Louden Swain Series: Fans Share Favorite Songs and What They Mean to Them

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Courtesy of Liz Larson

Welcome to the first part in our Louden Swain series! We’ll be posting a series of articles celebrating the band and leading up to the release of their new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams, which will release on October 26.

We asked for input from fans of the band, and had them answer questions. We had a huge turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. First up, fans share their favorite songs from the band, and why they love that song so much. Some fans weren’t able to just pick one, so you might see multiple answers. We know how hard it is to just pick one!

Read the answers below!

“Bandaged Hand”

Amanda (@BandagedLetdown): “My favorite Louden Swain song is ‘Bandaged Hand’ because from the first time I heard the song, I fell in love with the lyrics. Like most of Swain’s songs it was incredibly easy to connect with the lyrics, and it had me hooked fairly quickly.”

“Honey Bee”

Sam (@honeybeemish): “‘Honey Bee’ is my favorite, it’s a song I can turn to when I’m upset or stressed out and calm down. The melody is incredibly soothing, and I love the story the lyrics tell. I plan on eventually getting ‘Cherish the day’ tattooed, as a reminder to myself to be grateful for at least something each day.”

“Downtown Letdown”

Charlotte (@Charlot74714899): “‘Downtown Letdown’ because I really related to the feelings of being told who you should be and to change who I am and it remind me that I’m good just how I am, I am the only me.”

Tiffany (@Tiffany Shope1): “‘Downtown Letdown’. It was the first Swain song I ever heard. The lyrics and the way Rob sings that song just hit me.  That song literally inspired and motivated me to change my life. It’s emotional, honest, and well written. And it’s ironic that a song about depression can be so uplifting; but that’s his gift as a song writer I think …. the ability to make you know he ‘gets it’ and to make you feel like he’s right there with you.”

Karyl (@karylannegeary): “My favorite song is ‘Downtown Letdown.’ I first heard it live earlier this year, during a time where I was working through some feelings of inadequacy and depression, and it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Everything about the song, from the chords to the expressiveness of Rob’s vocals to the depth of the lyrics, fills a hole in my soul.”

Sarah (@SharksandSwain): “Ah, the million dollar question…it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one Swain song as a favorite. I cycle through a lot of songs as “favorites” depending on my mood, but one of the ones that is consistently at the top is ‘Downtown Letdown’. While not the first Swain song I heard, DTLD is the song that made me fall in love with the band, which happened at my first con (Jax 2016). At the time I was struggling pretty bad with untreated depression, so when Rob introduced the song and not only mentioned his own struggles with depression and anxiety, but that having mental illness and getting treatment for it didn’t make you any different, it hit home for me. I actually remember sitting in my gold row G aisle seat, holding my hand over my heart, and – having only met the guy the day before – saying out loud to no one in particular, ‘Oh my God I love that man.’ Clearly I’ve been hooked ever since!”

Brandy (@horrorlovingirl): “‘Downtown Letdown’, because nothing about it is absolute. ‘I think’ and ‘I might’ may seem like such benign terms, but they allow room for setbacks. To hear the words, ‘I will rise’ is inspiring, but can inevitably lead to disappointment when I don’t. When I hear, ‘but, I think I will rise,’ I feel like change is a conscious choice that I can make on my terms. It’s so simple, but liberating to know that the moment you think about doing something, that is the first step towards change. Saying that you might, gives you the space to try again tomorrow if you weren’t able to do it today. It’s a small allowance, a gifted step, that really matters on those days when it’s hard to turn off the alarm and get out of bed.”

Amanda (@AmandaC0124): “That is such a hard question for me as they have such a range when it comes to their songs and I have so many favorites. If i’m in a depressive [mood] and I need motivation it’s ‘Downtown Letdown’ or ‘Leg Up’.”

Kim (@KimSaysSmile): “‘Downtown Letdown’ is the one that first pops into my mind. I have been through some pretty rough times and have found myself pulled into some dark places. This song is the song I turned to. It’s the soundtrack to the past few years of my life. It covers the dark times but also the the recovery and pushing forward to be in a better headspace. It can be hard to listen to the beginning sometimes but by the end of the song I feel empowered and positive and proud of how far I have come.”

Katie (@mattcohen4fake): “‘Downtown Letdown’. My favorite song of all the songs that’s ever been sung? ‘Downtown Letdown’. Why? I could write a novel analyzing this song and why it’s just… perfect: how the lyrics describe the ups and downs of life so beautifully and accurately; how the melody and accompaniment give the lyrics even more of an impact than they already have because of how well they compliment each other. I could go on and on as long as words don’t escape me… But for now, all I can say is that I’ve never felt this way towards a song before. It’s amazing how much of an impact this 4 minutes and 9 second song has had on my life. I cannot even begin to describe the innumerable amount of times this song has pulled me out of the deepest of ruts, has made me feel less alone. No song has made me feel so empowered yet so mortal, has given me a purpose to be better and to do better, to live. I still struggle, I always will. I don’t expect ‘Downtown Letdown’ to fix anything, that’s all up to me. But I have this song and always will to keep pushing me in the right direction whenever I feel lost. I know it’s not the same but it makes me feel like Rob, Stephen, Mike, and Billy are telling me that they believe I can rise up. And that’s more than any fan can ever ask for from their favorite band.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “‘Downtown Letdown’ because I connect with the lyrics of the song as I’ve had depression and this song is how I focus on one thing to stop all of the bad from attacking me at once. I love how this song captures depression and how those of us who have it try to fight it.”

Courtesy of Liz Larson

“She Waits”

Judith (@LAgirlHD): “‘She Waits‘. Rob said he wrote that song about his parents when they separated/divorced and since my parents are divorced too I can relate to that song a lot.”

Angélique (@Angie_Voyage): “It’s a very personal song for me, my father abandoned me when I was 9 and I can relate to that song.”

Emma (@EmmaV421): “‘She Waits’ is my favorite song because it was the first song that was played for me to introduce me to the band. At that time I had no idea the meaning behind it, but I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I had ever heard and now that I know the reason for the song I know why it is so beautiful.”

Shannon (@reelnerdy): “’She Waits’ is always one of my favorites because it reminds me of my Nana. She waited and had hope my grandpa would be back with her.”

Katie (@katmgc): “‘She Waits. My mom has been seriously mentally ill for my entire adult life. It has been a lot of ups and downs and heartache. When I first met Swain I was living on my own 100s of miles from home and my mom was really sick at the time. That song reminded so much of my relationship with her. Even though the song meant something different for Rob I could literally feel that he understood how hard it was. And that song has always helped me in remembering how much I love my mom even when it was hard. Last year my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. She’s defied the odds so far, but it will claim her life. Rob wrote out ‘Little girl hold on and wait. She waits for you’ for me last year. When my mom passes I will wear those lyrics tattooed over my heart as a reminder that I will see her again.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “‘She Waits’ because it’s such a pure and emotional song. The song reminds me of everything my mother has gone through to get to where she is; an abusive and toxic relationship and then he left to go live with his girlfriend.”


Dean (@ChucksVessel): “My favorite song would have to be ‘Numb’. It’s a song that always calms me down when I need it and when I’m anxious.”

“Hot Times”

Niki (@darlingniki): “My favorite Louden Swain song is currently ‘Hot Times’. It’s groovy and is perfect for the pool or dancing around with my kid on the beach.”

Jess (@JessHawden): “My favourite song is ‘Hot Times’. It was the first song that I heard Louden Swain sing at my first convention in 2014 back when Elastic Waste Band were the house band. They sung it during the Cabaret which was the Saturday night entertainment before the Saturday Night Special was introduced. Every time I hear it now it reminds me of my first convention and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.”

“Trigger Finger”

Em (@invisible_heir): “‘Trigger Finger’ helps me with my anxiety and helps me keep my panic attacks at bay. Anytime I get scared or anxious or sense the signs of a panic attack coming on I hum it to myself until I feel ok again.”

“Help You”

Elise (@broadwayswain): “I really like ‘Help You’ because of the chord progression, harmonies, and instrument choices. I like how Stephen uses the Cajon instead of the drums and how Borja is on the keys to this. Also, the choice of having it on capo four makes it soft and lullaby-like. Capo four also helps the unique riff stand out and get it stuck in your head. I also like “Help You” a lot because it was the first song that made me fall in love with Louden Swain. After my very first cabaret in 2014 (before it was called Saturday Night Special), it was the first song I listened to on Spotify. That same afternoon in Burcon, I decided to go to their auto session and have a print signed. I told them I listened to that specific song and how I loved their choice of instruments and E flat tuning. They were really impressed that I knew their theories behind songs and kept complimenting me for it. Rob even shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me afterward. That’s when I realize that this was THE band I know I will come to love.”

Paige (@lightinmychest): “‘Help You’. This song in particular is just so beautiful and really gets me out of my head when I need to.”

Lori (@SPNZookeeper): “It’s hard to pick just one favourite song, but the song I always come back to is ‘Help You’. I still remember the first time I ever listened to it and I fell in love instantly. What had me hooked immediately was the guitar at the beginning. When I heard The lyrics ‘stick around for just another day and help me help you’ I felt like I was meant to hear that song. I loved them so much I got them tattooed eventually. Whenever I’m feeling sad, all I have to do is play that song and I start to feel better.”


Courtesy of Liz Larson


Natasha (@NatashaCole): “My favorite song ever is ‘Wave’. To me, that song just encompasses the entirety of the talent that Louden Swain has. It has beautiful lyrics, a nice melody, and then just rocks at the end. The first lyric art piece I ever created was for this song, and now I have at least 100 pieces dedicated to their songs.”

Sandra (@poptartswain): It changes a lot, depending on my mood. If I had to choose I’d say ‘Wave’. This one always helps me through the toughest times. Everything about it is perfect.”

Finn (@againsthewave_): “‘Wave’. It’s been my favorite song, not just by Swain, but by anyone ever, since the first time I heard it. The guitar by Billy is absolutely incredible. I feel like the lyrics were written for me. I told Rob once that this song ‘takes me to church’ and I MEAN IT.”

Tricia (@tricia_16_): “My favourite Louden Swain song is ‘Wave’. There are some songs – some really brilliant songs – that you only have to listen to once to know it’s going to change you, and ‘Wave’ was one of those songs for me. I’ve always been a sucker for songs that have a big musical crescendo, and ‘Wave’ nails it. The way it starts so slow and quiet and gets bigger and louder, then finally hits its climax with the huge, powerful note from Rob Benedict as the instrumentals follow right behind him… well, let’s just say I have heard that song hundreds of times and it still gives me goosebumps every single time. Honestly, ‘Wave’ is a song that can only be truly appreciated by listening to it, because you can only understand it once you’ve felt it. Hearing Louden Swain and Briana Buckmaster sing ‘Wave’ live in Chicago this year was the musical highlight of my life, and actually brought me to tears. It’s a unique, potent song that has helped me get through some of the hardest moments of my life and I pay tribute to that by demanding complete silence and never ever hitting the next button when it comes on.”

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “Alright. This song is just incredible. The buildups and the quiet parts and everything in between are so beautifully written.”


Holly (@AccioAwesome): “Probably ‘Overachiever’. It reminds me a lot of my own childhood and is honestly cathartic to scream along to.”

Vera (raths_kitten): “‘Overachiever.’ I first heard it live and it just really speaks to me. The lyrics are such a garbled train of thought that fits my own way of thinking when I overthink. And just the lines ‘Why does it rhyme? Does it always have to fit in a box?’ perfectly sum up my life. It simultaneously lifts me up after a bad day with its beat but it also calms me down to recite the lyrics.”

Veronica (@veronica_bum): “I’d have to say my all time favorite Louden Swain song is ‘Overachiever’, it’s lots of fun to sing (or in my case, scream) and dance along to.”

“Suit and Tie”

Shaena (@StartoftheAct): “My favorite song is probably ‘Suit and Tie’. I just think it is a really good song and it’s really underrated.”

“This Is How”

Sam (@SwainerSam): “‘This Is How’, the lyrics mean so much to me, they make me feel strong and worthy and just good about myself, like I can do anything.”

“Leg Up”

Tiffany (@TiffIsWayward): “It’s so hard to pick a favorite song because I love so many of them for so many reasons, but one I come back to a lot is ‘Leg Up’. I think what first got me hooked on that one in particular was the instrumentation. I love the drum fills after the opening verse and then the lead line on the keys later on in the song. I fell in love with the lyrics later.”

Jennifer (@macd1982): “‘Leg Up’ because I relate to it so much. The last couple of years have been pretty rough for me and that song almost felt like it was my life story at the moment. It makes me very emotional.”

Trish (@SwainerGirl): “I think the one that has probably been my consistent favorite and also means a lot to me would be ‘Leg Up’.”

Chris (@Chris_afec): “Right now, I’d say it’s ‘Leg Up’, it’s such a beautiful song and it really resonates! But you could ask me tomorrow and it could be ‘Amazing’, the day after could be ‘Rock Song’.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “‘Leg Up’ because to me it represents having a bad day or depression and having to just push through to the good times that are coming. This song radiates positive energy and when my depression gets bad I like to listen to it and just breathe so I can just let go of the bad energy.”

Courtesy of Liz Larson

“Here Come The Snakes”

Scout (@Scoutstiel): “‘Here Come The Snakes.’ Listen, this song is the most underrated song I think the band has ever done. But it’s got it all! It was when they were first testing out their new sound with the addition of Billy Moran! It sounds like it could easily be on Suit And Tie, but they REALLY brought it. From the hilarious lyrics, to the guitar shredding, the bass runs–I could go on about this for a while, but I’ll stop.”


Julieta (@poptartheartt): “It’s really hard to decide! But one of them is ‘Amazing’ because it’s the first song I heard and automatically pulled me in, didn’t need anything else, I loved them instantly. It’s such a beautiful song.”

Rachael (@NessaNight): “My favorite now is ‘Amazing’ because I can feel a strong connection to the lyrics.”

Kelli (@klairermusic1): “‘Amazing’ really speaks to me. I know Rob wrote it after his stroke, which I have never had myself, but the lyrics really hit home for me. There has been a lot in my life that I look back on and think about often, and the lyrics remind me that I am in charge of my own life, but those experiences I have had made me into the person I am today.”

Sarah (@sarahjay55): “My favourite song is ‘Amazing’.  Right from the first time I heard it, I thought the lyrics (and the meaning behind them) were beautiful, and Rob’s soaring vocal was gorgeous, plus that amazing choppy guitar riff.  Then I was lucky enough to go to an Unplugged lounge at Rockwood in 2016, where it was just a small bunch of fans and the band, sitting around playing acoustically.  They talked about the story behind it. I don’t think I was the only person in the room crying.  And then they played a beautiful version of it that just got fixed in my heart. I think in a lot of ways it felt like it encapsulated the whole ‘SPNFamily’ experience for me, both the friendships made within it and the inspiration and support found there.  I wouldn’t take back a single frame!”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “‘Amazing’ because it’s such a beautiful song and it just sounds so pure with the music and the lyrics and that’s why it’s one of my favourites. It’s lyrics are so beautiful and so captivating.”

“Past Perfect”

Sarah (@Wyldefandom): “This is such a hard question; currently, the song is ‘Past Perfect’ the combination of the lyrics, melody and tempo are soothing and resonate with me.  We spend so much time reflecting on the past to a point it is hard to let go and move on from it. This song for me reflects that you should acknowledge the past and that it’s a part of you but don’t let it consume you. Reminding me to be more present and enjoy what is happening and not miss out on living.”

Mary (@pare6386): “I must say it is hard to pick just one song. I would have to say my favorite current song is Past Perfect. I find the song calming and a bit 90’s reminiscent, I have lately been super nostalgic lately, I think it has to do with watching so many people around me hitting mile stones in their lives. I have friends getting married and having babies; my niece and nephew are in high school and around the ages I was when they were born; I found old photographs from my high school years and its easy to get lost in the memories, seeing people who I was close to and no longer talk to, it is kind of crazy how much my life has changed.”

“Like The Heart Goes”

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “‘Like The Heart Goes.’ It’s one of the first songs I heard and it really speaks to me every time I listen to it. It’s hard to explain why but I relate to it so much.”

Jennifer (@@macd1982): “I would pick ‘Like The Heart Goes’ because it’s a song that I just connected to deeply without really understanding why. When I learned the story behind the song many months later, it kind of clicked why I connected to it. Now it just comforts me.”

Helen (@mywaywardsonsuk): “I have lots of favourites obviously but the song that really stands out for me is ‘Like The Heart Goes’, there are so many lines in it that strike chords with me and remind me of experiences I’ve had and struggled to get through.”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “‘Like the Heart Goes’ because when I have a bad day I can just sit and listen to this and it helps me calm down. Also because to me it’s a song about just trying to live your life even if there are a few problems going on. Sometimes that happens in life and you just let the day go and try again the next day.”

Courtesy of Liz Larson


Lynette (@LynetteParki): “My favorite song is ‘Lucky’. I love the lyrics about the unlucky things that tend to happen in life. The tune is so catchy as well, it’s such an earworm. I also always think of ‘Kings of Con’ whenever I listen to it, which automatically makes me smile.”

“A Lot To Learn”

Maranda (@maranda_martin): “Favorite Swain song changes every now and then depending on what life is like. Right now, it’s ‘A Lot To Learn’.  First, because the lyrics are so powerful. Second, I come from a musical background and I just get this special feeling when I hear the song. The song both strengthens and breaks my heart when I hear it. It’s a special one.”

“Cool If I Come Over”

Beth (@comet9443): “I love ‘Cool If I Come Over’ because I totally understand the being too nervous to talk to someone you like feeling.”

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “A very close second is ‘Cool If I Come Over’. It never fails to put me in a good mood and I listen to it when I need to lift my spirits up especially the lines about house cats. I love everything about this song.”

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “Listening to this song instantly makes me feel better, no matter what kind of mood I’m in. The opening riff is so catchy and also dreamy in a way. It’s a song that I can listen to wherever, whenever, all the time. If I were to show Louden Swain to someone that has never heard them before, this would probably be the first song I would put on.”

“Real Life”

MaryJane (@12TimeTraveler): “My favorite Louden Swain song is ‘Real Life’. I really connected with that song instantly. The line ‘I’m packing only love down this One-Way Road.’ Really spoke to me. As I was first listening to Louden Swain, I was also just leaving a very hard core and controlling religion. I found myself angry all the time. Angry over what I’d missed out on, angry over what I’d been told to believe in. How I’d been treated. Just so much anger. I could feel it starting to change me in the way that anger does but I couldn’t seem to shake it. Along with that I also felt the loss of that strong religious moral code and was struggling to form my own moral compass. So the idea of ‘packing only love down this one-way road’ really helped me form my own moral compass and let go of all the anger. This life only goes one way. If I drag anger along with me, it’s going to be a harder road.”

Sara (@altsunthinkable): “‘Real Life’. I really relate to a lot of the lyrics. While Rob had his own reason for writing them, the lyrics have their own meanings to me that relate perfectly to some pivotal events in my own life.”

“Poptart Heart”

Kari (@kariface27): “My favorite Louden Swain song is probably ‘Poptart Heart’. I have weird dreams like that and it’s kind of cool to think about other people having weird dreams.”


Liz (@LizNLarson): “There’s “Juliet” which the bass line & the beat drew me in immediately, as well as the guitar solos throughout. Plus I love that they have a rock song about a Shakespeare play. The harmonies at the end are also fantastic.”

Courtesy of Liz Larson

“Grandma’s Song”

Jennifer (@macd1982): “I would pick ‘Grandma’s Song’ because it got me through a very difficult time in my life. I would literally just play that song on repeat for hours because it was the only thing that was able to calm me down. If I really had to choose only one favourite song, it would have to be ‘Grandma’s Song’ above all the rest.”


Amanda (@AmandaC0124): “That is such a hard question for me as they have such a range when it comes to their songs and I have so many favorites. If i’m in a rocking mood its ‘Silverspoon’ or ‘Taxi Driver’.”


Rachael (@NessaNight): “‘Eskimo’ was the first song I fell in love with. The lyrics just make me smile.”

Gisselle (@lopezado8696): “They’re all wonderful, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be ‘Eskimo.’ The reason why it’s my favorite is because this song was the first Louden Swain song I ever heard, and upon hearing it for the first time, I was immediately hooked onto both the song and the band. Hearing it now provides me with a sense of delight and nostalgia, since it’s such a popular song that I’ve heard played constantly at Supernatural conventions, and as a result I’m thrown back into lovely memories I’ve made at certain Supernatural cons. It’s also just an incredibly fun song!”

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “I literally could not stop listening to this song over  and over when I first got into Louden Swain. It’s not only musically enjoyable, but I love the lyrics as well.”


Beth (@comet9443): “I also love ‘Homesick’ just because it makes me feel things.”

“Kind of Guy”

Liz (@LizNLarson): “I’m terrible at the ‘why’ for why I like songs. Sometimes it’s just the feel of it. If I had to pick one song, I tend to go back to ‘Kind of Guy’ a lot. I like the back and forth between the rawness of his voice and the powerful feeling of it compared to the quieter parts of the song.”

Emily (@fiveafterseven): ‘Kind of Guy’ feels honest in a way that is this perfect balance of literal and abstract. Delicate and powerful. I think there’s just something so genuine about telling someone, ‘Hey this is me and this is how I feel.’ But I think the main reason this song came to mind is because the very first time I heard it I was in a car in Utah with two of my favourite people and then later that year I was singing along live in Toronto surrounded by friends. So now every time I listen to it I feel the way I did in those two moments.

Courtesy of Liz Larson


Judy (@JayeEmm): “This is changeable, but at the moment it’s ‘Cigarette’ – it’s just this gorgeous, intricate, chaotic descent into what feels like madness. These guys do not get enough credit for what ridiculously talented musicians they are – each one of them individually.”

“Rock Song”

Aileen (@fandomfreak221b): “I have so many favorite Louden Swain songs, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll go with ‘Rock Song’. The lyrics really resonate with me. ‘Rock Song’ really reminds me of my friends and I when we randomly decide to do something crazy or fun without really worrying about responsibilities such as school or work. We don’t care when the thing we plan is gonna take place, we could party on a Tuesday night for all we care! Whatever it is, we’ll make our schedules work. We can’t just wait to get out and let loose!”


Laurie (@LauriePriemen): “I’m in love with ‘Medicated’, especially the live version, because it expresses the story behind it so well. It’s a song that makes me want to cry and smile at the same time, it’s recognizable and brave, but most importantly, to me, it’s about hope. That’s what makes it one of my favorite songs in the whole world.”

“Something To Say”

Brittany (@tasteofmyhominy): “‘Something to Say’, from A Brand New Hurt. For years, I’ve been a quiet person and there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s wrong when you use that trait to hide behind and not show the world who you really are, which is something I’m totally guilty of. The song made me realize that there’s beauty in speaking your truth and finding your voice. Everyone has their story to tell.”

“Present Time”

Elizabeth (@bethanlem): “‘Present Time’, from No Time Like The Present, never fails to make me smile. If it comes on my playlist on my way to work in the morning, it is the only thing to put an extra spring in my step and that’s nigh on impossible with the work I’ve been doing lately. I love the wind section at the top of the song (probably why they rarely perform it live) and the way they pair ‘Ambien’ with ‘ambient’ is genius.”

“CA Nation”

Jenna (@sushiswain): “My favorite Swain song is ‘CA Nation’. At first, it was because I enjoyed Billy’s guitar work on it so much, but the more I listened to it, the more I appreciated the lyrics, especially the line “life is profound, be who you want to be.” That line has become so important to me and gotten me through some incredibly rough patches in my life. When I feel like a failure, or that I don’t know what I’m doing, I think about that line and remember: I can be and do anything.”

“Be Me”

Stacy (@LoveandSwain): “My favorite song is definitely ‘Be Me’. I don’t really know why, but the 1st time I heard it, I fell in love with it. And then finally getting to hear them play it live after requesting it for months was an experience I won’t forget. Friends now tend to associate the song with me now, which is very cool but totally surreal.”

“Hey Darlin”


Michelle (@lydrewsmom): “‘Hey Darlin’ is my favorite song. The song is simple and yet the lyrics and the music leave me feeling raw. Who hasn’t, at some point in their life felt this very thing? The pain of being apart, for whatever reason, from someone they love? That feeling of regret over actions taken (or not taken) to put the distance between you and that person. Every time I listen to that song it has a deep effect on me. Swain very rarely play it but few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be a part of an acoustic jam. I was there when they played Hey Darlin to a small group of people and it was indescribable. That moment will always be with me.”

Stay tuned for part two – everyone will share their favorite lyrics! 


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