Nerds Gets Cheery: It’s Turbo Time to ‘Jingle All the Way’

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Courtesy of 'Jingle All the Way'

Throughout December, we have been sharing some of our favorite Christmas movies. With only a few days left until Christmas, it’s time for another favorite. If you are a 90’s baby, this one may ring a bell for you.

Courtesy of ‘Jingle All the Way’

Jingle All the Way is about a workaholic father, Howard Langston played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is trying to make up for missed time with his son by getting the perfect Christmas present. The movie begins with Howard at work, running late to see his son Jamie receive his purple belt in Karate. Howard’s wife Liz and their neighbor Ted Maltin are in the stands cheering Jamie and his best friend, Teds son.

Courtesy of ‘Jingle All the Way’

Howard was reminded to get the action figure two weeks before Christmas. However, he forgot and runs around town looking for TurboMan. While searching for the action figure, Howard finds someone on the same mission as him. Myron Larabee, played by Sinbad, is a postal worker who wants to do the best for his son. The two of them try to help each other out at first but once the possibility of getting the action figure comes back, they fight.

Howard and Myron are getting coffee at a shop when they hear over the radio if someone can name all eight reindeer, they can receive a TurboMan figure. This leads to a chase, with the radio station only a few blocks away. With a strange man banging on the glass, the radio station operator calls the police. The two manage to escape, going towards the parade.

Courtesy of ‘Jingle All the Way’

The height of the movie is during the Christmas parade. Howard and Myron are still attempting to run from the police, they end up in an interesting situation. Howard is back where they are costuming people, and ends up in the TurboMan suit. As TurboMan, he is able to give out one special edition action figure. Once Howard sees his son in the crowd, he chooses Jamie to receive the action figure. Myron ends up in the villain’s suit, creating an action-filled fight.

Without giving too much more away, Howard and his family end up happy. Jingle All the Way is one of my favorite Christmas movies, and I hope it can become one of yours also!

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