39 Reasons to Love Matt Cohen on His Birthday (and Every Day!)

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Matt Cohen is a person unlike many others. Not only is he an actor, but he’s a director, visionary, and most importantly, a fantastic human being. Whether it’s watching him grow as a dad and husband, his love for his co-workers, or the genuine kindness he shows for fans and everyone around him, he always manages to put a smile on your face. He’s incredibly gracious, and always loves to lift people up with his quotes about self-love, and letting you know that you matter in this world. Whether you’ve only seen him on a TV screen or at a convention, there’s no denying there’s something special about him. He’s one-of-a-kind, and the world would not be the same without him.

So happy 37th birthday, Matt. We love you dearly and here’s a few reasons why:

1. For lifting people up and inspiring them with #you.

2. Your drive to be the best you.

3. Your kindness.

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer Mandi.

4. For supporting all of your friends and their dreams.

5. The way you support fans and everyone that meets you.

6. Your passion and hard work on creating Mama Bear.

7. The way you have embraced the #spnfamily in all our craziness.

8. For your part in the evolution of the Creation Supernatural Convention’s karaoke party.

9. For proving that you can do anything you set your mind to.

10. Your constant drive to be better and do better.

11. For reminding us to follow your dreams and never settle, even if it scares you.

12. For gifting us with endless shirtless GIFs.

13. For your friendship with Rob and Rich.

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer Mandi.

14. For your moving chapter in Family Don’t End With Blood.

15. For the love and support you show for your wife, Mandy.

16. For sharing your adorable daddy/son moments with us.

17. The late flights and early mornings to appear at conventions for one day.

18. Your constant optimism and positivity.

19. For your ability to rock out and be a hype man at Creation’s Supernatural Conventions Saturday Night Special.

20. For your constant support of the Nerds and Beyond content and staff.

21. Your smile.

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer Mandi.

22. Sharing your heart with all of your fans.

23. Your ability to take risks and try new creative endeavors.

24. Your stage presence.

25. That great Entertainment Tonight interview with Jared and Jensen.

26. For your amazing character in Kings of Con.

27. Your willingness to participate in some creative photo op poses.

28. For all the stories you tell at conventions, like the airplane story.

29. For your jumps at the beginning of the R2M panel.

30. The way you portrayed John Winchester – honoring Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s version while bringing your own unique portrayal.

31. For that time you made us weep when Mandy sent you a wedding anniversary message at Jib10! The amount of love in the room was palpable.

32. For being such a great hugger.

33. For your various charitable pursuits, from the ice bucket challenge to getting shirtless for Random Acts.

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer Mandi.

34. Your talent as a director.

35. For your passion with every project you do.

36. Your love of Disneyland and Disney things just like us.

37. For all of your chaotic and hilarious selfies at karaoke.

(and two bonus ones, because there’s never enough reasons)

38. Your drive to do what’s right and speak up about it.

39. Your innate ability to make everyone feel like they’re the most important person in the room.

Happy Birthday, Matt! From all of your friends at Nerds and Beyond.


Thank you to our staff that contributed — Briar, Kaity, Julia, Muriel, Michelle M., Suzette, Kailey, Shannon, Amanda B., Adrienne and Rachel F.

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