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Creation Entertainment’s ‘Lucifer’ Conventions Releases Gold Passes

Lucifer is a very interesting show that follows Lucifer Morningstar through his

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‘Impractical Jokers’ Move to the Big Screen in ‘Impractical Jokers: The Movie’

The Impractical Jokers are moving to the big screen. The reality comedy

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Nerds Gets Cheery: It’s Turbo Time to ‘Jingle All the Way’

Throughout December, we have been sharing some of our favorite Christmas movies.

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Pre-Sale Info for ‘American Buffalo’ on Broadway Starring Darren Criss

As an opportunity to get fans more excited about American Buffalo coming

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Jason Manns Added to the 2020 Creation Entertainment ‘Supernatural’ Conventions

Singer and songwriter extraordinaire, Jason Manns has been added to the 2020

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Nerds Gets Spooky: ‘Lavender’ is More Than Just a Scent

Nerds Gets Spooky is a series that we are doing for October,

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Nerds Gets Spooky: Figuring Out ‘What Lies Beneath’

We hope you're having a great October so far! This month, the

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Nerds Gets Spooky: The Story of the ‘Lady in White’

Throughout the month of October the staff will be sharing some of

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39 Reasons to Love Matt Cohen on His Birthday (and Every Day!)

Matt Cohen is a person unlike many others. Not only is he

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Happy Birthday, Jason Manns!

Manns, what can we say about this guy? He's top tier, that

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