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‘ClearMind’: Release Date Announced for Darkly-Comedic Thriller

We here at Nerds and Beyond have been graciously given the opportunity

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Momentus Announces New Virtual Songwriting Event with Rob Benedict

Momentus is keeping the events rolling as they just announced a brand

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Louden Swain Heads Across the Pond for May Concert Dates

International fans rejoice! Louden Swain is hopping the pond this May with

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‘ClearMind’: Exclusive New Poster and Photos from Darkly-Comedic Thriller

River Place and Film Camp Productions have graciously given us here at

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Rob Benedict Joins ‘The Boys’

Some big cast news for Prime Video's The Boys has been announced,

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Rob Benedict, Richard Speight, Jr. and Jason Manns Added to JIB13

Jus in Bello announced three new guests for their upcoming event JIB13,

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Photos: Louden Swain Celebrates ‘Feelings and Such’ with Release Party

Louden Swain is gearing up to release a brand new album, Feelings

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New Dates Announced for Jus in Bello’s JIBLAND 5 and JIB 11

Jus in Bello shared the news that JIBLAND 5 will finally take

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Rockwood Events Announces New Dates for Rockwood Music Festival

Rockwood Events has announced that their annual festival will finally take place

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