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Pokémon Research Update: Galar

GAMESPokémon Research Update: Galar

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released worldwide on November 15 and here is the latest update:

Galarian Pokémon!

Just like we have seen in other places, some Pokémon have adapted to their surroundings and will now generate evolutions specific to the region. For example, Galarian Zigzagoon will evolve into Galarian Linoone, which in turn will evolve into the region exclusive Obstagoon!

Image courtesy of Pokémon
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Brand new Pokémon spotted!

Morpeko is a new form-changing Pokémon that takes on an alternate shape depending on if it is hungry or not. With the ability Hunger Switch, its type changes from electric to dark and Morpeko’s signature move, Aura Wheel, changes to reflect this as well.

Image courtesy of Pokémon

New rivals and a new team to take on!

Bede and Marnie are two of the rivals you will meet as you aim to become the Champion of the Galar region.

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Bede is both skilled and prideful, and has been endorsed by Chairman Rose. While he certainly plans on becoming champion himself, he also seems to have a secret agenda.

Marnie is a calm and calculated strategist and her style of fighting together with her Morpeko has garnered her a lot of passionate fans. And these fans will do everything they can to help her win.

Team Yell consists of Marnie’s very, very, passionate fans. They will show up everywhere the Gym Challenge takes you to try and ensure that nothing stands in Marnie’s way. They will also show up wherever Marnie battles to cheer her on, and Marnie also seems to be the only one to get Team Yell to stop their shenanigans.

Poké Jobs!

Image courtesy of Pokémon

There is a longstanding tradition of trainers and their Pokémon working together in the Galar region. Through the Rotomi in the Pokémon Centers you will be able to look through job listings for your Pokémon. There are all sorts of different things that need doing, and when you send your Pokémon out on jobs they will earn experience points. Some types are better suited for specific kinds of jobs, and the amount of experience a Pokémon gets from a job will depend on how long they worked for and how suitable their type was for the task.

Check out the video below for more details!

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