Louden Swain Series: Fans Share Favorite Videos – Interviews, Moments From Cons and more!

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Welcome to the fifth part in our Louden Swain series! If you missed them, you can read part 1part 2, part 3 and Part 4. We’ll be posting a series of articles celebrating the band leading up to the release of their new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams, which will release on October 26.

We asked for input from fans of the band, and had them answer questions. We had a huge turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. For this installment, fans share their favorite videos of the band from interviews, conventions, and more. Read the answers below!

Nerds and Beyond Interview – Louden Swain & Jason Manns


Natasha (@NatashaCole): “I love the interview they did with Nerds and Beyond with Jason Manns.”

Em (@invisible_heir): “Definitely the Nerds and Beyond one!”

Sam (@honeybeemish): “I really loved the interview you guys did with Swain and Jason in January of this year. It was super relaxed and entertaining.”

Sarah (@wyldefandom): “Any interview they are in is my favourite, but I’d say the interview they did with Nerds and Beyond. It’s enjoyable to watch their expressions and see how excited they get when they nerd out over Star Wars and music.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “This one is my favourite because the questions asked in there are some that I don’t think get asked very often. I also love that it’s in such a relaxed environment and it just seems like a normal conversation rather than an interview. It also sounds like everyone was having fun during this.”

Billy’s Snapchat Story of Louden Swain & Jason Manns Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors


Dean (@ChucksVessel): “Billy’s Snapchat Story of the Rock Paper Scissors incident!”

Sarah (@SharksandSwain): “The video Billy posted of Rob, Stephen, Mike, and Jason deciding who gets what room for their Atlanta tour stop cracks me up SO much. I watched it just after my plane landed in ATL and I was absolutely dying trying to hold in my laughter. I watch it whenever I’m feeling down because I will never not laugh.”

“Medicated” – Jacksonville 2016

Amanda (@AmandaC0124): “When the kazoos were introduced for the first time in Jacksonville. When rob realised what was going on his reaction was so genuine and he was so excited.”


Stacy (@LoveandSwain): “I have to go with SNS from Jaxcon ’16. It was the 1st time people brought kazoo to the show. It was also the 1st time everyone held up lights during She Waits. The looks on the guys faces for both of those was priceless. I wasn’t there, but I definitely had goosebumps watching the videos. It without a doubt changed the face of all future shows.”


Vendor Room Jam – Chicago 2018

Mary (@pare6386): “I am biased as I was there, but the acoustic performance from ChiCon 2018 was pretty amazing.”

Rachael (@NessaNight): “I really enjoy the jam sessions at the conventions.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “My favorite video is their performance from Chicago Con in 2018. It’s the only time I’ve been able to see them live (so far!) so rewatching it reminds me of how special and life changing it was.”


Kelli (@klairermusic1): “Honestly I think my favorite videos from the band come out of the dickchat/hickchat/robchat series. It is fun to see the guys just being themselves and goofing off. Plus, Billy’s hickchat was freaking hilarious! Mike being put in the box was great too! Rob tries so hard to get Rich back and it is wonderful.”

Brandy (@horrorlovingirl): “Does Billy’s Snapchat story when Rob has to sleep in the dungeon count?”

Aileen (@fandomfreak221b): “My favorite video has to be all of the Dickchats from Vegascon this year. Not only because I attended that con, but the guys are absolutely hilarious and Billy was amazing with Hickchat. I really hope it happens again next year.”

“She Waits” – Atlanta, 2016

Paige (@lightinmychest): “[She Waits] from Supernatural Atlanta.”

Tiffany (@TiffanyShope1): “2016 Atlanta SNS during She Waits and Rob’s reaction to the lights. You can see on his face how blown away he is and how much it means to him.”

Louden Swain – Suit and Tie EPK

Shaena (@StartoftheAct): “I love watching the Suit and Tie EPK from their YouTube channel.”

Maranda (@maranda_martin): “ALWAYS THE SUIT AND TIE EPK. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t lived. Go watch it. It’s gold.”

Louden Swain – Stageit Shows

Lynette (@LynetteParki): “I love watching Louden Swain’s Stageit videos. They are in such a relaxed setting and you feel like you get to know the band that much better. They banter and make fun of each other between songs. It’s an aspect of the band you don’t get to experience as much at any of their live concerts.”

“Roll Me Over” – January 2018 in NYC

Tiffany (@TiffanyShope1): “The bra throwing in New York after ‘Roll Me Over’. Rob’s embarrassment, Borja’s comments, Billy’s face and laughter, and Norton with his shrug.”

Chris (@Chris_afec): “This video of ‘Roll Me Over’. Because it’s hysterical, and Mike’s comic timing is exceptional.”

Rob and Billy on “E! News”

Tiffany (@TiffIsWayward): “Rob and Billy did an interview with E! News mostly to promote Kings of Con, but they performed some acoustic versions of a few of their more popular songs, and people watching from home started requesting an acoustic album. True to form, they listened to our requests and an acoustic album is dropping in a few short weeks!”

“With a Little Help From My Friends” – Toronto

Sara (@altsunthinkable): “There are a few different videos of this but I’ll link my own here as it was such an incredible experience getting to be there for this night – celebrating with everyone Rob’s healthy return to Toronto one year after his stroke. That entire night was an experience that no one in that room will ever forget.”

“No Time Like The Present” Album Release Party Stream

Jennifer (@macd1982): “Even though I was actually at the album release party in person, I’m so grateful that they live streamed it too. They made so many people happy, myself included. It’s nice that I can go back and relive that night any time I want to.”

“Amazing” Music Video

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “I love all of the convention footage in the video for ‘Amazing’. It’s beautifully shot and truly captures the essence of just how captivating it is to see Louden Swain live.”

Veronica (@veronica_bum): “Swain’s music video for ‘Amazing’ that they filmed at their ‘No Time Like The Present’ release party last January has my friends and I in it, so it holds a special place in my heart.”

“Medicated” (Live)

Chris (@Chris_afec): “This version of ‘Medicated’. I don’t know how they kept straight faces, but I will be forever impressed that they did!”

Brittany (@tasteofmyhominy): “The video from the band’s YouTube page from 2009 of them singing ‘Medicated’. Billy and Rob play and sing their way through the song completely straight faced while Borja and Norton pop up intermittently to sing the harmony. I literally was in tears from the laughing so hard the first time I watched it. I love, love, love the humor of the band!!”

Sky Alive EPK

Holly (@AccioAwesome): “I love the Sky Alive EPK video from their YouTube channel. I think it shows their humor and dynamic together very well, and I like the behind-the-scenes info about the album.”

Julieta (@poptartheartt): “The one about the making of Sky Alive.”

Emma (@EmmaV421): “The Sky Alive EPK video, because we got more insight into how the album was made and I think when they let us see the behind the scenes stuff it says something about the level of comfort they share with their fans.”

Vendor Room Jam – SPNUK 2018

Angélique (@Angie_Voyage): “The Jam session of SPN UK, because i was there.”

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “The videos of vendor room jam at conventions. I love seeing these because of the fan’s interaction with them and I just dig  the kazoos. I was lucky enough to see the Vendor’s Room at SPNUK and it is  one of the best things I had ever seen.”

Supernatural Parody 2 by The Hillywood Show

Gisselle (@lopezado8696): “Honestly, what comes to mind is Hillywood’s recent Supernatural Parody 2 in which the band appears and they’re all dancing!”

Eddie’s Attic – January 2018

Shannon (@reelnerdy): “I love watching some of the videos I took at the Eddie’s Attic show in January 2018 so that I can relive those concerts.  One of my favorites is Cool if I Come Over from that concert.”

Saturday Night Special – San Francisco, 2017

Sam (@SwainerSam): “It’s a video from SNS San Francisco 2017 and Rob is talking about these videos he got from Matt of me, Lori and Kit playing Louden Swain Songs out in the hall. You can hear all of our friends scream, ‘SHES RIGHT HERE!!’ Until Rob turns to look at us and thanks us for it, I’m just glad you cant tell from the video how much I’m crying haha.”

Red Room Interview

Sandra (@poptartswain): “The first thing that came to mind was the interview they did at the Red Room some years back. They talk about all things music and are super adorable!”

Scout (@scoutstiel): “I’ve always been fond of the EPK they did for Sky Alive, but as far as specific interviews, that I’m a little fuzzier on. Providing no assistance at all, there is an old interview of them in a bar, where it looks like they were crammed onto a little bench seat to answer questions. I specifically remember this because at one point, Mike Borja mentions that he’d like a mansion with a grand piano.”

Finn (@againsthewave_): “I hope Mike gets his rhinestone grand piano someday.”

Interview at the SPN Convention in Pasadena – 2015

Emily (@fiveafterseven): “There’s a video on Creation Entertainment’s channel from 2015 in which Matt and Osric interview people in the green room. There are some great back and forth banter throughout that is fun, but towards the end of it the band talks about how excited they are to have fans that are so creative and supportive and it’s always nice to feel validated like that.”

Once Upon A Canyon Night

Erika (@soliloquywriter): “I haven’t watched too many videos of Swain, but I’ve taken some at The Study in Los Angeles and at Once Upon a Canyon Night. I like to post one or two videos of the band performing on my YouTube channel, if I am lucky enough to get a good spot, so that other people can watch and enjoy –even if the show is shared online via periscope or something, because sometimes a different angle is nice and might capture a moment between Rob and a fan that they can reflect back upon. That’s always the best.”

“Purple Rain” – Pittsburgh 2016

Kari (@kariface27): “My favorite video of them is when they sang ‘Purple Rain’ with the cast of SPN at a convention. The emotion in that room was palpable through the screen.”

“She Waits” – Toronto 2013

Jenna (@sushiswain): “My favorite isn’t the entire band, but Rob singing ‘She Waits’ at his panel at TorCon 2013. I know for many people who were there, it was their first time hearing him sing, and it’s a goosebumps-inducing moment given what happened later that evening.”

Stephen Norton & Mark Sheppard “Dual Drummers”

Judy (@JayeEmm): “I’m a fan of Mark Sheppard and Norton’s dual drumming on ‘Whipping Post’ – I’ll always watch a video of that song if I come across it.”

Louden Swain “Intros” from Conventions

Amanda (@BandagedLetdown): “There are two types of videos from conventions that never fail to make me laugh, one being the intros and outros; it’s always so amazing to see the versatility of their talent. They aren’t just good at one or two types of songs, they’re amazing at ALL genres. The second, is during J2 panels when Jared makes a joke hoping for a rimshot from Stephen, only to be rejected.”

Saturday Night Special

Charlotte (@Charlot74714899): “There is a recording of the Saturday Night Special at the 2016 Seattle convention because of the combination of music and the chemistry between the actors on stage with the band is incredible!”

Judith (@LAgirlHD): “Every single SNS Video of them where Rich joins them!”

Niki (@darlingniki): “Basically any of the SNS videos [are my favorite].”

Laurie (@LauriePrieme): “I’m pretty much addicted to videos of their live performances. It always brings me so much joy to just watch them do what they love and doing it incredibly well too. I love the little interactions between them and the Supernatural actors or the fans, ‘cause they’re just so nice and funny at the same time.”

Michelle (@lydrewsmom): “I’ve been to many, many concerts over the years but none have ever been quite like a Louden Swain concert. The energy in the room feels like a vibration running over a wire, it’s palpable. I’ve been to two SNS performances and my favorite moment for each show was the first strum of Rob’s guitar. It’s like he plucks at the entire room. It truly is magical.”

Stay tuned for the next part in our series!

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