your book.

Alice (@sangstrooper): I’d tell him that he’s my favorite author and that They Both Die at the End is my favorite book. [I’d] thank him for including LGBT+ characters and would ask him if he was planning on putting a pansexual character in one of his books in the future.

Bastien: Thanks for making me love reading books at the age of 20 by writing books about characters that I can relate to.

Cover art by Simon Prades, cover design by Erin Fitzsimmons. Image courtesy of Amazon

Have you ever met Adam? If so, what was that experience like?

Julia (@jahooliaa): I’ve met him a few times, and each time he was just so incredibly kind and patient with me, especially after the first time I met him and was struggling to talk. Every time I think about our encounters, I’m still amazed at how attentive he was when I was talking, and that’s something really special. He’s ever only left me with positive memories. Ten out of ten would recommend.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): Yes. I have met him multiple times, and I will explain what that experience was like in the next question.

Cover Art by Jeff Östberg, Cover Design by Erin Fitzsimmons and Alison Donalty. Image Courtesy of Amazon

What do you admire most about Adam?

Erik (@eriklostinspace): His ability to write so tenderly without explicitly saying how I should react to what happens.

Jenny B. (@MamaOlympias): His overall ability to create a story that leaves me bawling into my pillow late at night, and yet force feeding his books to all my friends.

Julia (@jahooliaa): I admire the way he shares his own personal experiences and how they shaped his writing. I also admire the subsequent honesty of his writing and that he doesn’t shy away from it. It’s what makes his books so worthwhile and relatable and necessary.

Nicky (@_NicLk): I admire his dedication to making everything he puts out amazing. He’s such an inspiration.

Tayvhon (@tayvhon.pierce): I love that he gives all of his fans actual and undivided attention. He will have a whole conversation with everyone in line to get a book signed, and that is one of the most heart-warming things I have witnessed.

Alice (@sangstrooper): He seems to be really open about what he went through (his depression), and he also looks like a nice person. He also understands that representation is important, and I think that’s great, because not every author understands that.

Bastien: His writing talent.

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