Happy Birthday, Jason Manns!

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Jason Manns, photographed exclusively for Nerds and Beyond © Mandi, Staff Photographer

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Manns, what can we say about this guy? He’s top tier, that hidden gem amongst the stones, and in the efforts of full honesty … one of the best. He’s supportive of both his friends and the fandom, and despite being the only regular on the convention circuit we haven’t seen on our screens in an episode of Supernatural, he welcomed us all into his metaphorical embrace (and sometimes a big bear hug if you ever get the chance to meet him) and works tirelessly to give us music and projects no one else could. We have him to thank for so many things, so today on his birthday we wanted to throw a little of that gratitude out into the world.

Happy Birthday, Jason! We hope it’s a great one!


I mean, what’s not to love? He can sing, he can beatbox, he plays guitar, and he’s got a serious sense of grace around him. You’ll never meet a more down to Earth and appreciative guy than Jason Manns, that I know for a fact. He makes music for the people, taking on the daunting and damn near impossible task of corralling up our faves for projects both collaborative and solo. We have him to thank for all three Covers with Friends albums, Briana Buckmaster’s chart topper Begin, and the upcoming Dick Jr. and the Volunteers project with Richard Speight, Jr. Then there’s Dogwood Events, that whole event planning company he began to bring those faves mentioned above out into cities around the world for us to see live. There isn’t a harder working man in the business and Jason won’t take credit when you sing him the accolades he so truly deserves, but continue singing them anyway. You efforts to bring us music and shows we want doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated, and nor do you, Jason. Happy Birthday and I can’t wait to see you soon!

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi

Michelle M.

Jason Manns is a man of many talents, as we all know, but he is also one of the sweetest men around. Just one example would be at conventions, he is always so happy to meet fans at his table and chat with them about whatever they have questions about. His humble and easy going nature makes it easy to talk to him, so much so that every time I leave his table I think “he’s so sweet!” Have a wonderful birthday, Jason! You deserve it!


I love a lot of things about Jason. He is a super talented singer and guitarist. He is sweet and kind, it’s always great to talk to him at conventions. I am also really grateful because, thanks to him, I discovered artists like Hayden Lee, Paul Carella and Left on Laurel. I can’t wait to see him again in November in Germany. Have an amazing birthday!

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi


Jason Manns is one of a kind, sweet and welcoming. He also gives great hugs and will sing (almost) any request. I have enjoyed every interaction I have had with him, I really appreciate how much he cares about each and every person. Happy Birthday Jason! Hope you have an amazing day.


What more is there to say about the Beatboxing Baby’s Dad?! Jason is kind, talented and always a pleasure to talk with. With a voice smooth like butter, he could sing just about anything and it would be pleasure for your ears. I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeves to bring to the world. Happy Birthday, Jason! I hope you have a great year!

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer, Kelsi Sickmann

Amanda B.

Jason has the best “quoncerts” in the business! Dubbing his Q&A/concert at conventions as a “quoncert” is such a cheesy dad joke but I laugh every time. His regular appearances at Supernatural conventions has been a welcome addition to an already fun weekend. I also love his friendship and creative collaborations with Rob Benedict and Billy Moran in their band The Station Breaks. Hearing the audience shout out the lyric “three ibuprofen headache!” during “Gone”or hear them scream when he holds that last note in “Stowaway” are some of my favorite moments during a show. Thanks for your kindness and creativity, Jason! Happy birthday!


Jason is one of the nicest, and most humble people I’ve ever met. Thank you for all of your kindness, for giving us and Nerds the opportunity to cover so many events, and for just being you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jason from all of us at Nerds and Beyond!


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