Nerds Gets Spooky: Figuring Out ‘What Lies Beneath’

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Courtesy of 'What Lies Beneath'

We hope you’re having a great October so far! This month, the Nerds and Beyond staff is writing about our favorite spooky movies, including special Family Fridays where a movie is featured that you can sit down and enjoy with your family. Be sure to check out the series, and watch some classics. Our next recommendation is the film What Lies Beneath.

Courtesy of ‘What Lies Beneath’

Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer star in What Lies Beneath. Pfeiffer plays Claire, and Ford plays Dr. Norman Spencer. They are a seemingly perfect couple with a perfect life, until they move into a new house, and their daughter leaves for college. On top of that, a car accident happened a year ago that same week. While her husband is at work, Claire begins to hear strange noises and see a young woman.

Their new neighbors are strange, and the wife’s vehicle is in the driveway, yet she is no where to be seen. This worries Claire, as they had a conversation a few days prior where she had said she was afraid of something happening. Norman is dismissive of her claims, eventually joking that his deceased father is the one causing trouble. Claire begins to see a therapist, fearing she has begun to go crazy. She also experiences more with the ghost and buys a oujia board to communicate with the afterlife. Clues begin to come together, and Claire figures out who she has been seeing. Norman and Claire’s life continues to be crazy, with multiple incidents happening inside the house.

Courtesy of ‘What Lies Beneath’

My mom first introduced me to this movie a couple of years ago. With the spooky season coming up, it was on my mind again. I really enjoy ghost movies and suspense and never really knowing what is causing the trouble but getting the clues. What Lies Beneath has everything come together with a bow at the end.

Claire soon finds out what happened, but you have to watch the movie to find out the rest. It is rated PG-13 for sensuality, violence, and some colorful language. This movie is suspenseful and keeps you guessing. It is well worth the time to find out What Lies Beneath.

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