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‘Forager’ Comes to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 This October

Image Courtesy Nighthawk Interactive.

The delightfully addicting 2D open world adventure game Forager will be your to bring home to play on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this October! Forager allows players to explore and establish themselves in the world in their own unique way. The free-form upgrade system allows customizable experiences, focusing on or balancing between pursuing farming, foraging, dungeoneering, archeology, combat, puzzle-solving and base-building. With an abundance of biomes to traverse, non-playable characters to interact with and random events, Forager offers a variety of experiences to engage players.

In Forager, players can:

  • Become an Adventurer – With four unique old-school dungeons, players can battle mighty bosses solo or with the help of NPCs, and find puzzles and hidden treasure chests filled with blueprints and goodies. Leveling up to learn new skills and abilities and unlocking new weapon recipes will help the intrepid adventurer.
  • Become a Farmer – Players can grow vegetables, flowers, fruit, strange herbs and even rocks and minerals with the right tactics. Even animals can become part of the family as players pet, feed and care for their animals to win their deepest loyalties through the Love System.
  • Become a Gatherer – A variety of resources, consumables and materials are available for players to forage, fish, mine, hunt, dig and farm across biomes. The rarest discoveries can be donated to the local Museum to showcase and earn special rewards.
  • Become a Merchant – Forager is full of resources to exploit. Players can sell everything, buy more things, and then sell those things at a profit and manufacture an empire through trade and aggressive expansion.
  • Become a Builder – All the land is the player’s foundation, perfect for building and growing a base from nothing. Players can buy land to design and decorate whatever base fits their preference, whether that be a serene farm, industrial hub, defensive fortress, or cozy cottage.
  • Become… [fill in the blank] – The world of Forager is also a playground for player’s choice. Anyone can set their own goals and work towards them.

Forager will be available at North American retail for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, October 22. Want you copy asap? You can pre-order Forager from major retailers with the links below!

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