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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for about two months now, and we’re still enjoying every second of it. From the new build mechanics and areas to explore to the familiar locations and faces, this game has captivated people for hours on end. (I smell Game of the Year…) When we’re not torturing Koroks (kidding … I have yet to purposefully do that, I have let some float down a river accidentally), finding shrines, or taking out the Regional Phenomena for the queen of our hearts, Purah, we’re crafting up some recipes to keep Link in tip-top shape as he searches the skies, lands, and depths for Princess Zelda. And it can be a little intimidating, so I’m here to help. Sort of …

Let me be clear, these recipes are my favorites for aesthetics only. Most don’t inherently give attack boosts, glowing capability, or element resistance, though depending on what ingredients you choose to use, they certainly can have some use. They’re also not going to net you gourmet meat skewer prices with Beedle. I’m not even going to tell you the heart recovery or sell price for each. That’s not why we’re here. They’re just cozy and cute. It’s what I imagine Link eats on his days off while lounging outside with Epona and hanging out with Sidon and Zelda in Hateno Village after a long day of modeling for Cece (Link) and teaching the youngsters at school (Zelda and probably Sidon).



There are four variations of omelets to make it TOTK, and they’re all options on the table. Your traditional plain only takes at least one egg, but that’s boring, and we’re better than that. To spice it up try either:

The Veggie Omelet: One bird egg, any vegetable, flower or herb, rock salt, and goat butter.
The Mushroom Omelet: One bird egg, any mushroom, rock salt, and goat butter.
The Cheesy Omelet: Either the Veggie Omelet or Mushroom Omelet plus Hateno Cheese.


Three different crepes can hit the pan and again, why settle for plain when we can make it sweet?

Plain Crepe: Tabantha wheat, fresh milk, cane sugar, and one bird egg (yeah, you can throw a mushroom in here for boosts or whatever, but that’s nasty.)
Wildberry Crepe: Plain Crepe plus wildberry.
Honey Crepe: Plain Crepe plus courser bee honey.

Mid-Morning Snack

It’s not Hyrule without a mid-morning snack… so I feel like fruit is the go-to for Link’s pre-lunch choice.

Hot Buttered Apple

Could it be dessert? Sure. But why wait? It’s just one apple (the golden apple will get you some significant heart recuperation) and goat butter. So, seems like it’s fine for the morning.

Honeyed Fruit

Right up there with buttered apples, you can opt for some honey-coated fruit. There are two options here, one being any fruit besides apple with some courser bee honey for honeyed fruit, or use an apple to get a honeyed apple.

Honey Candy

Mark this up there with almost useless but cute. Toss some courser bee honey into the pot and get a delightful little honey sucker. 10/10 in cozy points and you get a tiny burst of stamina to polish off the rest of the cliff climb.


Lunch can only mean one thing…pizza. If they didn’t want me making this constantly despite its lack of boosting qualities, maybe they shouldn’t have made it an option.

Hylian Tomato Pizza

Head on out to Hateno Village and stock up on cheese because we’re making pizza. All you need is Tabantha wheat, Hylian tomato, and Hateno cheese and boom, lunch is served. (I throw in some extra tomatoes for a heart recovery boost since they’re the easiest to collect.)

Fried Chicken

And what’s pizza without wings? What’s a light lunch? I don’t know her.

Deep-fried chicken: Any cut of chicken and an oil jar.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

If there’s a mid-morning snack, there’s a mid-afternoon one, and the tomato and cheese blend with lunch was so good we’re going back for more.

Cheesy Tomato

It’s like Hyrule’s version of Caprese salad, without the herb… Anyway, it’s just Hateno cheese and Hylian tomato and it’s going to refresh and rejuvenate until dinner is served.


There are a lot of different dinner options in TOTK, meat skewers, curries, rice balls … it’s endless. But when I think cozy, I think soup. So I picked out three of the many options solely based on their cute factor (I warned you).

Cream of Vegetable or Veggie Cream Soup

Two variations here depending on which vegetable you opt for, and really neither is wrong. If you’re looking for a boost, the Veggie Cream may be the way to go, though.

Cream of Vegetable Soup: Any veggie, except pumpkin or carrot, herb or flower, rock salt, and fresh milk. (If you’re after something a little more hearty, throw in any mushroom, cut of meat, or seafood into this base!)
Veggie Cream Soup: Pumpkin or carrot, rock salt, and fresh milk.

If you’re after something a little more strange, like a blend that really makes you scratch your head and wonder how the heck that’s working and why anyone would combine ingredients such as this, there is something just for you.

Creamy Heart Soup

It’s a hearty radish (which you can find on some select Sky Islands or snag them with an Amiibo), hydromelon, voltfruit, and fresh milk. And don’t the Hyrule versions of watermelon and dragonfruit sound like they would go amazing with a radish and milk? Count me in.

Wheat Bread

There is no soup without freshly baked bread. None. So whip up some baguettes with Tabantha wheat and rock salt, and if you didn’t somehow get enough cheese on everything else for the day, you can add some Hateno cheese for Melty Cheesy Bread.


Now for the main course. TOTK has a shocking amount of dessert options, so narrowing it down was hard, but there are some classics here. But Nintendo, seriously, cacao beans in the next one. Please?


It’s not that nasty fruitcake you find on the Christmas table and can throw like a brick. This is Hyrule gourmet fruitcake, complete with little dollops of whipped cream and everything. There’s also the option to make a nutcake or carrot cake if that’s more to your liking.

Fruitcake: wildberry or apple, any other fruit, Tabantha wheat, and cane sugar.
Nutcake: acorn or chickaloo tree nut, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter.
Carrot Cake: any carrot, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter.


Like I said, classic.

Apple Pie: Apple, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter.
Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter.
Fruit Pie: Any other fruit besides pumpkin or apple, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter.


I just hope Link isn’t lactose intolerant because we have loaded this poor swordsman with dairy today … To make Nintendo’s grandmother’s secret cheesecake recipe, all you need is Hateno cheese, Tabantha wheat, cane sugar, and goat butter, plus a whole lot of love.

Late-Night Drinks in Gerudo

Riju insists you all come down to Gerudo for some drinks to wind down and she’s making the famous Noble Pursuit. She’s throwing palm fruit, hydromelon, voltfruit, and rock salt (plus a golden apple if you’re really needing a boost, though that’s optional) into the mixer and pouring it over ice so you can reminisce over that time Ganondorf sent Gibdo into Gerudo and forgot to make them impervious to something as basic as fire fruit.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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