Nerds Gets Spooky: The Story of the ‘Lady in White’

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Throughout the month of October the staff will be sharing some of their favorite halloween movies. These may be new or old, classics or something you may have never heard of before. There will also be a “Family Friday” featuring a movie that you can sit down and watch with all ages. Hopefully we will interest you in broadening your horizons with a new spooky favorite!

Lady in White focuses on a family in a small town and a mysterious occurrence, multiple children have been killed over the past 10 years — one of them being a young girl whose mother jumped off a cliff after her death. The story about the Lady in White is a haunting tale in the town.

Image courtesy of ‘Lady in White’

A little boy, Frankie, is tricked into going back into the school building after everyone has left where two kids lock Frankie in the closet. It is there where he sees and hears the ghost of a young girl, she is talking to someone and sings the person’s favorite song. Then the girl goes through a struggle. Soon after, a man comes in to the room and opens up the vent looking for something. After Frankie moves and brings attention to himself, the strange man strangles Frankie close to death.

Frankie recovers and looks in the vent in the closet, where he finds a ring. He continues to see the little girl walking around, and eventually tells his brother. Soon they both follow the little girl ghost into the woods and to the cliff. Frankie watches the girl get thrown into the water below. His mom had talked about if a ghost has unfinished business they can not rest, and he knows the girl wants to see her mom.

Image courtesy of ‘Lady in White’

Without giving too much away, my favorite part is the towards the end when Frankie’s brother looks up what is engraved inside of the ring. Frankie hears the familiar song — he knows who did it. There is a lot of mystery and suspense, and a few major plot twists. The movie is rated PG-13 and there are some references to a sensitive topic as well as some profane language.

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