APPIX Teamed Up with Disney Pixar for ‘Coco’ Live Event


Have you ever wanted an app for your phone to be more involved in the live show or concert you’re at? Well, thanks to APPIX, now you can!

APPIX is a comprehensive audience engagement technology and lighting effects tool that creates the best in-venue experiences. Audience members can join in an immersive live show on their phone by receiving phone screen projections, exclusive real-time content, messages, and videos throughout the event. It allows you to be part of the show. APPIX is an in-venue app for your phone that officially launched this year. They also worked with the UFC, New Kids on the Block, and Disney Pixar.

APPIX teamed up with Disney Pixar for the Coco Live film-to-concert event held in the Hollywood Bowl. During the show, using the app attendees could be part of the magic and live experience through colorful and memorable moments that coordinated with the show’s lighting, production, live performances, and the movie. The event featured special guests, including Miguel, Eva Longoria, Carlos Rivera, Benjamin Bratt, Jaime Camil, and much more.

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They also announced a service to make concerts and events safer for guests. It is called APPIX APSA (Area Public Safety Alerts) that sends notifications similar to weather and amber alerts. The notifications it sends doesn’t require cell data or WIFI. This feature will be free to download, uses no personal information, and uses non-pairing Bluetooth technology. APPIX ASA is set to go live in 2020.

For more information, you can go to their website. Watch the video below that shows APPIX working with Disney Pixar for the Coco event

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